Attractive earrings for every style

Earrings are a great accessory, whether you have a single earring, or several piercings or perhaps a trendy helix earring, there is a never ending sea of choices. We have gathered everything from sterling silver earrings to gold earrings. We have some top stylish choices that you are sure to love!

Attractive earrings for every style

It’s so easy to change up an outfit by varying your earrings. Small discreet studs for those who don’t want to make a fuss, and huge rings or loops for those who want to complement their attire in a more distinctive way. The range of jewellery is growing all the time, so no matter what style you prefer, it’s easy to find something you like. Here are seven stylish earrings to choose from.

Swarovski Creativity Earrings - Silver/White

1. Swarovski Creativity Earrings

Small and discreet but still glittery and festive. These earrings with Swarovski crystals are available in silver or gold, and they are just as perfect for a dressed-up Tuesday in the office as they are for a party.

The earrings are rhodium-plated silver with transparent Swarovski crystals, and for those who like to match accessories you can complement them with a bracelet and necklace in the same style.

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Gucci Interlocking G Earrings - Silver

2. Gucci Interlocking G Earrings

Gucci’s double G isn’t only visible on bags and belt buckles – your ears can also be adorned with the iconic logo in the form of a pair of studs. These small silver stud earrings will never go out of style, and the rhodium plating keeps them nice and clean thanks to the fact that it protects the surface.

The plating also gives a shade that is reminiscent of white gold, and prevents the jewellery from oxidising, which is otherwise common with silver.

Pandora Asymmetrical Heart Hoops - Silver

3. Pandora Asymmetrical Heart Hoops

Really cute little asymmetrical hearts made of silver or rose gold. These discreet rings in the shape of a heart look great and can also be used as extra earrings together with other designs where you have more than two piercings.

The hearts have a diameter of about 188 mm and close with a small snap at the back to create a perfect heart-shape.

Thomas Sabo Ear Jackets Earrings - Silver/White

4. Thomas Sabo Bee Earrings

Glittery little earrings from Thomas Sabo, featuring his one of trademark designs inspired by animals and nature. These small bees are made of silver with 18 carat gold plating and small but sparkling zirconia stones.

A pair of nice studs that allow you to easily spruce up an outfit with a little extra bling at an affordable price.

Swarovski Baron Earrings - Silver/Blue

5. Swarovski Baron Earrings

If you’re looking for a pair of really glittery earrings that will brighten up any outfit, these may be just the thing. Swarovski Baron Earrings are anything but simple, and with a leaf-shaped design, they’re perfect as longer pendants.

The earrings are made of rhodium-plated stainless steel and adorned with a number of small blue Swarovski crystals, a lead crystal with a patented grinding method that makes the stones really sparkle.

3 tips for buying earrings

  1. Check for allergies. Some materials cause more problems than others. If the earrings are for you, you probably know if you have allergies, but if buying as a gift be sure to double-check before buying.

  2. Quality counts. A pair of earrings in real gold or silver will last for generations if they are looked after correctly, and can even be an investment for the future.

  3. Mix and match. If you have more than one piercing in each ear, why not mix different kinds of earrings. Experiment and have fun!

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