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Information about Alternate

Ratings and reviews
Store website
Head Office Address
ALTERNATE GmbH </br>Philipp-Reis-Str. 2-3 </br>D-35440 Linden
The guarantee for new goods sold by us runs for a period of 24 months after delivery.
Refund Policy
Return Policy
Payment Options
Prepayment, Credit card, Vouchers, PayPal
For every product that you search for at ALTERNATE you will find our availability indicators in the form of a colour-coded infotext.
Cost of Delivery
Up to 40 kg package weight - £ 9.90 </br>40 kg up to 50 kg package weight - £ 39.99 </br>50 kg up to 60 kg package weight - £ 79.99 </br>

All products from Alternate

Activity Trackers (28)Arts and Crafts (25)BBQ Accessories (57)BBQs (67)Baby Care (72)Bags (693)Batteries and Chargers (730)Beds and Mattresses (1)Bike Accessories (179)Board Games (173)Boating (8)Building Materials (6)Cables (621)Camera Lenses (1)Camping (564)Car Accessories (32)Car Tyres (27)Carpets and Rugs (13)Child Safety (14)Cleaning Supplies (142)Coffee Makers (148)Cookers (1)Cookware (6)Cosmetics (3)DIY Accessories (552)Dental Care (6)Digital Cameras (14)Drills and Screwdrivers (242)Electrical Accessories (91)Fancy Dress (4)Fitness Equipment (1)Food Mixers and Food Processors (14)Food and Drink (16)Furniture (15)Game Consoles (4)Game Controllers (41)Gaming Accessories (371)Garden Accessories (853)Garden Power Tools (295)Graphics Cards (218)Hair Products (7)Hair Stylers (18)Hand Tools (1179)Hard Drives (587)Headphones (176)Health (12)Home Styling (14)Ink and Toners (975)Kid's Room (83)Kitchen Accessories (201)Kitchen Knives (12)Laptops (1)Lawn Mowers (63)Light Bulbs (219)Lighting (74)Luggage (5)Media Players (7)Mobile Phone Accessories (480)Mobile Phones (144)Monitors (444)Office Supplies (244)Outdoor Furniture (105)PC Games (1)Pets (13)PlayStation 4 Games (1)Power Saws (116)Power Tools (164)Printers (128)Pushchair Accessories (1)Relaxation (30)Security (15)Shoes (1)Skincare (9)Speakers (111)Swimming Pools (88)TVs (14)Tablets (47)Textiles (3)Toiletries (8)Toys (3588)Trampolines (65)VR - Virtual reality (1)Vacuum Cleaner Accessories (19)Vacuum Cleaners (86)Work Clothes (38)
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