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Baby snowsuits: 6 models tested

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Updated September 5, 2020

Looking for the right snowsuit for your little one? When it comes to choosing a child’s snowsuit, it’s important that the model is warm enough for small children, who tend to be more sedentary. Our choice for best in test is the Lego Wear Julian. This is a well constructed, top quality snowsuit that always keeps the child warm and dry.

Our best budget choice is the Kuling Val d’Isère. This spacious baby snowsuit is good value for money, unexpectedly resistant and has really good heat retention.

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of babies’ snowsuits, we asked normal families with children aged 1-3 years to test the snowsuits in their everyday lives, both at preschool and for family weekends. Three examples of each snowsuit have been tested. We looked at the following:

  • Function: Does the baby snowsuit keep the child warm, even in cold winter weather? Is it tight against snow and waterproof enough to cope with slush and melting snow?

  • Fit: Is the snowsuit adapted for a small child’s body? Can it be tightened at the waist and around hands and feet? Can the child move normally or is the snowsuit too bulky?

  • Lifetime: Does the snowsuit stand up well to small wearers crawling on the ground? Can the snowsuit be washed without becoming shabby, and at the end of the winter is it in sufficiently good condition to be passed down to a sibling or sold on?

We also took into account the price of the baby snowsuit with regard to its functions and quality. Based on the assessments of the test families, we allocated points to the snowsuits and then designated our best in test.

Snowsuits for larger children? Do you have a slightly larger child who needs a good snowsuit that can cope with playing at preschool or in the playground? Read our test of snowsuits for children. Compare prices for snowsuits on PriceRunner.


An extremely resistant and good value for money child’s snowsuit.

Test year: 2020 Price class: Medium Material: 100% Oxford nylon Water resistance: 10,000 mm Breathability: 4000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes, all seams Available sizes: 80-104 cm Available colours: 361, 496, 590, 866 Impregnation: ECO Bionic Finish, fluoride free Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: Low

Lego Wear Julian 711 Tec Snowsuit - Dark Navy

Lego probably isn’t a brand that you primarily associate with clothes, and that’s a bit of a shame. Because Lego Wear’s snowsuits should be on every parent’s radar.

The Lego Wear Julian is a really hard wearing snowsuit that’s perfect for the smallest children. Even the child sliding along on their bottom on a sanded winter preschool playground makes no obvious impression on this garment. In fact, after an entire winter season there’s almost no sign of wear at all on the Julian snowsuit. There aren’t even any holes on the knees or bottom, and even these exposed parts of the garment look almost new. You can easily sell the snowsuit second hand or save it for a younger sibling, as it will still be in good condition in the spring. In terms of size, the Lego Wear Julian is normal, including when it comes to fit, which is generous and gives the child plenty of freedom of movement. The openings for arms and legs are amazingly easy to get over both gloves and shoes. Even for small children at the “me do it” stage, this is a snowsuit that makes it easy for them to succeed.

Warm and dry child all day long

With this snowsuit, you don’t have to worry about whether your child will get cold or wet on a winter’s day. Regardless of the weather, the snowsuit maintains a good temperature. And when the thermometer begins to drop towards really cold temperatures, you can simply supplement it with a fleece or warmer undergarment. In milder weather, however, this snowsuit works perfectly with just everyday clothing underneath.

The snow cuffs work really well – no stray snow will sneak in here, either on the arms or legs. Even during a slushy and wet winter, the child will stay completely dry. The moisture stays outside and the snowsuit resists both slush and pools of water extremely well. Snowsuits used by small children tend to get really dirty. But dirt isn’t a problem with the Lego Wear Julian. You simply allow the snowsuit to dry then brush or shake it off. If you need to pop it in the machine, it has a relatively quick drying time and the garment will be ready in the morning for a new winter’s day.

The only negative comment on this snowsuit was that testers would have preferred there to be more reflectors. And another couple of pockets would have been appreciated for the many small pebble and twig collectors amongst the testers.

