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Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2022

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Do you need a blood pressure monitor to keep track of your blood pressure? We have tested models from brands such as Omron, Beurer and Withings. In order for a blood pressure monitor to win, it must have a clear and good display and be easy to understand. If it has app support, it is a plus if the blood pressure monitor isn't dependent on the app.

Top 15 Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carried out the test ourselves and tested all of the products as they are intended to be used in reality, either for home use or professionally. For this blood pressure monitors with cuffs test we enlisted the help of a registered nurse, who tested and evaluated the different models with her colleagues at a hospital ward in Stockholm. When they tested the blood pressure monitors they evaluated them in relation to the following criteria:

  • Functions: Does the bp machine have an option to save previous readings and can these values be read in another way than on the blood pressure monitor itself?

  • Target group focus: Is the screen of the bp machine easy to read even by older people or those without perfect vision? Can the cuff easily be adapted to fit different body types?

  • Ease of use: How easy is it to understand the buttons on the blood pressure monitor and the position the user must adopt to use it? How does the cuff feel when you use it?

We compared the nurses’ overall impressions of the different blood pressure monitors in relation to their price to give them a final score.


A good value blood pressure monitor with a top-class cuff and discreetly low noise level during use

Price class: Premium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: Four AA batteries, included. Also has an outlet for external power supply Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Omron M6 Comfort

Omron’s M6 Comfort IT is a reliable high-quality blood pressure monitor with a large and easy-to-read display, a computer connection and excellent analysis functions. This automatic bp monitor calculates the weekly average values for the morning and evening blood pressure readings for you, which you can then compare to those of previous weeks. The cuff’s IntelliSense inflation technology means that it inflates in a controlled manner without needing to be reinflated or have its pressure set in advance.

The monitor has a number of different sensors which warn of anything disrupting the blood pressure measurement, such as an irregular heart rhythm or body movements. The upper arm cuff is substantial and well-constructed, and also has a sensor to let you know if it's in the right place. We found we could get a good fit on both normal sized and larger arms, meaning that it's suitable for the majority of people who want to use it to monitor their blood pressure. The noise of the cuff inflation is also discreet due to its low volume.

The blood pressure monitor includes a substantial storage case with a handy pocket for storing the instructions in. The only disadvantage is that the M6 Comfort IT releases air slightly slower than we would have liked and has a higher price than some other blood pressure monitors. However, these minor disadvantages seem unimportant in relation to the many advantages the M6 Comfort IT has in terms of user-friendliness, quality and functionality. The Omron M6 Comfort IT is therefore our top rated bp test machine in this test.

Very good blood pressure monitorgood functionality and low noise level
Releases air slightly slowlyhigher price

Price Comparison

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Omron M6 Comfort upper arm digital blood pressure monitor


Omron M6 Comfort Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Omron M6 Comfort - Blood Pressure Monitor


2. Omron M3 Comfort

A high-quality blood pressure monitor that provides a good user experience

Price range: Medium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: 4 AA batteries, included Memory capacity: 2 users, 60 readings

Omron M3 Comfort

The Omron M3 Comfort is a fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor with innovative technologies. The monitor is easy to unpack, and all you need to do is insert the batteries supplied, connect the air tube and press the start button to activate the device. Our panel thinks that the Omron blood pressure monitor makes a very robust and high-quality impression.

Intelli Wrap Cuff

In addition to blood pressure, this monitor also measures pulse rate and irregular heartbeat. The device comes with an arm cuff with a circumference of 22–42 cm. This Intelli Wrap Cuff is very easy to put on and capable of measuring blood pressure in any position around your arm (360 ̊). This greatly reduces the risk of inaccurate readings. And if you do manage to position the cuff incorrectly, a symbol will appear on the device. Very clever!

The display is large and the measurements are easy to read. You can easily switch between two different users, which is ideal if there are several people in your household who need to measure their blood pressure. The monitor can store up to 60 blood pressure readings per user.

