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Money-Smart Reading: Finding a Good E-Reader


Are you an avid reader who goes through stacks of books in no time? Or a student tired of reading e-books on your computer and phone? No matter your specific needs, we've put together a handy guide to help you find an e-reader that fits you best.

What to look for in a good e-reader

If you're purchasing an e-reader for the first time, think of the features you need. This is where your budget comes into play, so decide on necessary features and any additional ones you're ready to invest a bit more.

Do you want an e-reader with a colour display, ideal for comics and illustrated books? Or do you plan to use it mainly for reading plain text, so a black-and-white display would work? Maybe you need an e-reader to take notes, too? Lots of things to consider.

A general tip–go for an e-reader with a high resolution and a long battery life. This allows for a rich reading experience and the freedom to bring your e-reader without worrying about the battery running out.

Colour e-readers

Fancy graphic novels, comic books or illustrative literature? Then an e-reader with a colour display will surely enrich your reading experience.

E-readers for note-taking

Planning to use your e-reader for work or studying? Note-taking comes in handy. This might come at an extra cost, but the convenience of keeping all your texts and notes in one place is definitely worth it.

Waterproof e-readers

If you're considering taking your e-reader to the beach, pool or bathtub, it should be waterproof. This way, you won't have to worry about accidental water splashes or putting it down on a damp surface.

E-book readers

When purchasing an e-book reader, think about storage, display resolution and size. Storage space determines how many e-books you can store–an 8GB device can hold around 6,000 books. The display resolution is about how clear the text looks. Most tablets have between 200 and 300 pixels per inch (PPI). And go for a display size that's easy to use and carry. Sizes range from 6 to 10". Smaller ones are better for travel, and larger ones for home use.

Good to know

E-ink. Or e-paper is what gives e-readers their book-like feel. Unlike your phone or TV that emits light, e-ink reflects the light around you–just like a regular page in a book.

E-readers + sunlight. With their paper-like displays, e-readers make it easy to read clearly, even outdoors. Plus, they're kinder to your eyes.

Long battery life. Another plus? E-readers use power only when the display changes–like when you turn a page. So, their battery lasts way longer than other devices. Think weeks or even months of use before needing a charge.

Adding books. Loading up your e-reader with books is super easy. Browse its built-in bookstore, use book apps or transfer from your computer. Just remember to check file compatibility.

Budget-friendly e-readers

Who doesn't love a great deal? Check our selection of e-readers currently on sale.

Happy shopping!

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