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Stylish baby changing bags – several popular models

Sara Assadi

Remembering everything a baby may need isn’t always the easiest thing to do and something often gets forgotten at home. But with a practical baby changing bag, the chances of having all you need increases – and it doesn’t hurt if the bag looks really nice too.

Stylish changing bags – several popular models

Having a baby means having a lot of stuff. Nappies, dummies, extra clothes, milk, wet wipes – everything you can think of and a bit more besides are needed to keep a baby full, dry and clean when you’re away from home.

A substantial changing bag makes it all easier, because you can collect everything together in one place. In recent years, changing bags have also become increasingly fashion conscious and some top design brands now make bags which also work as an accessory. Here are seven stylish changing bags that also do their job.

Skip Hop Duo Signature

2. Skip Hop Duo Signature Changing Bag

Skip Hop’s popular and playful designs have long been found on the shelves in children's stores, and their Duo Signature changing bag is no exception. This model is a slightly straighter variant and the people who designed it clearly thought a little bit extra about every parent’s favourite details – the pockets.

The Duo Signature is easy to pack well, and it can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or even attached to a stroller. The bag comes in several different colours and patterns, which makes it easier to find a favourite.

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Done By Deer Changing Backpack

4. Done By Deer Changing Bag/Backpack

A stylish backpack changing bag that’s both practical and easy to carry around. The bag is made from recycled PET bottles and completely waterproof, which keeps everything inside nice and dry.

You can organise everything thanks to the seven inner compartments, and the clever fasteners make it easy to hook on a stroller. A soft changing mat for a nappy change is also included. A really great bag!

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3 tips for buying a changing bag

  1. Think practical. Is the opening big enough to be able to see everything in the bag? Are there enough compartments so you don’t have to rummage around? Does it hang well on a stroller so that you can access everything?

  2. Think long term. With all the extra things you need to have on hand, having a baby is a pretty expensive business. So spending an extra few pounds on a bag you can use for many years to come makes real sense.

  3. Listen to the experts. If this is your first child and you don’t know what’s really needed and what you can ignore, check out our large test of changing bags here

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