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Gift Guide: Best Perfumes for Women

Matilda Hansson

A perfume is a classic gift that will always be appreciated. But, if you're not sure which perfume to buy then why not get inspired by the most popular fragrances on our site right now.

Find your new signature scent

Flowery, exotic or perhaps a gourmet scent? Choice of perfume is often highly personal and something that can shift depending on season, mood and occasion, so of course having a wide variety of perfumes is a must.

Let us be your guide in exploring the most popular women's perfumes right now - perhaps you will find your new favourite! We're even glancing towards the future, where layering and adopting a more sustainable view on fragrance will become a strong trend.


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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney perfumes have been topping our most popular weeks for months. The fragrances mainly smell of English rose but also have notes of mandarin, peony, amber, and woodsy fragrances. This floral and fresh scent is a perfect everyday perfume and is also an affordable option.


Even amongst perfumeries, we're starting to see a desire to become more sustainable and green in their production philosophy, which can be achieved through re-thinking the ingredients, packaging and wrapping. One brand that is currently being re-released with this in mind is Clean. Clean is best known for their scents like "Warm Cotton" and "Fresh Laundry" - fresh, everyday scents that do not smell too dissimilar to freshly washed clothes.

With the series Reserve, Clean is emphasising sustainability: plastic around the cardboard box is now made from coconuts and is compostable, ingredients are sourced sustainably and the paper the cardboard box is made from comes from an FSC-accredited wood production facility.

Yves Saint Laurent

YSL perfumes are in general the epitome of luxury and elegance. The YSL classic, Black Opium has a warm and aromatic scent that opens with hints of rose peppercorn, orange-blossom and pears. It then deepens with the help of coffee that meets with a warm vanilla, patchouli and cedar. Definitely not a scent for the shy! The more recent and viral YSL Libre is the scent of rich luxury, with a warm floral scent and key notes of lavender, orange blossom, musk accord–this is a fragrance for those who want to turn heads and ooze old money.


Gucci is known for being bold, innovative and over-the-top luxury, and their perfumes are not exemption to the rule. Their most famous perfume, however, is their floral and gentle scent Flora and Bloom, inspired by the famous floral Gucci patterns. Fresh citrus in combination with peonies, osmanthus and roses met with an edge from rose peppercorn and warm sandalwood.

Osmanthus is perhaps not a flower whose name is used on a daily basis in everyday conversation, but it's definitely a commonly used scent in perfumes. Osmanthus is a lilac plant with wintergreen leaves. When it blooms in full, it smells heavenly, and it isn't only humans that appreciate the scent of this flower. It's also a choice bloom for bees as well.

Hugo Boss

Although Hugo Boss is perhaps more well known for male fragrances, the fragrances for women are not to be dismissed. With some long-lasting fresh and floral scents, they are great for both everyday and evening wear.

A popular favourite The Scent for Her from Hugo Boss is a great choice. Contained in a regal bottle, this exotic perfume blends notes of peach, sweet honey and blooming freesias, creating a powerful and long-lasting scent. The sweet tones add an element of charm and sensuality.

Viktor & Rolf

The popular Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is a modern classic that has been loved all over the world ever since it was first released in 2004. Just as the name suggests, it's truly a flower bomb with a stunning scent that will have you enamoured with hints of osmanthus, orchid, jasmine, freesia and orange-flower - just to name a few! Of course, they have more iconic fragrances that you have to try, we're especially soft for the cute Bonbon bottle!

Baccarat Rouge

The viral TikTok sensation Baccarat Rouge 540 went viral not only for it's rich, mature and luxurious scent, but also for its obscene price tag! Luckily, there are some smaller and relatively more affordable bottles. If that still feels out of your price range, then many have claimed that Ariana Grande's Cloud is a pretty close alternative at just a fraction of the price.

Best celebrity perfumes

While luxury brands hold their charm, there's no denying the allure of some exceptional celebrity-created perfumes. Some of this year's favourites include Ariana Grande's Cloud, often likened to the lavish Baccarat Rouge 540. Or the stunning Eilish by Billie Eilish, that doubles as an interior detail.

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