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Stylish reading glasses for the book lover

Sara Assadi

The day will probably arrive where you need to wear a pair of glasses in order to read a book or newspaper. Fortunately there are lots of very attractive glasses out there whether that be blue light glasses or Specsaver glasses.

Posh reading glasses for the book lover

Realising at a certain age that you need reading glasses can be hard for some to accept, but most people have to do it sooner or later. This visual impairment is called presbyopia, and nowadays it’s possible to buy reading glasses almost everywhere.

However, a need for reading glasses doesn’t mean that you have to buy the models on offer at the petrol station or in the local supermarket, because there are really attractive frames available. Here are some popular models to be inspired by.

Ray-Ban RB3447V 3105

1. Ray-Ban Round Metal

Ever since the first Aviator model was developed for pilots in the US military in 1937, Ray-Ban have been making popular spectacle frames that have made a big impression in the fashion world.

A pair of Ray-Ban glasses never go out of style and it feels like their different models become popular no matter what frames they produce. These gold and black coloured metal frames are stylish and feel both timeless and modern at the same time.

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Nike 7117 001

2. Nike 7117

Sports giant Nike not only manufacture high-quality sports products, they also make reading glasses. Perfect for those who want a slightly more sporty look and are happy to have a little colour on the frames.

The model 7117 is available in two different sizes with a slight difference in the width of the glass, allowing you to choose between slightly narrower or wider frames.

Nike 8098 010

3. Nike 8098 010

Sporty reading glasses offering a good fit. The model has a slim design which means they fit really well around your ears and they are available in three different colours. The Nike 8098 comes in a classic model where the frames are a little narrower and the frame only runs along the top of the glass, which suits those who appreciate a more discreet design.

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Nike 7125 400

5. Nike 7125

A sporty pair of unisex reading glasses, made of a light plastic that helps them feel very comfortable. The slightly transparent light blue frame gives a great contrasting colour to the face and the design feels both timeless and modern at the same time.

Ray-Ban RB4323V 2000

6. Ray-Ban RB4323V

A pair of really attractive glasses with slightly thicker plastic frames. Available in ten different colours, of which those in blue and red tones give the glasses a little more life. Ray-Ban themselves call it a "new bold style for a classic look” and if you like the look, these could become your new favourite frames!

Ray-Ban Frank RB3857V 3109

7. Ray-Ban Frank RB3857V 3109

The Frank model from Ray-Ban has a slightly larger frame with a rectangular design. The thin frames give a sophisticated 90s feel combined with a modern look.

There are several different combinations of colours, such as completely gold or solid black, or you can have contrasting colours on the frame instead. So you should be able to achieve a really individual look.

3 tips for buying reading glasses

  1. Choose the right strength. Test check with a magazine or book at different distances so you know what strength you need.

  2. Buy attractive ones. Accept that you need glasses when you read, then buy a pair of comfortable ones that you like the look of and will actually use.

  3. Try them at home. Some online shops have digital test rooms where you can see yourself in the different models with the webcam turned on and so choose your glasses in peace and quiet. Perfect for those who want to order glasses from home.

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