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Top list: 7 cool lighters in different designs

Sara Assadi

Whether you want to light candles or a fire in the woods, or just want even functional items in your home to look good, there’s a lighter for you.

Top list:  7 stylish lighters in different designs

Most of us have probably run around the house rummaging in drawers for a lighter after the last match has been used up. With an attractive lighter, you don’t need to hide it and so will always be ready to light everything from the candles on a birthday cake to grandpa's cigar. Just remember to find a place where no children can see it.

Lighters are powered by everything from gas and petrol to electricity – here are seven different models to help you keep the flames alive!

Brabantia Classic Lighter Refillable

Brabantia Classic

With their slogan "Designed for living", Dutch company Brabantia manufacture high-quality products that make everyday life easier for their customers. Their gas lighter, Brabantia Classic, is one such product that is durable, stylish and functional. With its neat design, it works well with all styles, and the longer handle with a button that is pushed upwards makes it easy to get a good grip on. Because this lighter is both narrow and oblong, it is perfect for lighting tealights in holders or for lighting the paper in a stove without burning yourself.

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Chef Aid Long Reach Refillable

Chef Aid Long Reach Refillable

As you can tell from the name, this lighter is designed to have a good reach. If you’re going to start a gas stove or light paper under firewood, then this is the perfect model. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold even for those who may have reduced mobility in their fingers. The same applies to the large button, which is easy to both push in and hold until the fire lights.

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Zippo Butane Double Torch Lighter

Zippo Butane Double Torch Lighter

Those who like the classic Zippo models may like this lighter twice as much, because it has two flames. It’s lit with a button, and not with the usual wheel, and the gas produces two powerful blue flames that easily ignite whatever it is that you need to light. The lighter is powered by butane gas and fits in all original cases for Zippo’s standard size lighters.

Three tips when buying lighters

  1. Choose one in the right size. Choose one of the longer lighters if you want a good ergonomic grip and a button that’s easy to press.

  2. Are you going to light fires outdoors? If you only use a lighter to light candles, you don’t have to think about things like storm-proof flames. But if you're going to light fires outdoors, you may need that capability.

  3. Check child safety. Fire is very exciting and perhaps even more exciting with buttons. Make sure you choose a child-safe lighter if you have kids, and always place it where the children can’t see it or reach it.

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