Easy to get over the arms and legsvery wear resistantretains the heat well
Too few reflectorssilicon foot straps are a bit stifftoo few pockets

2. Isbjörn of Sweden Toddler

An incredibly soft and very convenient baby snowsuit

Test year: 2020 Price class: Premium Material: Nylon66 (Taslan), PrimaLoft® lining. Bluesign® licensed material. Water resistance: 15,000 mm Breathability: 15,000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes, 100% Available sizes: 80-128 cm Available colours: Mole, Dusty Pink, Denim Impregnation: BIONIC Finish Eco® (PFOA, PFOS free) Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 °C Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40 °C

Isbjörn of Sweden Toddler Hard Shell Jumpsuit - Moss(468)

Isbjörn of Sweden’s Toddler is made from incredibly soft material that really stands out in the test. The fabric is so flexible that there’s never any problem folding down the top part if the child falls asleep in the pushchair when you come to a warmer place like a shop. The material also feels quite thin, which makes the Toddler a very convenient snowsuit for the child to move in. No part of the snowsuit is stiff and the weight is so minimal that it feels as if it hardly weighs anything. The fact that the snowsuit is so soft and flexible meant that children really liked wearing it and constantly chose it over other alternatives.

Spacious model for smaller children

The fit is spacious but there are no particular options to adjust it. This makes it a really good choice for the smaller child. On a larger child the fit might feel too clumsy, but it’s perfect for a smaller child. Neither cold nor wet conditions pose a major problem for the Toddler. Despite the fact that the snowsuit feels rather thin, most of our testers found that it kept in the heat very well. At the same time, it’s well enough ventilated to work well even on warmer days. This obviously means that it has a longer period of use, and several families say that it works just as well during the winter as it does in the autumn and early spring. The fact that this snowsuit can be worn for longer than usual to some extent counteracts the price, which is high.

Effective snow cuffs and durable foot straps

Both arms and legs are elasticated. The arms also have tight black snow cuffs. The snow cuffs work well with gloves and keep all stray snow out. The snowsuit has rubber foot straps, which makes them very durable and they don’t even remotely show any signs of breaking after an entire winter.

When the snowsuit gets wet, the moisture stays on the surface. As an adult, it feels like the moisture makes the snowsuit a little colder, but the child inside stays warm and dry the whole time. It can cope with games in the rain for at least a couple of hours, but if the child is going to be out in the rain for longer than that it might be a good idea to add waterproofs over the top.

The collar is a little wide, and on windy and cold days it’s sensible to add a scarf or neck warmer beneath the snowsuit. Overall, the snowsuit is quite resistant to wear. The fabric gets a little worn over the bottom, and if you look really carefully you can see a few small, superficial slits. The snowsuit shows most wear at the leg openings, where both edges around the taped seams from one leg opening to the other (via the crotch) look a little shabby. It was easy to keep the snowsuit clean during the winter – a lot of the dirt can easily be dried or brushed off, and the surface feels as if it effectively repels the dirt. Machine washing gets the snowsuit thoroughly clean, but the worn areas around the seams deteriorate more quickly. The drying time is good as it can withstand light tumble drying. This is a soft and flexible snowsuit that’s most suited to small children.

Incredibly soft materialflexible and very lighteasy even for the child to put on
Too few reflectorstaped seams wear quicklycan’t be adjusted in terms of size

3. Kuling Val d’Isere – BEST CHEAP BABY SNOWSUIT

A budget friendly baby snowsuit that doesn’t compromise on quality

Test year: 2020 Price class: Budget Material: 100% polyamide 320D, 100% recycled polyester lining, 180 gsm polyester padding in body, 160 gsm polyester padding in sleeves Water resistance: 15,000 mm Breathability: 8000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cm Available colours: Light Green, Yellow Mustard, Leopard, Cherry, Brown Dots, Lilac Flower Impregnation: Bionic Finish Eco Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Not recommended Drying cabinet: Not recommended

Kuling Val D’Isere Snowsuit - Classic Navy (451261)

It’s easy, and perhaps even reasonable, to have lower expectations of budget price snowsuits. But sometimes you get a nice surprise. At first glance, the Kuling Val d’Isere looks like a classic, rather bulky snowsuit. The fit would have also been improved by some way to adjust it at the waist. But the double zips make it obvious that this is a garment with potential.

