Updated 19 August 2021

Guide: Favourite trainers in 6 different styles

There's nothing that can boost your confidence like a fresh new pair of trainers. Here are 6 different styles that are sure to elevate your wardrobe.

If the shoe fits...

Finding the right shoe is never an easy task, should you prioritise fashion, comfortability, occasion? The list goes on and on, luckily in the past few years trainers have become more and more of a staple accepted in even more formal gatherings (give it up for the trainer brides!) So we have broken down a few different styles that will fit your vibe, whatever it is.


Tennis shoes are timeless classic that never goes out of style. They're also lightweight and unpretentious, which means they will go with almost anything. Tennis shoes are usually made of fabric or leather, get the one that will work best for your use. If you use tennis shoes a lot during the summer you might want to consider a lighter fabric and colour, if you want a pair that is a bit more sturdy then leather is the way to go, we'd then recommend investing a bit more in a good quality pair so that you can use them for longer than just a season.

Some of our favourite brands include the classic Stan Smiths, you can't go wrong with a pair of these and they come in many different ranges and colours. Lacoste is iconic for their tennis wear and their tennis shoes are no exception, with a timeless classic style you can use for many years. If you're looking for something a bit more unique however, you should take a look at Veja, a French brand that manufactures their shoes in Brasil and has a focus on locally produced products with sustainable materials


If tennis isn't for you, perhaps another alternative can be the good old basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar. The Superstar line celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Safe to say it might be the world's freshest 50-year-old?(How old is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?) It's definitely at the top of the shoe game in any case. Prior to the re-release and 50th anniversary, Adidas has worked on this iconic model a bit and tried to perfect it even more. Superstar has been re-released and according to Adidas, it has a slimmer form that is much closer to the original design of the shoe when it was released 50 years ago. For those of you who might find it hard to decide, there are now even hybrid models between the Superstar and Stan Smith, known as the Superstan!

Comfy Shoes

Retro-shoes in all their glory but they are often quite flat and have stiff soles, so not our first choice when it comes to comfort. But don't worry because the past few years have actually been characterised by the two shoe giants, Nike and Adidas, fighting to claim the throne as creator of the most comfortable shoe. This has led to several innovations such as the Adidas Boost and Nike React in particular. Both have similar foam materials that are really comfortable and add a good bounce to your step. They are often likened to walking on clouds and yes, this may be as close as we get to it.


Possibly one of our favourite trends and one that made wearing chunky sneakers cool again. Dad shoes are not only fashionable but extremely comfortable, with thick cushioned soles and bulky designs that are built to last. And as an added bonus who wouldn't want to look like a middle aged dad from the 90's? We know we do. Many brands have their take on the Dad shoe these days but some of our favourites are any Fila or New Balance shoe are a sure fire way to nail this trend, Nike and Adidas has some great options as well. And if you're in a bit of a splurge mood then Balenciaga's infamous Dad shoes should be on the top of your list.

Air Max

For those of you who have a more future-focused eye, during the past two years, Nike has released the the Air Max 270 and Air Max 720 models. In contrast to the previous Air Max Models, which were originally intended to be running trainers, these two models were specifically designed to be a killer pair or all-purpose trainers. It seems to have won people's hearts over, as it the Air Max 270 is one of Nike's best selling shoes since 2018.

Revamped classics

The Comme des Garçons collaboration with Converse can be called a modern classic. The Japanese brand Comme des Garçons came and painted its iconic hear on the classic trainer model from Converse and became an instant success; a simple, yet clever update. If you're looking out for a pair of these though, make your move quickly because they usually sell out quite fast.

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