Updated 16 July 2022

Top 5 Best Baby snowsuits of 2022

Looking for a cosy and warm snowsuit? We tested a selection of baby snowsuits. For a snowsuit to be designated as Best in Test, it must be easy to put on a small child, have a good fit and be able to retain the heat even if the child sits on the ground

Baby snowsuits: 5 models tested

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all snowsuits as they are intended to be used in reality. In our independent test of baby snowsuits, each snowsuit is used by three different children aged 1 to 3 years old The test runs from November to March, and the snowsuits are used in the child’s everyday life: playing in the park, at preschool, in snow and in slush.

At the end of the winter, the parents are asked to complete a detailed form where the snowsuit is evaluated on the following areas:

  • Functionality: Does your child feel warm enough but not sweaty after being out? Can the snowsuit be exposed to play in wet snow without water leaking in? Does the snowsuit stand up to crawling without the fabric getting worn?

  • Ease of use: Is the snowsuit designed so a parent can easily dress/undress the child? Is the fit adapted for a small child’s body and movements? How do the legs and arms work with winter shoes and thick mittens?

  • Characteristics: Are there enough reflectors? Does the fabric attract dirt or is the snowsuit easy to brush off? Does the baby snowsuit have an attractive design?

The score given to the baby snowsuit during testing is assessed together with its price, after which we designate test winners. In the test, we also include durability, and give extra points to snowsuits of sufficient quality to be re-used by younger siblings or resold.

Are you looking for a snowsuit for a larger child? Read our test of snowsuits for children up to 10-12 years old.


A very durable baby overall. Also suitable to use for your next child

Test year: 2021/2022 Price: 1399 SEK Materials: 50% recycled PES, 50% PES + 100% laminate Water resistance: 12,000 mm Breathability: 7000 m2/24 h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cl Available colours: 6 Impregnation: Flourcarbon free water and dirt repellent Bionic finish Machine washable: Yes Maximum washing temperature: 40°C Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40°C

Reima Gotland Winter Overall - Raspberry Pink (510316-4650)

When you choose to invest a little extra in a baby overall, you want it to be in good enough condition to be used by siblings, or to be sold on. Reima Gotland shines with its durability – after a whole season of outdoor play, the wear and tear was minimal, and none of the tested overalls had any holes. This is actually really impressive, as the tested overalls still looked almost new.

The fact that Reima is good at making durable and well-thought-out winter garments for children is nothing new. The Reima Gotland baby overall has a spacious fit that will last all season long. The sizes seem to be slightly on the big side, which can be good to bear in mind. Gotland is easy to put on your child, and if one had asked the little ones, they would have said that the overalls are cosy and comfortable.

Moisture stays on the surface

Reima Gotland effectively blocks out wetness, and water will have a hard time seeping in. The only time children got damp under their overalls during the test was if they had been sitting directly in a puddle and played there for a while. But otherwise the wetness will stay on the surface, without affecting or cooling down the child.

Children seemed to always be warm enough after playing outdoors while wearing a Reima Gotland overall. When it started to get a little warmer outside and the temperatures were on the plus side of the zero line, one of the children who tested this overall experienced a bit of sweat. If you want to use it in spring, it’s a good idea to think about how many layers of clothing your child really needs to wear underneath.

Good foot strap and plenty of reflectors

The insulating straps are elastic and work well. Combined with the rubber band that goes under the shoe, no snow comes was able to enter the overalls at all. It is also possible to adjust the length of the durable foot straps, which lasted the entire season without the straps or buttons they are attached to either breaking or falling off.

Reima Gotland is also one of the few baby overalls that test families felt actually had enough reflectors. The reflectors are discreet, but do their job, and can be found all over the overalls. They also seemed to experience very little wear and tear, and worked well even when the end of winter was approaching. It feels safe! The hood is of course equipped with buttons, so it can easily be pulled off if your child gets stuck – you can tell that Reima has a high level of safety awareness.

