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Trendy radiators for your home

Sara Assadi

Radiators may not be the first thing you think about when decorating a home, but these days there are some really stylish models. Here are few as well as some radiator covers that will complete the look.

Good-looking radiators for the home

When you think about interior design, you mainly imagine sofas and other prominent pieces of furniture, but radiators are often as visible as the rest of an interior. Regardless of whether you need an extra electric radiator or you want to replace your existing water or oil radiators, there are now many different models to choose from. Here are some worth checking out if you want to warm up your home in style!

De'Longhi Dragon4 TRD4 0820T 230V

2. DeLonghi Dragon4

A must for the retro lover who needs an extra heat source in their home. This oil radiator, which you simply plug in, provides an even and comfortable heat that lasts a long time. The design is well thought out and the radiator is easy to place thanks to its size. It gets an extra plus for having wheels that make it easy to move the radiator around to the desired location.

Price from: £90.46
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Adax NEO NP20 KDT 650020 230V 2000W

4. Adax NEO NP20 KDT 650020 230V 2000W

A very stylish convector style radiator with a slim design. Norwegian company Adax develop energy-efficient radiators for the future, and this model includes their so-called open window function, overheating protection and an LCD display.

The Adax Neo is really slimline at only 9 cm deep, and offers an easy-to-clean surface and rounded edges for a softer style.

3 tips when buying radiators

  1. Check the energy consumption. Energy consumption can differ a lot between models, so keep an eye out for this to avoid getting a shock when the bill arrives.
  2. Be ready to compromise a bit. A radiator takes up space and is quite visible, especially if it is going to stand on the floor. Remember that when you look at the price tag.
  3. Don’t buy it just because of appearance. Do you think all radiators are ugly? [Then be sure to check out this page:] (https://www.pricerunner.se/cl/241/Element?attr_56175140=58264571)