10 Easter arts and crafts for kids

Elina Blom

During the Easter holiday there a few public holidays, so you have some extra time to dedicate to spending with your kids. Why not also take the opportunity to indulge in some creativity?

10 Easter arts and crafts for kids

Maximise the Easter holiday spirit with these 10 tips on arts and crafts

Easter is almost here, which means spending extra time with the family for many. Doing things together with your kids is both a fun and lovely way to bond with your relatives.

1. Decorate with patterns and feathers

Cut chickens and eggs out of paper and decorate them by gluing on some feathers and drawing beautiful designs on them.

2. Paint eggs with onion layers

Set the strips of onion around the egg you want to paint and use some string so that they are held in place around the eggshell. If you want to paint patterns or designs on the egg you can place something ruffled like leaves, for example, within the onion layer. Then boil the egg as you would normally, the result will be colourful eggs! They can be red or yellow depending on the type of onion you've used.

3. Easter Cards

Fold a piece of A4 paper down the middle so it becomes an A5. Draw Easter themes and designs on the inside and an Easter greeting message on the outside. If you want to want to make things a bit fancier, you can cut out a hole from the front so that the writing on the inside is visible when the card is both open and closed!

4. An Easter bunny made of loo-roll

Cut a bunny out of some paper, white or coloured and then glue the bunny on to the toilet roll. You can also glue on some eyes as well, or just draw them on.

5. Beautiful hanging eggs

Buy some egg-shaped cotton or polystyrene balls that you can paint amazing patters on with the help of some felt pens, glue a string to them and then hang them as an Easter decoration in your home.

6. Easter chicks made from thumbprints

Dip your thumb in some yellow paint and then press on a sheet of paper. Once the paint dries, you can paint on some little beaks and eyes!

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7. Easter chicks made of paper plates

Paint a paper plate yellow, cut out a beak with some paper and colour it orange. Once the paint has dried, you can glue on the beak and colour in some eyes.

8. Painting eggs, the traditional way

Paint boiled eggs with some felt pens and watercolours.

9. Make an Easter rooster with a hand print

Place your hand in some paint and then press it on a paper. Once the paint dries, you can paint on a beak and a rooster comb on the thumb!

10. An Easter rooster with a paper cone

Roll up some paper into a cone shape, paint the cone in different colours and draw on some eyes. Cut out a beak of paper that you can colour and then glue onto the cone, you can then stick on some feathers and voilá, you've made yourself an Easter rooster!

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Loads of crafts

On PriceRunner we list loads of different fun and cool arts and crafts products. Take a look at our category Crafts for more tips and inspiration on how you can entertain the kids during the Easter holiday.

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