A bit noisy

Compared to other models, this device is a bit noisy when you inflate the cuff, which you might find intrusive if you need to measure your blood pressure at work or similar. All things considered, the Omron M3 Comfort is a very reliable blood pressure monitor if you don’t need a lot of extra features. It’s easy to use, clear and feels robust. It’s supplied with both batteries and a storage case.

Easy to useIntelli Wrap Cuffreliable
A bit noisy when inflating

3. Omron M7 Intelli IT

An easy to use blood pressure monitor with well-designed functions and cuff

Price class: Premium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: 4 AA batteries Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Omron M7 Intelli IT

The Omron M7 Intelli IT is a high quality and technologically advanced blood pressure monitor. It comes in a good storage case, has a clear manual and also includes four AA batteries, which according to Omron should be sufficient for over 1000 measurements. The ‘intelli’ in the products name references several of the blood pressure monitor's more intelligent functions. The Omron M7 Intelli IT can be used with Omron's app, allowing you to easily see graphs, average values and other information taken from your measurements. The blood pressure monitor’s cuff is also intelligent in that it adapts its inflation level to the user so that the process is as comfortable as possible. If you move during the measurement, a warning that this could lead to incorrect values will appear on the screen. The monitor also warns you if you have an irregular pulse. The M7 Intelli IT feels like a well designed product. The tube between the device and the cuff is exactly the right length for the measurement process to be straightforward. The cuff itself is of very high quality. It's has a good firmness that allows it to automatically sit correctly on the arm, making it easier to take a correct reading. The disadvantage of this type of cuff is that it works best on upper arms of a particular size. Omron state that it's intended for upper arms with a circumference between 22 and 42 cm.

The measurement station displays large, clear to read information and it is also easy to change between the data for two different saved users. Alongside this it is also possible to use the blood pressure monitor in guest mode. The only improvement we'd have liked to have seen is a backlit screen, as it's currently difficult to see the on-screen readings in a darker room. In summary, the Omron M7 Intelli IT is a relatively expensive blood pressure monitor for private use, but other than a couple of small negative points it's an enormously impressive machine that definitely feels worth its price.

Very easy to useintelligentwell-designed functionsvery good cuff
The cuff doesn't fit all upper armspoorly illuminated display

4. Beurer BM 57 BT

A blood pressure monitor with a large, back-lit screen and Bluetooth functionality for transmission of measurement data

Price class: Medium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: Two AA batteries, included. Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Beurer BM 57

The Beurer BM 57 BT is a stylish blood pressure monitor with an upper arm cuff that boasts modern connectivity functions and high levels of user-friendliness. When using Beurer’s Health Manager app, you can also read data from a connected scale, pulse oximeter, activity bracelet or glucose meter in addition to this blood pressure monitor! Furthermore, the app is TÜV approved for data integrity. The blood pressure monitor has an LCD screen that’s nicely backlit and has large, clear digits that are easy to read. The machine can save the last 60 measurement values and gives a clear warning before the batteries need replacing. It also comes with a handy nylon storage case.

The extra-large cuff fits upper arms with a circumference of between 23-43 cm, which is a larger range than many of its competitors. However, we felt that the hose could have been longer and the inflation process could also have been a little quicker for better user comfort. The fact that its blood pressure readings can also be checked through other units like the Apple health app or a smartwatch via a straightforward Bluetooth transfer makes this a great device for relatives helping to keep track of the user’s health. Overall, the Beurer BM 57 BT is a high-quality blood pressure monitor that feels well worth its price.

Largeilluminated screenmeasurements can be transferred to another unit via Bluetooth
Short hose and rather slow inflation

5. Beurer BM 45

An easy-to-use blood pressure monitor with only one control button and a bright screen with large digits

Price class: Medium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: Four AA batteries, included Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Beurer BM 45

The Beurer BM 45 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor with a cuff that’s easy to attach and which works well with varying arm sizes. It even works well on small arms and can be used on both the left or right arm. The blood pressure monitor itself has a large and easy to read back lit screen. Its user-friendliness is increased even further by having large digits on the digital display and a single button which makes it clear how to start the measurement process. The machine has an automatic shutoff function, saves the average value of the last weeks’ worth of measurements and gives the user a clear indication in advance of when the batteries need replacing. The Beurer BM 45 comes with a useful storage case.

