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Spin Master Toy Car

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Spin Master Paw Patrol Flip & Fly vehicle rubble

Spin Master Paw Patrol Flip & Fly vehicle rubble

You can now proceed to land or hover with Flip & Fly Rubble through the air! Set this 2-in-1-vehicle in the bulldozers mode and children can rubble (including figure), while for rescuing snap! For adventure in the air, use the handle of the bulldozers to the flyer! As soon as you glide through the air and rubble, use the firing devices to windows and demolition balls to solve the objects to move the day save lives! With Courage, friendship and teamwork always comes rubble's jet with the rescue hook endangered puppies in safety! Collect Skye, Chase, Marshall and rubble, in order to make your own puppies group! Proceed with Flip & Fly Rubble's trans-forming vehicle directly into the adventure!This text is machine translated.Car flip & Fly + Rubble Figure + 3 demolition ball thrower + 2 Cannon.

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