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Labyrinth board game Board Games


Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth Labyrinth is the race for treasures in a moving maze! Be the first to collect all your treasures by shifting the walls of the labyrinth to create a clear path. Players take turns to search the Labyrinth for their magical objects and characters by carefully moving through the constantly changing maze. The treasure cards are divided between the players, without revealing them to the other players. The maze cards are randomly placed on the playing board and the first player uses the extra card to start moving the first wall. It is up to you to strategically move the walls so you can collect your treasures, but block the path for the other players. Labyrinth comes complete with 1 game board, 34 moving wall cards, 24 treasure cards and 4 different coloured playing pieces. Suitable for ages 8 and up, this game is full of magical and addictive family fun. Content: 1 game board 34 maze cards 24 treasure cards 4 playing pieces Instructions Depth: 280 MM Height: 60 MM Width: 380 MM Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years The a-maze-ing game with magical moving walls Collect all your treasures by creating a clear path Make your way through the labyrinth, avoid the traps and out manoeuvre the other players with clever wall-moving-strategy Fantastic family fun for ages 8 and up Suitable for 2 to 4 players 1 game board, 34 maze cards, 24 treasure cards, 4 playing pieces, Instructions
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Junior Colourbrain The Ultimate Travel Game for Kids

Junior Colourbrain The Ultimate Travel Game for Kids

Say hello to the newest member of your family games cupboard and little sibling of Big Potato's Colourbrain and Disney Coloubrain Gather everyone around the table hand out eleven Colour Cards to each player and get ready to take each other on in the technicolour trivia board game Junior Colourbrain Perfect for the family who wants the best of both worlds Junior Colourbrain mixes the tense competitive nature of board games like Ticket to Ride and Labyrinth with the fun anything-can-happen moments of family games like Articulate and Dobble With points only being awarded to players when the other teams fail Colourbrain is one of those board games thats sure to get hearts racing and family members laughing as they race towards the finish line The new for 2020 board game comes with 120 child friendly Question Cards covering loads of different subjects From Mr Men to Pokemon Ice Lollies to Lego weve written these questions with the whole family in mind Perfect if you're looking for a kids travel game for summer holidays or if you're stuck inside on rainy sunday Takes about 2 minutes to learn and 20 minutes to play For 2 players ages 6 and up CRAFTY KID FRIENDLY QUESTIONS Can you remember the colour of the planet Neptune? How about the main colour of a box of Coco Pops? Or the carpet at a film premiere?COLOURFUL ANSWERS Colourbrain is one of the easiest board games for kids to learn Each team holds eleven Colour Cards in front of them Together they have to figure out which ones to put down to answer the question RACE TO THE FINISH Play the correct colours and your team can race ahead with the points as long as some of the other teams get it wrong First to reach 10 points wins!TECHNICOLOR TRIVIA From Mr Men to Pokemon Ice Lollies to Lego this board game is filled with 120 all new for 2020 kid friendly questions that the whole family can join in with EASY TO LEARN QUICK TO PLAY A crazy card game for kids Junior Colourbrain takes about 2 minutes to learn and 20 minutes to ...

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