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Stylish doormats

Sara Assadi

Doormats are a welcoming detail at your front door and also something to dry off your shoes on a rainy day. A doormat is both a practical and stylish part of your interior decor. We have gathered some fun and trendy options from some popular brands like the Coir doormat.

Stylish doormats

On wet and muddy days, it’s nice to be able to brush off your shoes a little before coming into your home, and the best way to do that is with a rug outside the door.

Doormats are available in many different models and designs. Common to all of them is that they can withstand wear and tear and are easy to brush or shake off when they have become a little too grubby. They also create a pleasant atmosphere outside your front door. Here are seven popular models.

Etol Matta Rope Grey 70x120cm

1. Etol Matta Rope

This solid rope rug looks great at any entrance. The design and colour mean that dirt is well camouflaged until you get around to cleaning the mat, and it also looks great on a balcony.

The model is 70x120 cm, which is a bit wider than the standard size of a doormat, and the design is thick and soft.

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Esschert Design Braided L Black 45.2x74.8cm

2. Esschert Design Braided

A rubberised mat gives a soft impression at your entrance door, and this braided rubber mat will serve you for many seasons. Esschert Design manufacture lots of stylish and functional products for homes which are of consistently high quality. This rug is available in brown and black and in two widths, the narrowest of which is 76 cm. It fits well in slightly narrower as well as wider exterior doors.

With a rubber mat, you don’t have to worry about it being ruined by dirt, just lift it up and rinse it off and it’s like new again.

House Doctor Clean Natural 60x90cm

3. House Doctor Clean

This solid and rustic rug from House Doctor looks great in front of any design enthusiast’s front door. Made of a mixture of recycled rubber and coconut fibre, the rug has a discreet pattern and a really durable design.

If you’re looking for a water-resistant doormat that can withstand wear and tear but still looks good, this model is a perfect choice.

Tica Copenhagen Dot Black 45x75cm

4. Tica Copenhagen Dot

Dots are an easy way to get some playful patterns into your decor, and this stylish, functional rug is covered in them. This rug is made of rubber and has a durable surface that can withstand many months of wiping dirty boots.

If you live somewhere where it’s often wet and windy, this rug is a good choice as it’s also quite heavy and won’t be disturbed by the wind. Thanks to the choice of material, it also withstands water very well.

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Dixie 37430 Villastad Black 75x45cm

5. Dixie 37430 City

This rubber mat from Dixie has an interesting urban pattern and feels both modern and stylish in terms of design. The mat is made of natural rubber, which is an incredibly durable material suited to tough treatment.

Thanks to the pattern being perforated, dirt falls through easily and all you need to do is lift up the mat and sweep underneath from time to time

Hay 50x70 Beige, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow 70x50cm

6. Hay 508323

This doormat from Danish company Hay is woven in durable jute and available in several different colour combinations. The mat feels strong and robust, and works just as well as a doormat in the hall as inside a patio door.

In addition to jute, the doormat consists of dirt-repellent wool, which makes it both durable and easy to clean. A non-slip mat is recommended underneath as it has no rubberised bottom.

Dixie Filip Grey 60x90cm

7. Dixie Jute

A stylish, durable and robust jute rug that easily keeps unwanted gravel and moisture out of your home. More and more products are now made from jute, and new treatment methods make it much softer than the rather coarse weave you might first think of.

This rug is hand-woven and available in four different natural colours – just choose the one that best suits your door!

3 tips for buying doormats

  1. Think about your weather. A doormat where you get lots of rain or snow should probably be made from a different material to a doormat for a cottage by the sea or a balcony door. Choose a heavy rug if you live somewhere windy!

  2. Maybe buy two. Maybe you actually need two mats: a sturdy one outside the door and another one inside for when you take off your boots.

  3. Measure your door. Most doormats come in standard sizes, but double-check the width of your door anyway, to make sure the mat is neither too wide nor too narrow.

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