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Top 5 Best Baby snowsuits of 2021

Anna Lavfors

Updated September 24, 2021

Looking for a cosy and warm snowsuit? We tested a selection of baby snowsuits. For a snowsuit to be designated as Best in Test, it must be easy to put on a small child, have a good fit and be able to retain the heat even if the child sits on the ground

Baby snowsuits: 5 models tested

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all snowsuits as they are intended to be used in reality. In our independent test of baby snowsuits, each snowsuit is used by three different children aged 1 to 3 years old The test runs from November to March, and the snowsuits are used in the child’s everyday life: playing in the park, at preschool, in snow and in slush.

At the end of the winter, the parents are asked to complete a detailed form where the snowsuit is evaluated on the following areas:

  • Functionality: Does your child feel warm enough but not sweaty after being out? Can the snowsuit be exposed to play in wet snow without water leaking in? Does the snowsuit stand up to crawling without the fabric getting worn?

  • Ease of use: Is the snowsuit designed so a parent can easily dress/undress the child? Is the fit adapted for a small child’s body and movements? How do the legs and arms work with winter shoes and thick mittens?

  • Characteristics: Are there enough reflectors? Does the fabric attract dirt or is the snowsuit easy to brush off? Does the baby snowsuit have an attractive design?

The score given to the baby snowsuit during testing is assessed together with its price, after which we designate test winners. In the test, we also include durability, and give extra points to snowsuits of sufficient quality to be re-used by younger siblings or resold.

Are you looking for a snowsuit for a larger child? Read our test of snowsuits for children up to 10-12 years old.


Perfect warm and water resistant baby snowsuit, suitable for those who want tantrum-free dressing

Test year: 2020/2021 Price: £1309 - Material: 100% PES + 100% PU coating Water resistance: 15000 mm Breathability: 7000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cl Available colours: 5 Impregnation: fluorocarbon-free water and dirt repellent finish Bionic Finish ECO Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40 °C

Reima Lappi Winter Overall - Black (510360F-9996)

It’s obvious that Reima have focused on making it easy to put the Lappi on and remove – an important feature given that young children often need help with this. The roomy fit makes it easy to get arms and legs in. The Reima Lappi has excellent elastic at the waist, so you can tighten the snowsuit if it feels a bit too bulky when it’s new.

No option to adjust the sleeves

But there’s no solution for tightening the sleeve around the child’s wrist, which led to the sleeves on our test snowsuits sometimes having to be folded up even though the snowsuit otherwise fitted well. Rolled-up sleeves make the snowsuit more bulky and got in the way during dressing.

Otherwise, the leg and arm openings on the Lappi were efficient and kept the snow out. The snowsuit is immaculately watertight. The outer fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, so slushy snow just slides off. But the snowsuit feels a bit slippery when you’re carrying the child.


Perfect balance between heat and ventilation

Smaller children can easily get cold if they sit still when they’re playing in the snow. Reima have perfectly balanced high thermal retention capability with good ventilation. The children feel warm enough in the Lappi, without getting sweaty. The collar provides good wind protection with the hood, which has a false fur trim that’s easy to remove.

The wear resistance was considered to be good, with the knee and backside only showing slight wear after a lot of use on the bare ground at the end of the winter. On the other hand, abrasion and, on one of the snowsuits, a small hole, have occurred along the seams on the inside of the Reima Lappi’s legs. Probably due to friction when the child moves in the snowsuit.

Popular and attractive snowsuit

The Reima Lappi was popular with the children, who all seemed to have found the snowsuit comfortable both to wear and to move in. It’s clear that time has been spent on the snowsuit design, and the Lappi is aesthetically pleasing in terms of both form and colour. However, an option to adjust the sleeves for smaller children with shorter arms would mean this snowsuit would get an even better score.

If the ideal for a small child’s snowsuit is that it keeps them warm, dry and doesn’t cause unnecessary conflicts in the hall when it’s time to put it on, we can only say ‘Congratulations’ to the Reima Lappi, which manages these tasks admirably.

Just warm enoughvery watertighteffectively dirt repellenteasy to put on
Sensitive to wear inside the legsthe sleeves can’t be shortened

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Reima Reimatec® Lappi Snowsuit Black 92 cm (1,5-2 Years)



Winter snowsuit that’s very easy to put on and is suitable for both mild and cold winters

Test year: 2020/2021 Price: £140 Material: Main: 100%polyester/Lining: 100% polyester/Fake fur: 100% polyester/Padding: 100% polyester Water resistance: 10000 mm Breathability: 5000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-104 cm Available colours: black iris/blackberry wine/olive night Impregnation: Bionic Finish ECO Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes/No Maximum drying temperature: Low heat

Hummel Moon Snowsuit - Blackberry Wine (207479-4079)

When the price tag is at the top of what many parents are willing to pay for a baby snowsuit, expectations are pushed up to the maximum The Hummel Moon delivers on all of them, and our test families rated it as “the best baby snowsuit we've had”. Something that says a lot when it comes from experienced testers.

