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Get your favourite Euphoria character's makeup look

Matilda Hansson

The hit TV show Euphoria has redefined the makeup landscape and sparked a viral social media movement with its avant garde and extravagant makeup looks. Here is everything you need to recreate the iconic Euphoria makeup looks, whether you want to learn Maddy's iconic Euphoria makeup or the more lowkey ones.

Defining a generation

The youth TV show "Euphoria" has taken the world by storm and with its tough subjects and stunning visuals reached cult status after only one season. The show seems to be having the same generational impact as Mean Girls or Skins did for millennials. The makeup has garnered extra attention, with its bold styles and use of glitter and gems, Doniella Davy, makeup artist for Euphoria has ushered in a new beauty trend. Although highly stylised and over the top, the makeup is actually very well thought through and highly reflective of each characters individual journey and personality. Although the makeup is generally bold, some characters forego the use of makeup entirely, so the looks range from the bare minimum to the extravagant, opulent, kitschy, and bold looks we see going viral. The makeup artist means that the styles are "emotional glam" with the extreme looks bearing a significant indication to the characters emotional state. We'll go through the main characters along with the key products you need to nail the look.

How to get the characters iconic looks

Rue Bennett

Despite being the main character of the show Rue has a very simple, no makeup look. No foundation was used for Rue, Doniella Davy mentions that she only uses a bit of highlighter to give Rue that glistening look. The one time we see Rue in any type of makeup is during the season 1 finale, where glitter was painted under her eyes to symbolise the tears of a clown.

Jules Vaughn

Jules makeup is defined by her artistic eye looks. You will usually see her with graphic and colourful eyeliner that is a direct expression of her mood or current state of mind.

Using neon negative space liner is a fun way to nail Jules look, pair it with a bright brow and you're set. Experiment and be artistic and let your makeup looks be a little bit like your mood ring.

Maddy Perez

Maddy has a very bold monochromatic makeup look, often with a strong, dramatic often bejeweled eyeliner or a razor sharp cat eye. Her glittering eyeshadow paired with gems placed around her eyes has become eponymous of the iconic Euphoria look. Either way Maddy's makeup look is always a bold statement.

Doniella has revealed that she creates that knife sharp eyeliner with one very simple trick; cotton tips. She uses them to sharpen the edges and clean the lines.

Cassie Howard

Cassie's romantic nature is emphasised through her ethereal makeup looks where the use of shimmers and highlights. Dewy skin and flushed cheeks. Small subtle gems. But that doesn't mean that Cassie's looks are by any means boring. She still experiments with different styles and colours, mainly baby blue. She also uses more glitter and gems for her party looks.

Kat Hernandez

Kat is one of the characters that goes through a very transformative journey in the first season, and as she becomes bolder and more confident so does her makeup. We see this later on in the season with her bold jewel coloured eyeshadows and statement lip, a style that eventually lands in a more goth aesthetics. If you want to achieve Kat's look dare to be bold and but emphasis on eyes and lips.

Lexi Howard

Lexi Howard's style is more polished, simple and classic compared to her classmates. With a simple classic red lip and subtle cat eye Lexi's look is very proper. She does however experiment a but more in season 2 where we get some more unique and eye defining elements, namely the coral glitter eye, this in turn is a reflection of Lexi being more sure in herself.

Pictures by: @donni.davy (Instagram) and Warner Media

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