With its fantastic ability to keep your child warm and dry, together with its almost non-existent wear and tear, Reima Gotland is a baby overall that is well worth investing in. It is easy to wipe clean, easy to put on and take off, safe with good reflectors – this is an amazing overall.

Extremely durablegood fitretains heat very well
Slightly long sleeveslarge sizes

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Reima Raspberry Pink Reimatec® Gotland Snowsuit 74 cm (6-9 Months) - Coveralls - 74 cm (6-9 Months) - Pink


2. Kuling Val D'Isere - BEST BUDGET CHOICE

A baby overall for those who want good value for money

Test year: 2021/2022 Materials: Outer fabric in 100% polyamide, lining and padding in 100% polyester Waterproof: 15,000 mm Breathability: 8000 m2/24 h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-104 cl Impregnation: BIONIC-FINISH® ECO FC-free surface treatment Machine washable: Yes Maximum washing temperature: 40°C Tumble dry: Information missing Drying cabinet: Information missing Maximum drying temperature: Information missing

Kuling Val D’Isere Snowsuit - Classic Navy

Often, one of the most difficult things about having children around the age of two, is dressing them in outerwear. But Kuling Val D'Isere makes it a little less stressful, as this baby overall is equipped with double zips. In other words, it is easy to simply lift the child into the overalls, as they open up so wide. The zips can also be pulled all the way down to the knee, which makes it easy to adjust clothes that might be bunching under the overalls (and of course, it is possible to only pull down one zip at a time, if you wish).

Spacious baby overall with room to grow

Kuling Val D'Isere is a spacious baby overall that gives the child room to grow, which is great, as children this age tend to shoot up quite quickly in terms of height. Although spacious, it still offers great freedom of movement – which is perhaps especially important for small children, who use their entire body for outdoor play. Considering all the playing they do on the ground, it is also important that a baby overall does not leak. Kuling Val D'Isere is really good at keeping wetness where it should be: on the outside of the overalls. Only occasionally, a little water got in at the foot of one leg, but only after a really physical playtime in a puddle of water.

The overall's ability to retain heat was perceived as good, but when the temperature fell and it got really cold, it was important to dress the child in layers of thermal undergarments to keep warm. This may also apply if your child still doesn't move much when playing outdoors. The ventilation is good, and only when spring arrived did it slowly get a little sweaty inside the overall.

Efficient insulating straps that keep gloves in place

There is a cuff at the opening of the sleeve that helps to keep the glove in place on the inside, and keep the snow out. If you put on your shoes after the overalls, it is easy to pull the cuff at the end of the legs over the boot. However, there were some concerns about the foot straps that go under the foot. Firstly, the strap itself wore down very quickly, and broke off several of the overalls included in the test. In addition, several of the buttons attached to the strap came loose and needed to be sewn back on. There is undeniably room for improvement when it comes to these foot straps.

The overalls are easy to wipe clean and do not need to be washed in the washing machine very often. The few times it was machine washed, there was no impact on the material. For hang-drying, it is dry in the morning if you hang it to dry overnight.

Kuling Val D'Isere has good durability and, although it looks used after a season, it is still in good condition. Some small holes from wear and tear could be seen on the inside of the legs, but these did not have any effect on function. Bearing in mind the price, and its efficiency in keeping your child dry and warm, Kuling Val D'Isere is a very good baby overall for its price class.

Good water resistancewonderfully warmgreat durability
No reflectors at the backthe foot straps broke and came loose

3. En Fant Coverall

A baby overall for children who need good mobility

Test year: 2021/2022 Materials: 100% Nylon Waterproof: 10,000 mm Breathability: 5000 m2/24 h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 80-104 cl Impregnation: Water repellent and PFC free BIONIC-FINISH®ECO impregnation Machine washable: Yes Maximum washing temperature: 30°C Tumble dry: Information missing Drying cabinet: Information missing Maximum drying temperature: Information missing

En Fant Horizon Wholesuit - Cordovan (90701-07-00)

The fact that En Fant has put a lot of thought into designing this Coverall is obvious – this is a baby overall that feels like a really well-tailored garment. The design was appreciated by all test families. Coveralls are spacious in just the right places, which means that they provide ample room for movement without the child ever feeling bulky. The Coverall is a regular size and will last through the season.