Clever design with two zips

From the design, it’s clear that the Hummel Moon is intended for young children. The snowsuit has two zips, one on each side of the centre. This allows the snowsuit to be opened up completely, eliminating the need to bend your child’s arms and legs to put them in.

The disadvantage of the double zip is that the collar isn’t as high and substantial. In cold, windy weather you may need to add a scarf to keep your child warm. However, the benefits when it comes to dressing the child are unanimously considered to be more important.


Copes with all types of winter

Cold and snowy winter, or mild and windy? It doesn’t matter to the Hummel Moon, which gets the highest score for water resistance, heat retention and ventilation. Normal clothing works fine underneath, but the Moon’s roomy fit leaves space for an extra layer during really cold weather.

The legs have elastic at the ends and a strap to pull under the shoe. The snowsuit arms have a long, tight inner cuff in elastic material, supplemented by an outer cuff which is also quite tight. This is one of the few weaknesses of the snowsuit. The sleeves may be very tight against water and snow, but they’re also very awkward with mittens.

Fine for crawling children

The wear-resistance is brilliant. All snowsuits get through a long winter almost without any signs of wear. The children who used the Moon were of ages to crawl around a lot, and to sit directly on the ground. Durability is something that further improves the value for money of a product – and the Hummel Moon can be used again by younger siblings or sold to a new family.

The Hummel Moon will keep your child warm and dry no matter what the winter’s like, and it’s designed to be as easy to put on as it is to crawl around in. All the evidence suggests that all family members are equally happy if you choose a Hummel Moon for your baby snowsuit. This is good value at premium level.

Clever double zipsperfectly warmvery abrasion-resistantgood water resistance
Tight cuffs in the sleevesno pockets

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3. Isbjörn Toddler

Very convenient snowsuit with perfect fit for small children

Test year: 2020/2021 Material: Primaloft© Black Eco padding, 60% recycled polyester fibre Watertightness: 15,000 mm Breathability: 15,000 g/m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cl Available colours: No information Impregnation: Fluorocarbon-free water-repellent surface treatment Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40 °C

Isbjörn of Sweden Toddler Padded Jumpsuit - Denim (4670-62)

Well thought-out details on a snowsuit are always appreciated. These are the functions demonstrating that the person who designed the garment has also stood, sweating, in the hall on a December morning struggling to get a snowsuit on their one-year-old. The fact that Isbjörn have created their Toddler on the basis of experience is obvious from the outset.

Very easy to put on

The fit of the Toddler is just roomy enough. This makes the snowsuit easy to put on without it then being bulky when the child’s playing outdoors. This is particularly important with smaller children, where their movements perhaps aren’t the most stable. The way the zip runs right down the child’s body is a useful detail that makes it even easier to dress the child in this snowsuit.

The watertightness is good. The Isbjörn Toddler may feel damp on the surface, but no slush or snow get through. The snow cuffs on the sleeves are rubberised. This is effective, but feels a bit too tight if the child is also wearing padded winter mittens. An adjustable sleeve opening would have been a better solution.


Flexible and warm enough

It’s very important that a snowsuit is warm and windproof. The Isbjörn Toddler gets a high score for its ability to keep the child at just the right temperature. The fit gives space for an extra layer of clothing if it’s very cold out, but otherwise it works fine with normal clothes underneath. The neck provides good protection against the wind, and because the fabrics breathe the child doesn’t feel sweaty.

Two out of the three snowsuits were still in very good condition when the spring arrived. On the third, the seams in the crotch had popped by the end of the winter. Otherwise exposed areas, such as the knees and backside, had stood up to wear very well on all three snowsuits.

Well-thought-out snowsuit for small children

The Isbjörn Toddler has a simple but attractive design. The fit is clearly based on the body of a small child, with plenty of space for a nappy and details that make it easier to put on.

There are bad examples of every snowsuit. The overall impression of the Isbjörn Toddler is one of very high quality. The test children felt warm, dry and comfortable. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a good children’s snowsuit.