Just like several other blood pressure monitors in this test, this model also felt like it released the air rather slowly after the measurement and was rather noisy when it was pumped up. However, the quality and functions of the Beurer BM 45 are still of high standard and given its price it’s still very good value for money.

Light screen with large readable digitssingle button control that makes it easy to usegood value for money
Releases air slowlynoisy

6. Omron M7 Intelli IT-AFIB

A premium blood pressure monitor for users who value smartphone compatibility

Price range: Premium Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: 4 AA batteries, included Memory capacity: 2 users, 100 readings, one guest user

Omron M7 Intelli IT-AFIB

The Omron M7 Intelli IT-AFIB is a fully automatic premium blood pressure monitor, equipped with the latest AFib technology, which can detect Atrial fibrillation with high accuracy. This blood pressure monitor is easy to unpack and you simply insert the batteries included, connect the air tube and press start to begin measuring. However, we would have preferred a less confusing user manual – it mixes different languages, which makes it harder to figure out how everything works.

Accurate reading with Intelli Wrap Cuff

The upper arm cuff is preformed, which makes it easy to put on around your arm. It feels stable and sturdy, and because it measures around the whole arm, it’s easy to get accurate readings. It makes a highly trustworthy impression. There’s also a symbol on the display that shows you whether the cuff has been positioned correctly, which makes it even more reliable. The cuff fits arm sizes from 22–42 cm in circumference.

This blood pressure monitor is slightly larger than many other models, so it can feel a bit bulky to carry around with you. However, we like the fact that it comes with a storage case. The display is generously sized and easy to read. You can switch between two different users and save the last 100 readings. You can also get a morning and evening average, as well as a weekly average to see how your blood pressure changes over time. In addition to measuring blood pressure and heart rate, this model also has a detector for Atrial fibrillation.

Accompanying smart app

This blood pressure monitor also has an accompanying app called Omron Connect. Its features include an overview of your readings and the option to set reminders for your next blood pressure measurement. While this app is easy to download and get started with, it leaves a lot to be desired. It could have been a little more user-friendly and clearer so that all users, regardless of their technical expertise, can understand it. That being said, it is possible to use the monitor without the app.

The Omron M7 Intelli IT-AFIB is a high-tech and reliable blood pressure monitor if you value the accompanying app. If you don't need the app, there may be other equally good models with a lower price tag. But all in all, this blood pressure monitor works very well, is clear and feels user-friendly. it scores an extra point for its relatively low noise level.

Intelli Wrap Cuffeasy to get startedreliablebatteries and storage case included
Somewhat bulkyslightly confusing manualthe app requires improvement

7. Medisana BU 510

An easy to use blood pressure monitor with clear instructions and a legible display

Price class: Budget Type: Upper arm cuff Battery type: Four AA batteries, included. Also has an outlet for external power supply Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Medisana BU 510

The Medisana BU 510 is a good value for money blood pressure monitor. We found that the upper arm cuff works well for different types of arms and fits upper arms with a circumference of between 22cm and 36cm. The instructions are available in ten different languages and the blood pressure monitor is easy to understand as the digital display has large and clear digits. The BU 510 also includes a nylon storage bag, which is also useful if you're taking the monitor with you on a trip.

Medisana were the first company to use stop light symbols on the side of the display, which range between red to green. These are very useful as it makes it easier to see the cuff pressure and is a feature copied by many blood pressure monitors today. However, those sensitive to tight pressure around the arm could feel that the cuff is inflated with too high a pressure. The air release from the cuff is also on the slow side, which means that the tight feeling on the arm lasted a bit too long.