Flexible fabric makes the overall easy to put on

The fabric feels soft and flexible, which makes Coverall easy to put on – even if the skew zip requires a little practise for children who want to dress themselves. The leg openings have an inner elastic in combination with a velcro strap, which means that you can pull boots over the legs, as well as tighten and adjust the opening over shoes and ski boots. The sleeve cuffs have an inner lining that fits snugly over the hand. This means that snow doesn't get in, although it can also be difficult to put on gloves before putting on the overalls.

The collar is at the right height but, as few children usually appreciate a collar being buttoned all the way up, it can still be a good idea to add a buff or turtleneck. Your child stays warm and happy throughout their outdoor play. The ventilation is just right, and not even the children who otherwise sweat easily were bothered by getting too hot (or cold) in an En Fant Coverall.

Seals tightly in slushy winter weather

But no children’s overall is worth it's salt if it can't withstand water, and in this aspect our test participants really tested Coveralls well. Despite the really slushy and wet weather conditions, the children almost always stayed dry. Possibly, during intensive play in deeper and slushy puddles, moisture leaked in at the openings. But if your child doesn't sit down directly in a puddle, the water resistance is good and reliable.

The rubber strap that slides under the shoe was not quite as reliable. The rubber strap itself was durable, albeit a little too tight to easily be put on. The buttons that hold the strap in place fell off on all the overalls, even on those where the strap was often not used because it was difficult to slip under the shoe. There is undeniably room for development here. Reflectors also got unnecessarily worn out during the season.

If you ignore the problems with the foot straps, the condition of the overall after a season was very good. The taped seams on the inside of the legs were a little worn out, but the fabric on the bum and knees looked next to new, despite active outdoor play. One of the overalls had a small hole on the knee, but otherwise the test families were very impressed by the durability. The overall had also been easy to keep clean, simply by just brushing and wiping it down. The few times it had been washed, the drying time was relatively fast.

En Fant Coverall is a durable and stylish overall that both parents and children were happy with. However, the price may be on the high end, which one of the test families said would discourage them from buying an En Fant Coverall again.

Stylish and functional designgood mobilitywater-resistant
Poor foot strap buttonsexpensivereflectors wore out quickly

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4. Reima Puhuri

A baby overall for babies that move a lot

Test year: 2021/2022 Price: 999 SEK Materials: 52% recycled PES, 48% PES + 100% PU laminate Water resistance: 10,000 mm Breathability: 7000 m2/24 h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-98 cl Available colours: 10 Impregnation: Flourcarbon free water and dirt repellent Bionic Finish Machine washable: Yes Maximum washing temperature: 40°C Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: 40°C

Reima Puhuri Winter Overall - Navy (510306-6980)

With their baby overall, Puhuri, Reima has put thought into good mobility for your little ones. Babies, as we know, often spend time on the ground, and they often use their whole body to get around. With Reima Puhuri, your baby will have no difficulty in moving freely.

Baby overall with large sleeve openings

Considering how babies always play on the ground, it’s important that a baby overall keeps any wetness out. Generally, your baby will stay dry when wearing Puhuri. However, it has happened on more than one occasion that the overall has absorbed moisture. This mainly occured through the legs and especially in very slushy weather. The overalls do not have insulating straps on either the arms or legs, and it is precisely these points that seem to be the culprits in moisture getting inside the overalls. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that it is unusual for the overalls to become damp on the inside – in most cases, they stay dry and warm.

One thing that all test families noticed was the sleeve openings. Puhuri is perceived as somewhat big just around the sleeve openings. This means that, not only do the sleeves slide up, but it is also difficult to anchor the gloves in a good way. This often leaves the wrists exposed to the winter cold, and sometimes the hands disappear completely inside the sleeves. Sometimes the sleeves have been folded up, which in turn leads to the inner lining being exposed and absorbing moisture. The relatively low collar is also perceived as a weak point, and you need to add a buff or turtleneck to the outfit.

