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Coolshop is one of the fastest growing games and accessories stores. Free UK delivery and Live Chat Support.


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Information about Coolshop
Store website
Head Office Address
Bøgildsmindevej 3, 9400 Nørresundby, DK
Telephone Order
For security reasons orders must be made online
Number of Stores
We guarantee all products - in line with our T&C’s
Low Price Guarantee
No, but many great weekly and monthly offers
Refund Policy
Damaged/Unwanted/Missing – in line with our T&C’s
Return Policy
Contact support for a returns Auth code – see full T&C’s
Payment Options
Visa and MasterCard
Member Card
Point Shop - Customers are rewarded for Loyalty loyaltyLloyaltyrchasesloyalty/Purchases
Pay by Installment
2-3 business days
Cost of Delivery
Free shipping within the UK
No – but you will need to create a profile to purchase
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