Updated 6 December 2021

10 toys to give preschool children for Christmas

As a parent, you don't just have to think of what go get your children for Christmas. Often there are expectations from your relatives to provide suggestions for Christmas gifts that your child would like. Fortunately, children in preschool age usually know pretty well what they want to find under the tree. So encouraging your preschool children to write a wishlist or marking things in a toy catalogue is actually a good idea.

10 toys to give preschool children for Christmas

The only thing you have to remember when buying a Christmas gift for another person's child in this age group is that you never, ever buy a musical instrument, unless the child has wished for one and you have the parents' approval. To surprise somebody by giving a child a recorder or a drum kit for Christmas is most likely going to lead to its parents over-salting your mince pie during Christmas dinner.

Lego Duplo Cargo Train 10875

1 - Duplo

The perfect way of introducing smaller children to the magical world of Lego is of course with Duplo. And why not combine something children love - to build - with something else that children also love - trains! Build a world in Duplo or let the freight train chug around under the couch or between chair legs.

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Spin Master Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

2 - Paw Patrol

The parent with small children that have never heard of Paw Patrol has probably been living under a rock in the deep woods for the last few years. The rest of us are well aware that no job is too big, no pup is too small. And your preschool child is most likely in the right age to want to recreate the adventures of Chase, Skye, Marshall and the other puppies!

Kidkraft Deluxe Play Teepee

4 - Play tent

To build a fort is part of your childhood! For those who have grown tired of blankets being stolen from the couch and chairs that are piled on top of each other in an unsafe manner a play tent in a corner of the kid's room can quickly become a safer, but just as cosy solution.

Maglite Mini LED 2-Cell

5 - A torch

To the untrained eye, a simple torch may seem like something that would lead to disappointment when it is unpacked at Christmas. But nothing could be farther from the truth! To go on a winter walk with a torch in hand is a beloved activity among children. (Don't go for a children's torch that will break the first time it's dropped on the floor, go for something a bit more sturdy.)

Hasbro Play Doh Kitchen Creations Frozen Treats E0042

6 - Clay

Many children love gooey stuff. Many parents don't. But they are united by their love of playing with clay. Create food, animals, icecream, people - the only limit is imagination. And the crumbs that fall on the floor is best left there for twelve hours, after which they've dried up and can be easily vacuumed.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups Wooden Play Food

7 - Play kitchen

A kitchen of their own to cook food and bake cakes is highly cherished by children in preschool age. As for the kitchen itself, IKEA Duktig is a safe bet, as sturdy as IKEA's regular furniture. But a toy kitchen is nothing without inspiring food toys. Vegetables, sandwiches, pizza, icecream - can you buy too much?

Baby Born Soft Touch Girl

8 - A doll

A doll is a classic Christmas gift, at least it feels that way for anyone who has read about Astrid Lindgren's Brenda Brave. In particular, the children who have recently been gifted with a sibling might be very happy about a baby of their own to take care off. Should the doll become very popular, you can always add a stroller and other accessories at future birthdays.

BRIO Safari Adventure Set 33960

9 - BRIO train track

That many children in preschool age go through a phase of playing with vehicles is well known. And is there any toy that is as strongly linked to vehicles as BRIO and their train tracks? This world can be built expanded and rebuilt, over and over. A timeless game that brings many hours of fun.

STIGA Sports Snowracer Supreme GT

10 - Snowracer

When the first snow falls, the preschool children are the first ones to go out sledding, so if you think it's going to be a winter with a lot of snow, a snowracer is a great Christmas gift. (That the gift itself is REALLY big adds to the excitement.) One tip is to pick a snowracer with a rope that retracts automatically and with good brakes, in case the hill gets a bit too steep, all of a sudden.

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