A snowsuit that your child will neither sweat nor shiver in

The Kuling Val d’Isere was appreciated by our testers for its ability to keep the heat in, without making the child overheated or sweaty. The collar can be adjusted in several positions. Many people see retaining the heat as the most important characteristic of a snowsuit, and the Kuling Val d’Isere does this well. If the child spends a long time sitting on the ground, it may get a slightly cold bottom. But children who are old enough to walk and are moving about will be just the right temperature the whole time they’re outside. Water resistance is the weakest aspect of this snowsuit, but even this is reasonable. The Kuling Val d’Isere can get wet on the surface and feel heavier. Any moisture that does come through the zips is captured by the fabric barrier beneath, so playing in slushy weather is still possible.

Budget model that hasn’t compromised on fabric durability

A common shortcoming in cheaper snowsuits is that the seams are weak and holes easily develop in the fabric. Of course toddlers don’t move around in the same way as larger children, who climb and play more vigorously. But smaller children can crawl even more, so even a snowsuit for a baby must resist wear. And the Kuling Val d’Isere does this very impressively. After the winter, all three of the snowsuits we tested are in good enough condition to be used for another year.

You can brush off the worst of the dirt, but clay tends to dry into the fabric and needs to be machine washed. Despite the rather bulky design, the snowsuit dries easily. Washing has a slight impact on the Kuling Val d’Isere’s ability to repel water. So as always, you should wash this snowsuit as sparingly as possible.

In terms of function, you won’t be disappointed with this snowsuit. A few more reflectors, nicer colours and slightly tougher water resistance would be good. Often, tests of snowsuits are about you getting what you pay for. But with the Kuling Val d’Isere, we’re happy to say that you actually get more than you’d expect.

Entire front opens up with two zipsfitgood heat retention
Far too few reflectorsbuttons on the foot straps came off quicklyno spare buttons

4. Bergans Lilletind Kids Coverall - Navy/Dark Navy/Light Winter Sky

Bergans Lilletind Kids Coverall - Navy/Dark Navy/Light Winter Sky

Price Comparison

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5. Lindberg Colden Overall

A baby snowsuit that withstands wear well, but lets in snow at the leg openings

Test year: 2020 Price class: Medium Material: Polyester softshell with stretch, watertight membrane, warm winter padding in polyester and lining in polyester fleece and nylon (arms and legs) Water resistance: 15,000 mm Breathability: 6000 g/m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 62-104 cm Available colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange, Camel, Plum, Petroleum, Rose Impregnation: Yes, Bionic Finish Eco © Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 °C Tumble dry: No Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40 °C

Lindberg Colden Baby Overall - Green (31061000)

The Lindberg Colden Overall comes with the neat solution of two zips, something which can often make dressing your child easier during the morning stress. However, it can be difficult to close it all the way up, which means you sometimes end up leaving a gap around the child's chin. The collar is already quite wide, so it’s essential to add a scarf or neck warmer to avoid your child’s neck getting cold. The fit is normal to tight. Around the hips and crotch, the Colden Overall feels less spacious than many other models. At the same time the slightly tighter design doesn’t hinder the child’s freedom of movement, as our small testers still played freely while wearing it. Lacks good protection against the snow

The arm and leg openings are elasticated, but there’s no additional snow cuff. While this makes the snowsuit easy to get on over shoes and gloves, it has a tendency to glide up at the hands and expose the wrists, which quickly get cold if the child is wearing short gloves. So even though the snowsuit has a very good heat retention ability as a whole, there are definitely problem areas where the child still risks getting cold if they aren’t wearing long gloves and an extra neck warmer.

