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Flexi comfort Pets


Rosewood Flexi Comfort Cord Lead

Rosewood Flexi Comfort Cord Lead

Featuring a patented high-tech retraction system and being the most popular brand of retractable dog leash on the market known for its quality and strength, the Flexi lead range provides you with a range of featuring ensuring practicality, quality and comfort during use. The Flexi principle is to ensure freedom to move whilst still on the leash, allowing the owner to always remain in control of the dog despite offering a long leash. Flexi retractable leashes never slacken as they are always subject to slight tension, and with the help of the integrated braking system found in every lead range, the Flexi Comfort Cord Leash makes it easy to remain in control of your dog by pushing the brake button on the lead with your thumb and giving a slight pull on the leash allowing you to give your dog short orders or lead him back to you. The Flexi Comfort Cord Leash also features an additional permanent stop function allowing you to fix the Flexi to a certain length. Made to the highest quality standards and manufactured in Germany, the Flexi Comfort Cord Leash is assembled by hand undergoing more than 90 quality checks before it leaves the factory. This ensures a top quality, trustworthy product which is what Flexi are known for. Available in five sizes, the Flexi Comfort Cord Leash is ideal for dogs, cats and other small animals (Please see lead specifications below to find the right lead for you and your pet). All leads feature a short-stroke breaking system, Comfort-Grip handle for extra comfort and a strong chromed snap hook for easy connection to your dog?s collar or harness for a trustworthy, tough cord lead.
£17.50incl. shipping
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