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Time for some new trainers!

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Updated April 8, 2020

The clocks have gone forward an hour, things are warming up and the birds are out singing - Spring is here! One of the best signs of Spring is also a new pair of trainers. There are few ways better to bring in the onset of the Spring season than with a pair of fresh new kicks straight out of the box.

The big dilemma is figuring out just which shoes to grab. Do you want a pair of trainers that can suit all occasions and situations or do you want to switch things up depending on your clothes and mood? Do you like your shoes to look pristine and fresh or do you prefer a more weathered and grungy look? There's definitely something out there for everyone, regardless of what you're looking for. Below we've listed a bunch of different variants that might catch your fancy or at least will get you thinking on the right track.


It's hard to go wrong with tennis shoes they are timeless. They suit everyone, are lightweight and carry a low profile, which lets them blend in everywhere. If you're looking for some tennis shoes, we recommend setting your sites on a pair with solid leather. They may cost a bit more because of this, but they'll last longer and also look considerably better. Of course, you have the classic Stan Smiths that everyone knows of for these kinds of trainers. Another model worth checking out is Reebok's Club C, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and is anticipated to be released in a variety of special anniversary editions. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, however, you should take a look at Veja, a French brand that manufactures their shoes in Brasil and has a focus on locally produced products with sustainable materials


If tennis isn't for you, perhaps another alternative can be the old basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar. The Superstar line will be celebrating, believe it or not, its 50th anniversary this year. Safe to say it might be the world's freshest 50-year-old? It's definitely at the top of the shoe game in any case. Prior to the re-release and 50th anniversary, Adidas has worked on this iconic model a bit and tried to perfect it even more. Superstar has been re-released and according to Adidas, it has a slimmer form that is much closer to the original design of the shoe when it was released 50 years ago. For those of you who might find it hard to decide, there are now even hybrid models between the Superstar and Stan Smith, known as Superstan!

Comfort Shoes

Retro-shoes in all their glory are often quit flat and have stiff soles, which perhaps aren't the first choice when it comes to comfort. If we look more towards the here and now, the past few years have been characterised by the two giant shoe makers, Nike and Adidas, who have fought to try and claim the throne of having the most comfortable sole. This has led to several innovations, with the Adidas Boost and Nike React above all else. Both have similar foam materials that are really comfortable and give a good bounce in the step. They are often likened to walking on clouds and yes, this may be as close as we get to it.


A trend that keeps hanging on, whether you want it to or not, is so called dad-trainers. In other words, those retro-looking jogging trainers that looks like something middle-aged dads would have worn during the 90s and early 2000s. They have a slightly cushier sole and are available in many spring-appropriate color schemes. Adidas' Yung seires is a favourite for many in this category, along with the New Balance 530, Nike P-6000 and Puma RS-X.

Air Max

For those of you who have a more future-focused eye, during the past two years, Nike has released the the Air Max 270 and Air Max 720 models. In contrast with previous Air Max Models, which were originally intended to be running trainers, these two models were specifically designed to be a killer pair or all-purpose trainers. It seems to have won people's hearts over, as it the Air Max 270 is one of Nike's best selling shoes since 2018.

Stylish classics

The Comme des Garçons collaboration with Converse can be called a modern classic. The Japanese brand Comme des Garçons came and painted its iconic hear on the classic trainer model from Converse and became an instant success; a simple, yet clever update. If you're looking out for a pair of these though, make your move quickly because they usually sell out quite fast.

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