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Stylish coat hooks for every home

Sara Assadi

Hanging things up is an easy way to freshen up a room and bring some order to it. Check out these stylish coat hooks for walls.

Stylish coat hooks for every home

Do you want to get rid of that pile of clothes that always end up on a chair in the bedroom? Or are you just looking for a nice hook to hang your new kitchen towel on? With the right design, one – or more – hooks can add a lot more to a room than just the purely practical.

A strip of knobs in the kid’s rooms makes it easy to organise costumes and with extra hanging options in the bathroom, it will be easy to live by the motto “everything in its place”. Here are seven stylish coat hooks to choose from.

Maze Interior Bill XS Coat Hook 21cm

2. Maze Interior Bill XS Clothes Hook

A smaller size in the Bill series from Maze with a total of six hooks. Install it on its own or in groups on the wall, or buy a couple of different variants and combine them. This type of hanger works just as well in the hall as in the bedroom or for aprons and towels in the kitchen.

Bill is available in several different colours, so you should definitely be able to find a favourite to suit your home.

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Smedbo House (RV3455)

3. Towel Hook Smedbo House 2-pack

Thinking outside the box is an easy and fun way to brighten up your home, and although these hooks are called towel hooks, that doesn’t mean you can only use them in the bathroom. This stylish set of hooks with hidden screw fixings are easy to place and the simple design gives a restful impression.

Smedbo House, which is available in several different designs with either a glossy or a matte surface, suits most interior design styles.

Beslagsboden BB1074

4. Beslagsboden hook strip 5 hat hooks

We don’t all wear hats any more, but these hooks work just as well to hang your clothes on. And this model works just as well in the hall as in the bedroom or kitchen.

The hook strip is available in black or white wood with aluminium hooks, and is 60 cm long, which makes for a lot of hanging space in a small area. And perhaps even a teenaged child would like their own set of hooks?

Rösle Single Hook & Hanger 2pcs

5. Rösle Single Hooks & Hangers 2 pcs

Sometimes all you want is a plain and simple hook. Somewhere in every home there’s a space where it would be nice to hang up a jacket, a bag or the dog’s lead, but there isn’t the space for a row of hooks or a larger hanger.

That’s when this neat and stylish single hook from Rösle fits perfectly. Only 4 cm high and 2 cm wide, it’s ideal for most smaller spaces.

Byon Else Coat Hook 50cm

6. By On Else 50 cm Clothes Hook

Wooden details and natural materials have become very popular in the interior design world, and if you need extra storage you should take a look at these clothes hooks from By On Else. With 5 hooks, this model is 50 cm long, but is also available with 1, 3 or 7 hooks for those who want a shorter or longer variant.

Both the backplate and knobs are made of oak, and if you don’t want bare wood, there is also a black-painted variant.

House Doctor Rack Coat Hook 8cm

7. House Doctor Coat Hanger

A solid and simple hanger from Danish company House Doctor who have produced first-class Scandinavian design since the late 90s. Their iron coat hanger fits into most homes with its straight lines and discreet design, and there’s plenty of storage room too, on these seven deep hooks spread over 60 cm.

Use it to store your bags or as an extra hanger for your guests to hang their coats.

3 tips for buying hooks and coat hangers

  1. Check your walls. Don’t fix up a hanger on a wall that isn't secure. No one wants to have plaster come down with their coat. Adjust the hook and fixing device to suit your wall.

  2. How much are you going to hang up? Are you really going to buy only three hooks when there are six of you in the house?

  3. Think outside the box. It’s easy to think that hooks are mostly used in halls and bathrooms, but many of them these days are design works of art and may warrant a more prominent position.

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