Updated 2 December 2021

Top list: Stylish beanies

Warm when it’s cold, attractive when you’re having a bad-hair day, and an easy way to create your own style. A beanie is the perfect accessory.

Top list: Attractive beanies for all styles

It doesn’t have to be cold for you to pull a hat over your ears. On the contrary, beanies have recently become a signature item of clothing for many different styles. Gone are the days where self-conscious teenagers and adults skipped wearing a hat: now there are all kinds of models to choose from, all of which help complete your outfit.

Can’t get enough of beanies? Here are several stylish models to consider – maybe you can find a new favourite?

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie - Park Stripe/Viking Blue

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie – Park Stripe/Viking Blue

Classic retro design complete with bobble and a wide folded bottom edge. The Patagonia Powder Town Beanie is available in two different colours, one with an 80s feel in purple, red and white, and one in more natural tones with the silhouette of a mountain on the side. Made from 100% polyester, these beanies are soft and non-itchy, and they look just as good in the town as in the countryside.

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Fjällräven Byron Hat Unisex - Autumn Leaf

Fjällräven Byron Hat Unisex – Autumn Leaf

A really attractive beanie from Fjällräven that feels very typical of modern outdoor design. The Byron Hat is available in five different colours, all in nice bright tones that bring to mind the woods in autumn. It’s double-knitted in wool to help keep the heat in even when wet, and has a small fox logo on the folded bottom edge.

Trespass McNally Women's Knitted Bobble Hat - Moss Fleck

Trespass McNally Women’s Knitted Bobble Hat – Moss Fleck

A rib knit beanie with a slightly romantic design with a pompom of artificial fur in acrylic and a soft chenille lining that makes it extra warm even on colder days. The outer part of the hat is 100% acrylic, a synthetic fibre developed to look like wool. The hat is a one-size model and is available in two colours: green and light pink.

Three tips when buying beanies

  1. Choose a hat to suit the weather. There are many stylish hats that are neither warm nor protect against wind. Choose a beanie that is both stylish and keeps you warm.

  2. Think about your hair type. Depending on the type of hair you have, the material in a hat can affect your hairstyle when you take it off. To avoid the risk of static electricity, double check your hair against the materials before buying.

  3. Think about safety. During the darker part of the year, why not keep an eye out for hats with reflective details? There are even beanies that are completely or partially knitted in reflective yarn.

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