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Hotpoint NRFAA50P White

Hotpoint NRFAA50P White

Freestanding, Fridge above Freezer, A+
Price £296.99
Price excluding shipping

Cheap and freezes well, although you're likely to find fridge items freezing too

If you’re looking for a pretty cheap freestanding fridge freezer that nevertheless has a couple of handy modern features, then the Hotpoint NRFAA50P – although packing a serious design flaw – might still make it onto your shortlist.

This model has dimensions of 157 cm (H) x 55 cm (W) x 54 cm (D); a fridge storage capacity of 150 litres; and a freezer capacity of 67 litres. This imbalance definitely suits the shopper who prefers fresh foods to frozen. The interior design includes three safety glass shelves in the fridge – two of them adjustable – while the freezer contains a drawer and two compartments. There’s an ice cube tray, salad crispers, and three racks including bottle storage inside the fridge door. It comes with anti-bacterial protection and a handy power failure safe storage time of 15 hours before your food starts to thaw. It’s well insulated and can withstand high external temperatures of up to 43 degrees centigrade and lows of 10 degrees without its contents suffering. It’s missing frost-free though, so you will have to manually defrost the freezer, and it doesn’t possess ‘fast freeze’ for giving your freshly-arrived shopping an icy blast.

The freezer and fridge chill your food quickly, but there seems to be a bit of a design flaw here. The freezing mechanism, when in action, bleeds through and has the effect of freezing items in the fridge as well. And with the thermostat giving inaccurate readings, it’s difficult to keep on top of this problem.

The noise level of this fridge – 43 decibels – is broadly average. The energy rating is A +, but this model drains electricity a little faster than other fridge freezers of this size, so it’s not as efficient as it first seems.

What’s hot:

  • A few decent features
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Good insulation

What’s not:

  • Fridge temperature drops while freezer active
  • Running costs a bit high
  • Needs manually defrosting

Why you should buy it: UK buyers might want to consider this for the low price tag – and it does freeze well. Too well. If you don’t mind frozen lettuce leaves in your fridge then you might consider the NRFAA50P, otherwise we suggest you keep looking.


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Product information


Product name

Product properties

Energy Class





Fridge above Freezer

Fridge Volume

150.0 L

Freezer Volume

67.0 L


Fast Freeze, Internal Light Fridge

Fridge Shelves/Boxes


Freezer Shelves/Boxes


Noise Level

43.0 dB

Freeze Capacity


Energy Consumption (kWh/year)



157.0 cm


54.0 cm


54.5 cm
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