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Trendy Candlesticks Holders

Sara Assadi

Candlestick holders are a great way to not only add a bit of affordable light to your home, but can also double as a trendy interior design piece. We have gathered some stunning pieces that will light up your nights and days.

Good-looking candlesticks for the darker season

Candles raise the mood in an instant, and with the right candlestick they look even better. Nowadays, there are lots candles available that are powered by a battery, but still have that visual feeling of a real flame, so if you use a lot of candles in a season, why not replace some of them with battery candles? It also significantly reduces the risk of fire.

Here are seven beautiful candlesticks in different shapes and materials – choose your favourite and set the mood! Just don’t forget to put them out when you're done.

Stoff Nagel Candlestick 6.5cm 3pcs

1. Stoff Nagel candlestick

With this design classic, you can gradually build up your dream candlestick over the years. Stoff Nagel is a buildable candlestick that can be moved around and added to in an infinite number of variations, which makes it a constantly renewable piece in the home.

It’s available in black, silver and brass, and with this three-pack you can start your own collection!

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Cooee Design Lykke One Candlestick 10cm

2. Cooee Lykke One candlestick

Why not a huge candlestick as a centrepiece for your dinner table? This candlestick looks good even without a candle as it’s almost a little sculpture in its own right. The four different colour schemes, two of which are metallic, make it easy to find your own favourite for the home.

There are also other types of candlestick in the Lykke series to mix and match with.

Iittala Festivo Candlestick 21.5cm

3. Iittala Festivo candlestick

Iittala’s glass Festivo candlestick is available in several different heights that work really well together. The ribbed pattern so typical of many of Iittala's glass products is reminiscent of ice in deepest winter. The Festivo series was designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1966 and is often called a timeless Finnish classic.

Orrefors Pluto Candlestick 12.4cm

4. Orrefors Pluto candlestick

Pluto is a mouth-blown candlestick from Orrefors, designed by Lena Bergström. The candle is placed in a small metal collar, and the hollow glass dome almost gives the feeling that the light is floating. If you want to combine Pluto with similar products, there is a vase in a larger size in the same series that sits very nicely next to it.

Hay Flare Candlestick 21cm

5. Hay Flare candlestick

Hay have created a colourful little glass character in the design of their Flare candlestick. It’s available in blue, red and yellow, and in three different heights. At first there was only the smallest model, but because it became so popular, they chose to make two new sizes to allow you to combine the different variants.

Hilke Collection Tuti Candlestick 40cm

6. Hilke Collection Tuti candlestick

Brass candlesticks in different shapes, heights and designs are never wrong, and it’s also a material that’s very easy to blend in with a lot of other furnishings. The Tuti candlestick is designed by Giovanna Hilke and is a tall candlestick with an exclusive feel, and attractive details that really stand out. Tuti is available in two heights: 30 and 40 cm, respectively, and can be combined attractively with other candlesticks in the Hilke collection.

3 tips for buying candlesticks

  1. Mix and match. Everything doesn’t have to match in terms of details, because the candles themselves do a good job of forming a unit.

  2. Adjust to size. Buy candles that are wide enough at the bottom to stand securely in the candlesticks

  3. Think about safety. Never leave burning candles unattended, and never place candles too close to curtains or other things that can easily catch fire.

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