Because there are no snow cuffs, you have to rely on the elasticated foot straps keeping the trousers in place. Unfortunately these aren’t sufficient to prevent the snow from creeping in, and consequently moisture can get into the snowsuit via the leg openings. The foot straps also wear out quickly, and after a whole winter they're almost completely worn out, so it’s fortunate that extra foot straps are included.

Retains the heat well, but a bit too warm in the spring

The Lindberg Colden retains the warmth very well – perhaps a little bit too well when temperatures are above zero. Keep an eye on your child and adapt their clothes to suit the weather, as it’s easy for them to get sweaty in this snowsuit if the winter is milder than usual. The snowsuit resists wear well, and when the winter is over there are no more than normal signs of wear around the knees and bottom. It’s easy to wipe off dirt with a wet cloth and the snowsuit doesn’t need to be washed particularly often during the winter. However, when you do wash it you have to remember that the drying time is long. The snowsuit must be washed on a mild programme, which means that it isn’t spun as hard. If you then allow it to drip dry, it can take up to two days before it’s completely dry. In other words, you can’t simply throw it in the machine when you come home in the evening and expect it to be dry for the next day.

Lindberg’s Colden snowsuit is a stylish winter garment for smaller children. The lining is soft and cosy, but it could have had more reflectors. However, the fact that it has an environmentally friendly fluorocarbon free surface treatment is appreciated. But given what you actually get, the price is a little high.

Easy to put on with two zipsresists water well
Poor snow cuffs in both arm and leg holeselastic foot straps wear outtoo wide around the neck

6. Reima Gotland Winter Overall - Deep Purple (510316-4960)

Stylish snowsuit that’s easy to put on

Test year: 2020 Price class: Medium Material: Reimatec Water resistance: 15,000 mm Breathability: 7000 m2/24h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cm Available colours: 6 Impregnation: PU coating Machine washable: Yes Maximum wash temperature: 40 C° Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40 °C

Reima Gotland Winter Overall - Deep Purple (510316-4960)

Given the price, you expect a lot from the Reima Gotland. But does the snowsuit live up to those expectations? Not really. Unexpectedly high wear The biggest question mark when it comes to this snowsuit is its durability. All of our testers felt that the snowsuit showed so much wear that it couldn’t be sold second hand. It could possibly be used for an extra season by a smaller sibling, but in some cases you’d need to repair the Gotland first.

All the snowsuits tested developed holes to a greater or lesser extent. The snowsuit was tested during a winter without much snow, which produces more wear than one where there’s lots of snow. But if you’re going to spend this much money on a snowsuit, you expect it to last for a season and for it to be possible to hand it on to the next user with a clear conscience.

Wide openings with no effective snow cuff

The Reima Gotland leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to snow cuffs too. There is elastic in both the arm and leg openings, but it has no cuffs or other methods of preventing the snow from coming in. The openings at the hands are very wide, so without a pair of sturdy mittens the snow easily creeps in.

This is also a problem at the leg openings, which are wide, and if you don’t use the foot straps the legs ride up and snow enters. Fortunately, the rubber foot straps are very high quality and show almost no signs of wear when it’s time to pack the garment up at the end of the winter. And the wide leg openings do mean it’s very easy to slip the snowsuit on over a pair of winter shoes. The model is spacious and large in terms of size. The spaciousness doesn’t affect the freedom of movement, but it does feel like there’s too much air between the child and the snowsuit. On the other hand, this means there’s plenty of room for one or even two extra layers when the weather is really cold.