Despite its relatively low price, the Medisana BU 510 offers good functionality for a blood pressure monitor. It has a memory that can save the measurement values for two people, which is a big advantage if more than one person wants to use the monitor. Overall, the Medisana BU 510 is a good blood pressure monitor for its lower price point.

Easy to understandvery clear displaycan be used by two people
High pressure in the cuffcuff is slightly slow to release air

8. Beurer BC 32

A quiet blood pressure monitor with a clear display and an easily usable cuff

Price class: Medium Type: Wrist cuff Battery type: AAA batteries Memory capacity: The values from several people can be saved

Beurer BC 32

While the Beurer BC 32 blood pressure monitor is a blood pressure monitor for your wrist, the model has many basic similarities with the manufacturer’s other blood pressure monitors with an upper arm cuff. The machine can save blood pressure values for two different people and also has an automatic shutdown function. The wrist cuff is suitable for wrists with a circumference of 13.5-19.5 cm. It is easy to get onto your wrist and the machine doesn’t inflate more tightly than is necessary. The console of the Beurer BC 32 is easy to use with a clear display. The noise level of the machine is quieter than some other blood pressure monitors.

Just as with all wrist monitors, it takes a bit of practice to attach it correctly in order to measure your blood pressure. You need to angle your arm so that your wrist ends up in the right position to allow you to read the display properly. Once you have worked out how to position your wrist correctly, this is definitely our recommended wrist monitor of the devices in this test.

Clear displayeasy to put onquiet operation
Difficult to get the right position for arm and wrist when measuring

9. Braun iCheck7

User-friendly blood pressure monitor with app

Price class: Between Type: Wrist meter Battery type: AAA Memory capacity: Only the last measurement

Braun iCheck 7

If you want to keep track of your blood pressure at home, the Braun iCheck7 blood pressure monitor is a handy device that is also easy to use. Most meters are placed on the upper arm, but this model sits around the wrist, which was appreciated by many – not least the inexperienced users. The Braun iCheck7 is also slightly different from other blood pressure monitors in its positioning, which makes it extra important to take a good look at the user manual. Unfortunately, for some reason, the text is quite small, which we find difficult to understand, as many users can be assumed to be a little older and may have some impaired vision. Fortunately, the clear pictures in the instructions help with this.

The cuff is comfortable to wear, it feels stable yet flexible, and fits well on your arm. There is a spirit level-like function to show when the meter is correctly positioned, but we do not really trust this function as it gives different results in several consecutive measurements, despite the fact that the cuff itself thinks it is correctly fitted.

The easy-to-read display has small but clear numbers in a green, yellow and red colour scale, in accordance with the WHO recommendations. If the measurement shows green, it is approved. If it shows yellow or red, the user should check this with their doctor. Anyone who understands the difference between pulse and blood pressure will be able to easily interpret the information on the screen.

There is an app that is easy to use and provides clear information, but unfortunately it is not possible to create several user profiles, which we consider to be a slight disadvantage. The app is not needed to take the measurements, but as the meter does not provide any statistics, but only shows the latest results, you need the app to be able to keep track of your history. This can of course feel unnecessary, especially if you’re not used to technology or perhaps don't even have a smartphone.

All in all, we feel that the Braun iCheck7 is a blood pressure monitor that is both easy to use and has a discreet design. Unfortunately, the rating is a little lower due to the shortcomings in the accompanying instructions, the need for the app in order to view one’s history, and the fact that it is not possible to create several user profiles in the app. But if you are the only one who will be using the meter, and you have no problems checking statistics in the app, Braun iCheck7 is definitely a good choice.

Easy to navigate colour codingeasy to startsimple design
Blurry instructionslack of memory for several measurementsthe colour quickly becomes dirty

10. Withings BPM Core

A blood pressure monitor for anyone who likes different design

Cuff: Upper arm Batteries: Micro-USB Miscellaneous: App keeps track of your values

Withings BPM Core

Withings are heavily invested in delivering products with a strong design element. And that’s particularly clear with the Withings BPM Core – a blood pressure monitor that really looks different from other versions on the market.

