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Charming plants pots and plant stands

Sara Assadi

Plants play a big part in most home interiors, but the pots they stand in are often not given much of a thought. Here are some of our favourite plants pots and plant stands.

Charming pots for your plants

Inner pot, outer pot or outer lining. What should you think of when you buy plants for your home? Well, you get the plant in an inner pot, which is usually a dull plastic one. This is then either removed or placed in a more attractive outer pot. If that outer pot has holes in it, as some do, then you also need a tray or dish to stand it on.

Here we list seven attractive outer pots that really help set off your indoor plants.

Bergs Potter Copenhagen Glazed Pot ∅18cm

1. Bergs Potter Copenhagen

Bergs Potter offer an attractive handmade design in the Copenhagen series, which is available in several different sizes and glazes. The pot stands in a dish and has a decorative border along the top edge.

The family business of Bergs Potter has been making pots for over 75 years, and they are handmade according to the Tuscan tradition with clay from Italy. A timeless design pot that makes an extra stylish decorative detail in your home.

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DBKD Cloudy Medium Pot ∅30

2. DBKD Cloudy Pot

A lively pot with a bubbly structure that works extra well with simpler plants, such as cacti and other evergreen varieties. The series is available in several different sizes, the largest of which work well as sturdy floor pots, and the straight design means they also work well as a vase for cut flowers.

Cloudy is available in different grey and black tones, some earth tones and also a dusty pink variant.

Elho Vivo Square Pot 39cm

3. Elho Vivo Square Pot

Sometimes you want a really big plant arrangement, and that’s when it often makes sense to think outside the box. For example, why not bring a large outdoor pot indoors, and then plant several plants of the same variety in it? The Elho Vivo Long Pot is a large plastic pot of 40 cm, which works well standing on the floor to fill up an empty space or can be used to form a small green wall in your home.

Klong Trio Drop Small Pot ∅12cm

5. Klong Trio Drop Pot

A really attractively designed pot from Klong. The name Trio Drop refers partly to the pattern of drops, but also to the fact that this is a three-part model with an inner pot, an outer pot and a dish. The inner pot gives the colour to the drops cut out from the outer sheet metal pot. And the gorgeous brass dish is a real finishing touch when you put the three together.

Klong Trio is also available in other patterns and a number of colours, and works well with most interior styles.

Klong Trio Drop Small Pot ∅12cm

6. Ferm Living Bau Pot

The Bau Pot from Ferm Living is a stylish pot that sits on a small stand. Setting plants at different heights makes any arrangement more lively and with Bau Pot it’s easy to vary the positioning of your plants.

The pots in the Bau series are made of galvanized and powder-coated steel, and they work just as well indoors as outdoors. There are also matching hanging troughs and pots for a balcony or terrace.

Iittala Nappula Pot ∅15.5cm

7. Iittala Nappula Pot

Glass has been manufactured in the small town of Iittala in southern Finland since the end of the 19th century. Although mainly associated with drinking glasses and porcelain, there are many other attractive things, including these pots with feet, which are also made of glass.

The pots are designed by Swede Matti Klenell and are available in several different sizes and the colours white, green and beige. The Nappula series also includes pots on dishes, and glass candlesticks.

3 tips for buying pots:

  1. What’s best for the plant? Some plants don’t like too small a pot, some need a big pot and still others don’t mind one way or the other. Match the pot with the needs of the plant as much as the appearance you want to achieve.

  2. Keep an eye on the bottom. Even pots without holes can let moisture through, especially if made of untreated natural materials which are left wet for a long time. Check that no moisture rings form under a pot, as these are ugly on furniture and window sills.

  3. Think about size. How much space does your plant need for its roots? Large pots are more expensive than small ones, but it’s even more expensive to keep buying new pots because the plants have suddenly grown out of the old ones.

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