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Top presents for 20-somethings

Sara Assadi

Updated November 27, 2021

Looking for a present for a 20-something? Here you can find presents that are ideal for a first flat, cosy film evenings with a bottle of something nice or a run along the nearest trail.

Orrefors More Coupe Champagne Glass 21 cl 4 pcs

Champagne glass (Orrefors More Coupe)

What could be nicer as a 20th birthday present than a couple of gorgeous champagne glasses to drink out of? This elegant design holds 210 ml, which also makes them big enough to serve dessert is. And this pair of glasses is also dishwasher-safe.

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JBL Go 2

Speaker (JBL Go 2)

A really good speaker is a must in every home. This wireless speaker connects to a computer or phone using Bluetooth or a USB cable. And the best thing of all is that it’s watertight, so you can even take it into the shower with you!

MTK UHappy U80

Mini projector (MTK UHappy U80)

Time for the home cinema – because there’s something really special about watching your favourite film projected on the wall. This mini projector has inputs for HDMI, USB and VGA, so you just connect the projector to your computer and set the popcorn going.

Magimix 11628SK

Blender (Magimix)

Making your own pesto or really good smoothies is a great feeling. We tested blenders and name the Magimix as the best in test. It comes with a 1.8 litre glass jug, and can cope with everything from chopping vegetables to mixing delicious smoothies and crushed ice. Perhaps a book with smoothie recipes might make a great accompaniment?

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Polaroid camera (Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay)

Immortalise parties, travel and nights with your mates with a Polaroid camera. The Instax Mini LiPlay has a digital screen where you can see your images before printing them. You can also connect it to your phone, so you can upload your best pictures to Instagram or print out photos from your mobile gallery.

The camera is available in black, white and rose gold.

Princess Grill Compact Pro 117002

Sandwich maker (Princess Grill Compact Pro)

Mmm, toasted sandwiches. Quesadillas. Crispy waffles. A sandwich maker is an excellent present! The Princess Grill Compact Pro has several different plates that mean you can use the machine regardless of whether you want to make waffles, toasted sandwiches or even grill meat, fish or vegetables. The plates also have a non-stick coating that makes them easy to clean. A temperature lamp and timer prevent the food from burning.

Sagaform - Serving Tray

Bed tray (Sagaform Oval Oak)

An attractive bed tray makes it even nicer to get breakfast in bed. This folding tray from Sagaform has stainless steel legs. The actual tray part is made from oak and works just as well for supporting your laptop as for holding your breakfast.

Yankee Candle Reed Diffusers Clean Cotton 120ml

Scent sticks (Yankee Candle Clean Cotton)

Scent sticks make the air in your home smell fresh in no time. These sticks smell of sun-dried cotton, flowers and a light hint of citrus. By turning them every four weeks, you guarantee that your home will always smell clean – or freshly washed, if you place the scent sticks in a wardrobe.

Snug Rug Deluxe With Sleeve Beige (214x152cm)

Snug Rug Deluxe With Sleeve

A Snug Rug is a must to maximise cosiness on blustery winter evenings. The best thing of all is that it has sleeves – so you can reach the snack bowl without having to struggle out of your cosy nest.

Xiaomi Roborock E5

Robotic vacuum cleaner (Roborock E5)

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a wonderful assistant. While it trundles around cleaning in every corner, you can lie on the sofa and watch it work. We tested vacuum cleaners and named the Roborock E5 as one of our test winners. It has a good noise level, is easy to use and can even mop the floor.

Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447 001

Sunglasses (Ray-Ban Round Metal)

Ray-Bans are a classic that never go out of fashion. These are a pair of round glasses with gold coloured frames and green glass. The model is available in several different colours, including with pink, grey or transparent glass and copper, grey or silver-coloured frames. Not sure which model will suit you? Check out our Ray-Ban guide!

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