A baby overall that keeps your child warm

The child stays warm when wearing Reima Puhuri, and the ventilation feels good as no child sweated or got uncomfortably warm in this baby overall. The ankle cuffs are held in place with using elastic straps that fit over the shoes. These overalls lasted well throughout the season and only broke with one of the test families.

At the end of the season, Reima Puhuri still looked relatively fresh and whole. One of the overalls had worn out more around the knees and seams, and had a couple of small holes. But the rest of the tested baby overalls remained in a good condition and could be used for another season. This included the vulnerable rubber bands under the feet. The fact that the overalls were so easy to just dry or brush off instead of being washed frequently probably helped a lot with the durability.

Reima Puhuri is a warm and comfortable baby overall that, given the slightly lower price tag, the test families would consider buying again. The low level of wear and tear also meant that the overalls could be passed on to the next child – which is a major advantage. On the other hand, one could wish for more reflectors and a better collar.

Great freedom of movementgood durabilityeasy to put on and take off
Sleeve endings are too largelack of insulating strapssmall reflectorscollar too low

5. Hummel Moon

A baby overall that is suitable for children who play a lot on the wet ground

Test year: 2021/2022 Price: 1400 SEK Materials: 100% polyester. Water resistance: 10,000 mm Breathability: 5000 m2/24 h Taped seams: Yes Available sizes: 74-104 cl Available colours: Beige, green/blue patterned, pink/red patterned Impregnation: BIONIC FINISH ECO Machine washable: Yes Maximum washing temperature: 40°C Tumble dry: Yes Drying cabinet: Yes Maximum drying temperature: Information missing

Hummel Moon Snowsuit - Chocolate Chip/After Dark (211654-8008)

Hummel is a premium brand, but with a more expensive price tag comes higher expectations. This year, however, Hummel Moon is unable to really live up to its more expensive price.

Hummel Moon is an overall for the littlest ones, and is therefore equipped with double zips to really open up properly. This can be useful when children are tiny and get dressed lying down. When your children are slightly larger, around two years old, and get dressed while standing up, however, the double zips can be perceived as somewhat awkward.

Generous but chunky fit

The fit is very generous and was actually perceived as a bit bulky and restrictive for the child, especially at the beginning of the season, as the garment often still has a certain amount of growing room. That said, Hummel Moon is undoubtedly spacious enough for the entire eason. However, we cannot deny that mobility does get affected.

Hummel Moon’s absolute strongest aspect is its water resistance. This is because this overall keeps wetness away from the body in a really impressive way. Even if your child sits down in the most slushy place in the nursery school playground and plays for an hour, no moisture will seep through.

Its ability to retain heat cannot be critiqued. The overalls breathe and, despite being warm and cuddly, no one felt that their children were sweaty or too warm after playing outdoors. However, on mild winter days, when the temperature fluctuates around zero degrees or warmer, it may be a good idea to consider how many layers your child is wearing.

Keeps snow out effectively

The overall has effective insulating straps in the form of cuffs on the sleeves. But just as good as they are at keeping snow out, they are just as tricky when it comes to getting your child’s arms out when putting on the overalls. If your child is also wearing gloves, it’s even more difficult as the cuff is really tight. The leg openings, on the other hand, were simple and fitted perfectly over shoes. They are also equipped with durable rubber straps that fit under the shoes. The collar, on the other hand, is low and does not provide sufficient protection against the wind and cold – so you will need to add a buff.

The overalls are easy to brush clean, which is good for avoiding frequent washes. However, its durability is not the best. Two out of three tested overalls got several small holes. In addition, the fabric was heavily worn in places. When you pay for a premium overall, you expect it to last and perhaps be good enough to sell or be handed down to younger siblings. But with this type of wear and tear, a second-hand sale becomes difficult.

Very good water resistancegood heat retentionroom to grow in
Inadequate durabilitypoor collarbulky

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