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Samsung SM883 MZ7KH480HAHQ 480GB

Samsung SM883 MZ7KH480HAHQ 480GB

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  • This is an SSD drive with a 480 GB storage capacity. This model has a 2.5" form factor, the most common for SSD drives.

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    Hard Drives
    Samsung SM883 MZ7KH240HAHQ 240GB
    Samsung SM883 MZ7KH480HAHQ 480GB
    Samsung SM883 MZ7KH960HAJR 960GB
    Samsung SM883 MZ7KH1T9HAJR 1.92TB
    Samsung SM883 MZ7KH3T8HALS 3.84TB

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    Samsung SM883 480GB 2.5" SATA3.3 Enterprise SSD


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