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Thermal base layers – comfort and style for the winter

Sara Assadi

Staying warm and dry close to the body is a prerequisite for feeling good on cold winter days. Here are some base layers which are as functional as they are stylish, we have gathered some great choices with everything from merino wool base layer to more synthetic layers.

Thermal base layers – comfort and style for the winter

When the cold creeps in, it’s time to check through your clothes, and most people pick out outerwear first. But keeping warm all the way down to your underwear is at least as important, if not more so. Especially if it’s really cold or slushy.

Many nice winter days have been ruined due to a lack of the proper clothing, so be sure to get things right this winter. Here are some stylish women’s base layer pieces that can help keep you warm and make the winter more enjoyable!

Eivy Icecold Hood Top Women - Leopard

1. Eivy Icecold Hood Top

Who doesn't love a leopard print? With this hoodie from Eivy, your body and head are kept nice and warm. The Icecold Hood Top is a stretchy undershirt with a soft inside made of a moisture-wicking material.

The fabric is Oeko-Tex certified and made of 85% polyester & 15% elastane with UPF50+, the maximum sun protection class that can be achieved for fabrics. And if you want the full leopard theme, there are matching leggings in leopard print too.

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Helly Hansen Women's Comfort Lightweight Base Layer Set

3. Helly Hansen Comfort Light Set

The clothing company Helly Hansen has been warming chilly Scandinavians since 1877, so there’s no reason to doubt their ability to manufacture an undergarment that will keep you warm in 2021. This set is made of 100% polypropylene and is both light in weight and stretchy for good freedom of movement.

The soft fibres keep you warm and the unique Lifa® Stay Dry technology keeps you dry thanks to the fact that it efficiently wicks moisture away from the body and ensures that it evaporates from the surface of the fabric.

Aclima WoolNet Longs Pants - Jet Black

6. Aclima WoolNet Longs

This is a pair of base layer tights that offer most things when it comes to functional material. Because the majority of the tights are made in “Woolnet” ventilating technology, you stay fresh longer, while the mesh insulates and keeps the heat well even when wet. The flat seams counteract chafing, and the entire garment has been TEC-treated. TEC stands for total easy care and reduces the risk of the garment shrinking or itching. A pair of real high tech tights, in other words!

3 tips for buying thermal base layers

  1. Select the model according to activity. If you intend to sit in the sun and read a book, you need different thermal base layers than people who are sweating it out on the cross-country skiing track. Maybe you’ll mainly be wearing them for cosy evenings on the sofa?

  2. Two piece or overall. It’s nice to be completely wrapped up in a thermal overall, but it can also be a bit awkward, for example if you need a quick trip to the loo.

  3. Choose the materials carefully. If you want natural materials, give extra thought to the animals the wool comes from, and make sure to choose production that’s as kind as possible.