Sturdy zip and easy to get on

The Reima Gotland has a sturdy zip, which makes it easy to put on both for parents and for the child who likes to dress themselves. The hood has detachable fake fur and is attached with press studs which are intended to come undone if the child gets stuck on something. With a Reima Gotland in their winter wardrobe, the child will be both warm and dry. Even if the snowsuit gets wet on the outside of the bottom and knees, the inside and lining always stay dry. Because the snowsuit breathes so well, it also works during a milder winter and the child doesn’t become sweaty or too hot. On the contrary, the temperature of the child is just right after playing outside regardless of the weather conditions. This is a snowsuit with a classic and stylish design with reflectors along the sides of the legs and arms. As with the other snowsuit in the test, our testers would have preferred more reflectors – and it’s very surprising that manufacturers aren’t more generous with reflectors as this is a consistent request.

Good water resistanceeasy to put on and take offretains the heat wellgood ventilation
Easily worn outpoor snow cuffs

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FAQ – everything you need to know about baby snowsuits!

What’s the difference between a child’s overall and a snowsuit?

The difference between an overall and a snowsuit is that a snowsuit is padded. The lining means that a snowsuit can cope with colder weather than an overall.

What should you choose if you want a spring or autumn overall?

If you’re looking for an overall for the autumn and spring, you should look for a thinner model with good wind protection – such as a fleece overall, shell or softshell overall.

What material should the overall be made from?

The material you choose for the baby overall depends on how the garment will be used. For a baby who will be in a pushchair, a flat-knit overall or a thinner wool overall is often sufficient. A simple teddy bear overall, often with ears on the hood and a fur-like structure, is a popular overall for newborns.

Should I use an overall or a footmuff in my child’s pushchair?

It’s not wrong to combine overalls with a footmuff. You can approach it using the layering principle. Dress your child in their ordinary clothes, a classic bodysuit and thin trousers, perhaps over an undergarment. Add a thinner overall on top, and in cold weather you can wrap your newborn in a thin or thick footmuff.

Are there overalls without legs?

There is a type of baby overall where you can switch between having two legs on the overall and putting the legs together so that the lower part of the overall becomes like footmuff. This type of overall can be practical if you want to switch between having the baby in a carrycot and in a car seat, as the latter requires that you can fasten the harness between your baby's legs.

What’s the best type of overall for a car seat?

If you want to dress your child in an overall in the car seat, you should choose the thinnest model possible. A thick model prevents you from tightening the harness as much as you should do. It’s better to place a blanket over the child if it’s cold in the car.

What does it mean that the overall is marked with Oeko-Tex?

Oeko-Tex is a global and independent certification system for textiles and materials (e.g. cotton and polyester) that ensures, amongst other things, that the material contains no unauthorised chemicals. Baby clothes such as overalls for small children fall within product class 1. There are also markings that indicate whether the overall is made from materials that are ecologically produced.

Are there overalls with feet?

There are many different solutions for keeping small children's feet warm. The smallest baby overalls can come with matching booties or with built-in feet. Some fleece overalls have leg and arm openings that can be folded over so you don't have to deal with shoes and mittens.

When should you buy a snowsuit?

One way to save money is by buying a snowsuit out of season. The current winter’s models are often available for a good price in the post-Christmas sales. You can also often get bargains at various sales during the summer. These will often be snowsuits in less popular colours and patterns.

How do I choose the right winter clothes for a 2-year-old?

For smaller children of 2-3 years, a general recommendation is a snowsuit rather than a winter coat and overtrousers. A snowsuit requires fewer steps when dressing your child, and there’s less risk that snow will creep in under their clothes.

How do I choose the right size of snowsuit?

Many shops have a good size guide for their snowsuit models on their own website. For slightly larger children, it can be sensible to choose a snowsuit with a bit of growth in the sizing. But the snowsuit mustn’t be too big. If it is, it will be difficult to move in and the trouser legs will drag on the ground and wear out more quickly.

How do I choose the size of a baby snowsuit?

For babies, you should base your choice on the size of the child now. Small children grow quicker, which can make it difficult to predict how big they’ll be in a few months’ time. For snowsuits in sizes 74, 80, 86 and 92, you often have to be careful not to buy too large a size, as too much fabric on a small body can be bulky and difficult to deal with.

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