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Attractive loungewear sets for cosy evenings in

Sara Assadi

Few things are as nice as coming home and pulling off your jeans, but it's great to be able to put on something that doesn't feel like old pyjamas. Here are seven stylish loungewear sets!

Attractive loungewear for cosy evenings in

After a long day at work, you get home, take off your work clothes and put on something more comfy for the evening. But slopping around in your scruffiest knitwear isn’t always fun – sometimes you want to be both stylish and comfortable.

Here’s a selection stylish clothes that you can wear out, but which are also perfect for just crashing on the sofa. Take your bra off and relax!

Juicy Couture Del Ray Classic Velour Pant - Black

4. Juicy Couture Del Ray Classic Velour Pant

What do Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? Well, they were frequently seen wearing loungewear dresses from Juicy Couture in the early 2000s. These colourful velour clothes became immensely popular when the Hollywood elite suddenly started dressing for a cosy evening, even on the red carpet, and the fact that they’re still popular almost two decades later says a lot about their comfort factor.

These trousers have pockets, a high waist and a relaxed, straight fit. Use as they are, or match the outfit with a sweater in the same design for head-to-toe cosiness.

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Calvin Klein Lounge Joggers

5. Calvin Klein Lounge Joggers

These are a pair of really nice, casual trousers from Calvin Klein’s lounge series Modern Cotton. They have pockets on the sides, soft cuffs at the leg ends and a wide CK branded waistband.

The series also includes knickers and bras, vests and t-shirts with both short and long sleeves, so if you want a full-scale soft cotton feel you can dress from head to toe in CK.

3 tips for buying loungewear:

  1. Find a dressy variant. No matter how nice it is to slop around in a tracksuit, this style of clothing can be a little too relaxed, saggy round the backside and ill-fitting. So look for garments that are comfortable but still fit nicely.

  2. Kill two birds with one stone. Maybe you need a thermal base layer for the winter or a pair of warmer tracksuit bottoms to pull on over your tights after working out. See if you can find more uses for the garments and pay a few pounds more for quality that lasts a long time.

  3. Buy a size larger when needed. Snuggling down on the sofa isn’t so nice if seams chafe or your trousers bunch up too much. Choose garments that give your body real freedom of movement.

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