Nice materialeasy to get onkeeps the child warmgood fit for small children
Tight snow cuffs on the sleevesfew reflectors

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4. Lego Wear LWJunin 700

Warm and sturdy baby snowsuit, suitable for children who dislike getting dressed

Test year: 2020/2021 Price: £110 Material: 100% nylon Water resistance: 12000 mm Breathability: 7000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 80-104 cl Available colours: Dark Navy, Dark Turquoise, Dark Pink, Black, Dark Purple Impregnation: Bionic Finish ECO without fluorides Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes, low temperature Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: Low temperature

Lego Wear Junin 700 Snowsuit - Dark Navy (22709-590)

Lego Wear’s snowsuit LWJunin has a design sprinkled with Lego details. The most prominent are the large, reflectors shaped like Lego pieces on the back and the chest. But the zip also has a small Lego piece, for better grip when you pull the zip up and down.

Impressively long zip

A good baby snowsuit should be easy to put on and remove from your child. It’s clear that Lego Wear have understood this. The zip runs all the way from the neck and a good way down on the left leg. The advantage of a long zip is that the snowsuit can really be opened up, which together with its roomy fit makes the LWJunin easy to get on.

The disadvantage of the long zip, which is quite thin in terms of its construction, turned out to be that it’s difficult for older children to pull up by themselves. And always having to get help when getting dressed can be very frustrating for a child at the ‘I can do it’ stage.


Soft lined collar

The LWJunin has practical arm and leg openings, which can easily be pulled over mittens and shoes. Both arms and legs have heavy elastic but no other snow cuffs. But water and snow are still effectively kept out. When the child jumps in puddles, the snowsuit may feel wet on the surface, but it remains dry inside.

The collar on the LWJunin is a good height, and has an exemplary soft lining. The wind is kept out, and the heat is kept in. The snowsuit gets a high score for how well it maintains the child's body temperature even if it's really cold outside.

More Lego details, please

The wear resistance of the LWJunin is good, and two snowsuits end up in very nice condition. The third specimen is worn on the backside after the end of the winter and the knees are very roughened. Small holes have been worn level with the pockets, perhaps because the child kept stones and other small things there.

In terms of function, Lego Wear’s baby snowsuits get high scores. The design was fine, but there could have been more Lego details and they could have been more prominent. For anyone with a very small child who dislikes snowsuits, LWJunin’s long zip offers a practical solution to the battle of getting dressed.

Good water resistancewarm and wind-resistantsoft lined collarlong zip
The zip is difficult for the child to pull up on their ownsome wear sensitivity at the pockets

5. Kuling Val d’Isere

Warm and roomy snowsuit, ideal for baby's first two years

Test year: 2020/2021 Price: Budget Material: Outer fabric: 100% polyamide. Lining: 100% recycled polyester. Water resistance: 15000 mm Breathability: 8000 m2/24h Taped seams: No information Available sizes: 74-98 cm Impregnation: Water resistant and PFC-free BIONIC-FINISH®ECO impregnation Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: No Drying cabinet: No

Kuling Val D’Isere Snowsuit - Classic Navy

Kuling’s Val D’Isere baby snowsuit is available in sizes that fit up to about 3 years old, but is best suited to the smallest children who aren’t yet physically active. The snowsuit has a traditional shape, with plenty of width around the stomach and backside. Something that creates plenty of space for nappy, and leaves room for an extra layer of clothing if required.

Snowsuit with double zips

To make it easier to put the snowsuit on, Kuling have chosen to put double zips on the Val D'Isere. With both zips fully undone, a large opening is created so your child can easily step into the snowsuit. On the other hand, if your child is prone to complaining about having to get dressed, the second zip feels like an extra, slightly unnecessary stage.

For children around the age of one, the double zips are very useful. The fit also feels like it works best for that age. The snowsuit is rather thick and bulky in terms of the material, which can negatively affect movement when a larger child wants to run, climb or cycle.


Thick lining creates a lot of heat

In the case of the Val D’Isere, the fact that the snowsuit is thick also means that it’s very warm. Plenty of padding in the fabric provides good insulation for when the child wants to sit down or crawl around in the snow. The collar is well designed, with Velcro that can be fastened to make it completely windproof around the neck.

In milder winter weather, the Val D’Isere can feel a little too warm, even if our test children didn’t get sweaty when wearing it. Even the water repellent function of the outer fabric works better in cold and snow than in slushy weather.

Gets wet and heavy in slush

The Kuling Val D’Isere never leaks water to the child’s skin, but is quickly experienced as sucking up the moisture and becoming wet to the touch – and also heavy. The outer fabric also shows a certain amount of wear when the snowsuits are used on bare ground, especially on the backside and the knees, where you can see that the fabric has become rougher. But no holes have developed.

The snowsuit is warm and durable, with an efficient collar and a double zip that makes dressing your child easier. The Kuling Val D’Isere is a baby snowsuit that’s really at its best in the baby's first two years

Very warmdouble zipsgood valueroomy fitgood collar
Bulky on larger childrenabsorbs moisture

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