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Trendy armchairs for every style

Sara Assadi

Buying attractive armchairs for your living room isn’t just about choosing a great look. From the ergonomic point of view, a really comfortable armchair is also a must-have. If you choose good quality, your new favourite armchair will be a companion for many years to come that might just replace your Ikea armchair.

Attractive armchairs for every style

Good armchairs encourage both socialising and relaxation, and no matter what taste you have in interior design, there are any number of great chairs to choose from.

Which armchair you end up with is, of course, a matter of taste, but before spending your hard-earned cash it’s worth thinking about how and where you plan to use a chair. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy an armchair that converts into a guest bed, or maybe you want to invest in a design piece that can be passed on to the next generation? Here we look at seven armchairs that receive high marks from satisfied customers.

Fritz Hansen Egg Armchair 107cm

1. Fritz Hansen Egg

An armchair that can be described as the Rolls Royce of chairs when it comes to both design and popularity. And maybe that’s true for the price too. But this is a piece of furniture that never goes out of style, and one that will last for generations.

“The Egg” was designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, one of the most famous and popular furniture designers of our time, whose works are known all over the world. A great buy for those with a big budget who want a timeless design classic.

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Beliani Eslov Armchair 103cm

2. Beliani Eslov 103 cm Recliner

A really robust armchair for those who want something extra when it comes to functionality. The warming velvet upholstery is really cosy to sit in, and the rounded design invites you to relax time after time.

With the backrest folded down and the footrest up, the stable construction also offers an almost complete lying position – great for those tired backs. And the soft padding is really comfortable whatever position you choose.

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Swedese Lamino Armchair 101cm

3. Lamino

This armchair was designed by Bruno Mathsson and is a beloved treasure in many homes of design fans. It’s as comfortable as it is stylish, partly because Mathsson used a slightly different method to create furniture that was as ergonomically comfortable as possible. Among other things, he sat down in a snowdrift to study which shape would best suit his back.

Lamino’s comfort is typical of his works, and the chair has become so popular that the small town of Värnamo in Sweden is even called “Lamino’s home town”.

Beliani Muret Armchair 87cm

5. Beliani Muret Recliner

Recliner is a very relaxing word. And if you lie back in this armchair, you risk wanting to stay there forever. That’s how comfortable it feels.

The Beliani Muret Recliner is 163 cm long and is available in several appealing colours. The chair has turned wooden legs which give the design an extra elegant touch.

Beliani Setten Armchair 82cm

6. Beliani Setten Bed Chair

A perfect armchair for those who have little space but still want to be able to offer guests an overnight bed. In a very convenient way, this chair turns easily into a bed, but it is also possible to only half unfold it so you get a comfortable reclining armchair with a backrest instead.

This bed chair is 104 cm wide, which makes it pretty spacious, and fully unfolded, it is 190 cm long. A versatile and compact piece of furniture that’s as practical as it is stylish!

vidaXL kubu Armchair 70cm

7. vidaXL 60x77x70cm Recliner

This stylish woven design with seat and back of rattan may not be the softest armchair on our list, but it definitely adds a decorative touch to any room. With a frame of solid mahogany, it gives a stable and relaxed impression, and the wide seat also makes it really comfortable.

The armchair is available in three different colours and the natural rattan is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth.

3 tips for buying an armchair

  1. How will it be used? Do you want to be able to have overnight guests, will it be used daily or mostly left untouched in your best room? Choose the armchair that best fits your life and home.

  2. Check for extra features. Massage, a heated seat and reclining functions – an armchair can be so much more than just a seat.

  3. Check the delivery. An armchair is a rather awkward piece of furniture, so if you buy online make sure you know what the shipping costs are and what they include. Some companies help you get the chair into your home and even to assemble it. Which means you aren’t left in the street with a giant box, scratching your head, as the delivery van drives away.

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