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Top list: Stylish rain jackets for all weathers

Sara Assadi

With the winter comes rain, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. Here are seven jackets that can cope with bad weather. We have gathered rain jackets for men, women, boys, girls and everything in between!

Top list: Stylish rain jackets for all weathers

Whether or not the saying "There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" is true depends who you ask. But everyone would probably agree that it’s nice to have the right clothes for when the weather changes. When it’s wet and windy, you want something that protects you, and if the thermometer also drops a few degrees, a warm lining can be especially appreciated.

Some rain jackets are made of rubber or other materials that are superb against water, but there are also rain jackets in more functional materials that also breathe. Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk, waiting to pick up the kids or even going fishing, being properly dressed makes the experience much more pleasant, and with these jackets you don’t have to choose between function and appearance.

Tretorn Wings Rain Jacket Unisex - Black

Tretorn Wings Rainjacket Unisex

A stylish and comfortable rain jacket in a unisex model from the Swedish Tretorn company, who have been making water-resistant clothing since the late 19th century. At that time, the company primarily manufactured waterproof galoshes. The Wings Rainjacket has a hydrostatic head of 8000 mm, protects against the wind, has welded seams and is free of PVC. Since the sizes are unisex, women are advised to choose a size smaller than their usual one.

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Rains Long Jacket Unisex - Slate

Rains Long Jacket Unisex

Rains specialise in rainwear in an urban and modern style, and this coat is a longer variant of their Urban Jacket. The fabric has a slightly matte surface, which makes it feel a little more elegant, and the double-welded side pockets keep moisture out of the seams. The Rains Long Jacket has a normal fit and is available in nine different colours.

Ilse Jacobsen Rain37 Long Raincoat - Black

Ilse Jacobsen Long Raincoat

This elegant rain jacket from Ilse Jacobsen is both stylish and sporty, and ideal for spring or autumn. The jacket has a waterproof zip, high collar and a hood. It has a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm and is made of 94% polyester and 6% breathable elastane. The zip is also waterproof and can be opened and closed in both directions for increased freedom of movement. The pockets on the sides also have zips.

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Stutterheim Stockholm Lightweight Raincoat Unisex - Navy

Stutterheim Stockholm Lightweight Raincoat Unisex

The Stockholm Lightweight Raincoat is a unisex jacket. It is made of polyurethane, which not only protects against moisture but also has very good wear resistance, making this a good material to withstand bad weather. The coat is intended for use in milder weather and is therefore offered as a slightly thinner model. The jacket has two pockets and is available in black or blue.

Helly Hansen Dubliner Jacket - Black

Helly Hansen Dubliner Jacket

The Dubliner is a stylish and functional rain jacket that also looks good enough to wear as an everyday coat in dry weather. The water-resistant and windproof material breathes, and the soft lining keeps you nice and warm. The jacket has a hood that can be rolled up and hidden in the collar, and pockets both inside and out. Matching trousers are also available, so you can be outside on even the wettest of days.

Helly Hansen W Moss Jacket - Essential Y

Helly Hansen W Moss Jacket

With a classic design combined with new technology, you get a rain jacket with a bit of a retro feel, while keeping both dry and warm. The high collar and hood keep wind and rain away from your neck, and the jacket has a protective edge that covers the zip. This coat is made of the very durable material polyurethane, and it comes with a repair kit so that you can repair any damage to it yourself. In addition to black, the Helly Hansen W Moss Jacket is also available in bright yellow or bright pink.

3 tips when buying a rain jacket

  1. Think about how much rain you want to withstand. Some jackets can withstand any downpour, but they often do this by not being made from a breathable material. Choose a material according to how you plan to use the jacket.

  2. Select the model according to your activity. Some outdoor jackets don’t look like a classic waterproof but have a very high hydrostatic head (the thing that measures how waterproof they are). With one of these, you get a better all-round jacket that works for more activities.

  3. Will you be very active? If you’re going to be very active, you need a jacket that breathes so that you don’t get too hot. For cycling, for example, it’s a good idea to have a two-way zip so that you have more freedom of movement. Take your activity into account when you check out the jacket's functions.

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