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Canon (4707A002) Original Ink Magenta 13 ml

Canon (4707A002) Original Ink Magenta 13 ml

For Inkjet Printer: Canon S9000, Canon S900, Canon S830D, Canon S820D, Canon S820, Canon S800, Canon PIXMA MP780, Canon PIXMA MP760, Canon PIXMA MP750, Canon PIXMA MP700, Canon PIXMA MP680, Canon PIXMA iP8500, Canon PIXMA iP6000D, Canon PIXMA iP5000, Canon PIXMA iP4000R, Canon PIXMA iP3000, Canon i9950, Canon i9900, Canon i990, Canon i965, Canon i960, Canon i9550, Canon i950, Canon i9100, Canon i905D, Canon i905, Canon i900D, Canon i865, Canon i860, Canon i560, Canon BJC i9950, Canon BJC 8200 Photo, Canon PIXMA MP 750, Canon PIXMA MP 760, Canon PIXMA MP 780, Canon Pixma IP 3000, Canon Pixma IP 3100, Canon Pixma IP 4000, Canon Pixma IP 4000 P, Canon Pixma IP 4000 R, Canon Pixma IP 4000 Series, Canon Pixma IP 5000, Canon Pixma IP 6000 D, Canon Pixma IP 6100 D, Canon Pixma IP 8500, Canon S 9000, Canon S 900, Canon S 830 D, Canon S 820 Series, Canon S 820 D, Canon S 820, Canon S 800, Canon I 9950, Canon I 9900 Series, Canon I 9900, Canon I 990, Canon I 965, Canon I 960, Canon I 950, Canon I 9100, Canon I 905 D, Canon I 900 Series, Canon I 900 D, Canon I 865, Canon I 860, Canon I 560 X, Canon I 560 Series, Canon I 560, Canon BJC 8200, Canon BJ-F 9000, Canon BJ 895 PD, Canon BJ 535 PD
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