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Samsung MS23H3125AK Black

Samsung MS23H3125AK Black

Countertop, 23L, 800W, Medium size
From £73.97 to £187
  • Retailers(18)

    From £74
  • International(1)

    From £89

An impressive microwave in terms of design, performance and features

If you’re on the hunt for a freestanding microwave with a top-notch build quality and a dazzling array of fantastic features, then you must give serious thought to the excellent Samsung MS23H3125AK.

While not particularly cheap, the MS23H3125AK will look great in any kitchen and comes with plenty of functionality to make it worth the extra few quid. It has dimensions of 48.9 cm (W) x 37.4 cm (D) x 27.5 cm (H); a 23 litre capacity; and a 28.8 cm diameter glass turntable, which should be sufficient for the vast majority of plate sizes. It looks upmarket – from the sleek, black finish to the ergonomically pleasing tactile buttons, the easy-to-read LED display, and the transparent black ‘Crystal Gloss’ handle and dial. The viewing window is also tinted black like the windows of a celebrity Range Rover. However, this last feature means keeping an eye on your cooking food is well-nigh impossible.

The Samsung has a massive number of auto cook programmes – 28 in total. This ranges from the excellent defroster, through to options that cover jacket potatoes, brown rice, baked goods, and fresh salmon fillets. In addition to staples such as auto-defrost and child-safety options there are some truly enterprising features such as: ‘Smart Humidity’ which senses the moisture in the oven to ensure the perfect cooking time; a triple distribution system to guarantee even cooking; an eco-mode option to save 40% energy; and a deodorise setting for removing unwanted food smells. The ceramic interior and ‘steam clean’ function also make it very easy to keep this microwave oven spick and span.

In terms of performance, the 800 watt MS23H3125AK really excels at defrosting, but it also heats and maintains temperatures really well. Unlike some models this won’t lose power if you use it back to back, meaning you can cook multiple meals without the heating power becoming compromised. One of the great things about this oven though is its ability to cook without sucking all the moisture from your meals; food really does taste better when microwaved by a MS23H3125AK.

What’s hot:

  • Cooks evenly, quickly and well
  • Superb defrost feature
  • Packed with features

What’s not:

  • Quite expensive
  • No multi-stage function
  • Difficult to see food cooking

Why you should buy it: This is a top notch microwave in every respect – the build quality, the features, and the performance. UK buyers looking for a good microwave should stop what they’re doing and put this straight to the top of their shortlist.

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