The Best Computer Mouse For Gaming

A top-class computer mouse is a vital tool for anyone who wants to be the best at e-sports. What makes an awesome computer mouse though? What technology and functions are there to choose between and what do the pros use? PriceRunner has done a deep dive to answer all these questions.

The Best Computer Mice For Gaming

Many of those who compete in e-sports or streaming require a high level of precision and extremely fast reflexes in order to come out on top of the leaderboard. Games like CS:Go, Overwatch and Fortnite operate on the premise that you have to shoot your opponents before they shoot you. This of course, requires a bit of strategic and tactical thinking, but your reaction timing is a huge part of how you keep tabs on everything going on and a great mouse can be the deciding factor of a huge win or huge loss.

Even for MMO games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and World of Warcraft you ideally want a mouse with programmable buttons, an adjustable DPI and good sensors so that you can adjust it to your playing style.

Find the best mouse for your playing style

So what is a great mouse? The answer is partly subjective because most players play with specific settings that are calibrated for their particular preferences. For example, the well known League of Legends player "Bjergsen" has played with a low DPI of 200 for many years, which is somewhat unusual.

Glorious Model O

Glorious Gaming Mouse Race Model O

An extremely light and well-liked gaming mouse that provide great breathability for the palm. The Pixart PMW 3360 sensor allows for very high precision and the mouse also has a resolution of 12,000 PDI and 6 buttons.

Price from: £39.95
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Some things are a bit more objective when it comes to how a gaming mouse performs. For example, it should have a reliable sensor and plenty room to make settings adjustments.

  • Sensor: A good sensor is able to read your hand movements with high precision and the better your precision, the higher your chances are of hitting a target you're aiming at.
  • DPI: This number stands for how often the movement reader analyses how often moves across a surface, and thus how sensitive the mouse is. For many computer mouses you can select and adjust the DPI in order for it to match our playing style. If you want lower sensitivity on your mouse, you can lower the DPI or vice versa if high sensitivity is exactly what you want.
  • Programmable buttons: The more programmable buttons you have, the fewer shortcuts you have to come up with or figure out when playing a fast-paced game. By recording a macro with a corresponding software and programme these buttons to execute specific commands, you can perform advanced series of combos with the single press of a button.

Aside from these points, it's important that the mouse is ergonomic so that you don't tire of using it when playing for long or repetitive sessions. Most gaming mouses are designed with that in mind, but it doesn't hurt to find a mouse that suits your hand and grip well.

Weight is also something to take into consideration and can affect gameplay experience. With some mice you can adjust the weight manually if you want it to move with a bit more drag across a mousepad or you can have your mouse as light as a feather, all up to you!

What do the pros use?

E-Sports gamers towards the top of the leaderboards and more well-known streamers are often sponsored. This means that they play with gear that comes from a particular brand but you can deduce a lot about their taste and preferences by studying product by the brands they use and are willing to promote as a sponsor.

Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero

A bargain of a mouse with high-performance sensors, 11 buttons 16,000 DPI and even has a wireless variant.

Many pros are drawn to Logitech and as an example, the well-known Fortnite streamer "Ninja" uses the Logitech G502 mouse. It's an extremely popular choice among gamers in general and even Logitech's slightly smaller wireless version of the mouse (known as the G Pro) is used by many, including the CS:GO player "S1mple". The aforementioned League of Legends Player Bjergsen plays with a Logitech G900. These two players are good representations of players that use wireless mice. Bjergsen's colleague and opponent "Faker" opts for a Corsair Sabre instead.

Another really good CS:GO player whose hardware you might want to take a look at us "Zywoo". He uses a well-loved mouse from Benq that's called the Zowie EC2-A. Just like Logitech's mice the Zowie is a fan favourite among gamers and e-sports pros.

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