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Stylish plastic wine and cocktail glasses

Sara Assadi

No matter where or when you have a party or picnic, a drink tastes better if it is served in a stylish glass, there are actually plenty of stunning champagne and cocktail plastic glasses, that not only make for easier clean up, but a bit of a safer set up. Check out these great-looking plastic glasses!

Fashionable plastic drinking glasses for parties and picnics

Whatever the reason for a party or get-together, it’s always worth setting the table to look good. And if you don’t want to risk broken glass, but don’t find cardboard mugs very festive then why not choose plastic?

Stylish plastic glasses are a good compromise – a proper festive feel with minimal risk of breakages.

Koziol Crystal Drinking Glass 20cl

1. Koziol Crystal Drinking Glass 20 cl

Standard drinking glasses from German company Koziol, but with a design that feels more festive thanks to the pattern that gives them a crystal feeling. These glasses are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastic that is recyclable, and the range of Koziol’s plastic products for the kitchen is huge.

These drinking glasses are available in the smaller variant of 20 cl and a larger one of 45 cl.

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Bodum Pavina Outdoor Drinking Glass 45cl 6pcs

2. Bodum Pavina Outdoor Drinking Glass 45 cl 6 pcs

Perfect glasses for both hot and cold drinks as the double-walled design insulates the glass. The durable SAN plastic is incredibly tough and can withstand being frozen, heated in a microwave oven and machine washed. It doesn’t absorb colour from food and doesn’t become scratched or dull when used.

The glasses are sold in 6-packs and are available in three different sizes, 25 cl, 35 cl and 45 cl.

Sagaform Picnic Drink Glass 30cl 4pcs

4. Sagaform Picnic Drinking glass 30 cl 4 pcs

Really attractive glasses that work just as well at the kid’s party as they do for a picnic on a blanket in the park. Unbreakable acrylic glass that can be used over and over again without becoming dull looking or worn. The four glasses hold 30 cl each and come in an attractive gift box.

Bodum Oktett Cocktail Glass 25cl 4pcs

6. Bodum Oktett Cocktail glass 25 cl 4 pcs

The Danish-Swiss company Bodum has been manufacturing kitchen products since 1944. The company started in Denmark, but since 1978 it has been based in Switzerland. And although these glasses are part of their production of plastic glasses they still feel pretty original in terms of style. These margarita glasses are made of durable polycarbonate and can be frozen as well as washed in the dishwasher. In addition, they can also be recycled.

Sagaform Picnic Champagne Glass 20cl 4pcs

7. Sagaform Picnic Champagne glass 20 cl 4 pcs

Everything is more fun with a glass of bubbly, and it’s extra fun to be able to have a toast without having to worry about something breaking. These glasses are made of acrylic plastic and can safely be dropped onto the ground or left to rattle around in a bicycle basket on the way to a picnic. On top of that, they look great!

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3 tips for buying plastic glasses

  1. Aim for good quality. Not all plastics are the same. Choose plastic glasses that won’t scratch easily or become dull or get worn out in the dishwasher.

  2. Go for style. Even if everyone knows they aren’t real glass, stylish plastic still looks great.

  3. Choose a better plastic. Again, not all plastics are the same. Choose a plastic free from harmful substances.

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