Unfortunately, you have to ask whether design has been prioritised over functionality. This is a machine that unlike other blood pressure monitors displays both ECG and has a built-in stethoscope – something that’s also clear from the price tag. The Withings BPM Core is undoubtedly one of the more expensive blood pressure monitors we've tested. Unfortunately, the stethoscope is fiddly and is difficult to get in place against the body without putting the upper body under tension – the opposite of what to do when measuring blood pressure.

It’s actually quite difficult to relax when you’re going to use this machine. It’s awkward to get on – the cuff that you tighten around the upper arm is rather stiff. It doesn’t matter what size your arm is, it’s difficult to place it well. And we’ve tested the BPM Core on many different body types, just to be on the safe side.

To start the machine for the first time, you have to connect it to an app. The fact that there’s another app is nothing negative in itself. But if you have spent this much money on a blood pressure monitor, it should be easier to get started right away, and without an app. Once the app is installed and synced, you can measure your blood pressure without starting the app.

There’s no actual monitor on the Withings BPM Core. Instead, the measurement results are shown on the surface of the machine itself using LEDs. All of our testers panel would have preferred a classic display that was easy to read and easy to navigate. Scrolling between results and users on this type of display is often something of a guessing game and the older people amongst our testers didn’t like it at all.

The results of the measurements were correct in comparison with the values given by other machines. But you can’t avoid the fact that a much higher degree of user-friendliness is expected for a blood pressure machine at this price level.


Reliable measurements
Expensiveawkward to usefiddly to get started with

Everything about Blood pressure monitor

You could find a home blood pressure monitor useful if you have had unusual blood pressure readings on several occasions at the doctors. The most common users of these devices are often patients who are over middle age, but many other people also use them to gain a better overview of their health. Being able to measure your blood pressure at home is much easier and less time-consuming than making regular visits to the doctors. The effectiveness and reliability of automatic bp monitors has increased in recent years, allowing you to take accurate blood pressure readings at home.

If you have your own blood pressure monitor, its often possible for you to store your previous measurements too, making it more easy to compare and keep better track of how your blood pressure varies over time. Different models of blood pressure monitors have different functions. However, they all measure the same lower and upper blood pressure values and the user's pulse.

To explain matters simply, you inflate the cuff of a blood pressure monitors to restrict the blood supply, which is then measured using a small microphone. When the air is released again, the microphone measures the first (systolic) and last (diastolic) heartbeats. The upper blood pressure value, the systolic, is your blood pressure when your heart contracts to pump blood around your body. The lower blood pressure value, the diastolic, is your blood pressure when your heart relaxes and refills with blood.

The difference between blood pressure monitors with upper arm cuffs and wrist cuffs

The difference between choosing a bp test machine with a cuff for your wrist or one with a cuff for your upper arm is a matter of user-friendliness rather than heart rate accuracy. The measurement of your blood pressure value is carried out in the same way, but for those who aren't used to using a monitor at home it's much easier to attach a cuff correctly to the upper arm. Wrist cuffs have position sensors that means they don't inflate and so have to be positioned in the right place - which can sometimes be difficult to find. It's essential that the cuff is positioned correctly for its reading to be correct, so if you aren't confident in doing this we would recommend using a model with an upper arm cuff. However, if you want to easily take your blood pressure monitor with you to work or on your travels, wrist cuff monitors are better due to their size and the fact that they are more discreet.

Things to think about before buying

There are several things you should consider before you buy a home blood pressure monitor. If you can, it's sensible to test the cuff on yourself or on the person who will use the monitor before you buy it, to make sure it fits well. For those with very slim and small arms or those with large arms, it can be more difficult to find a cuff that fits. Older people with fragile blood vessels could also find a tightly squeezing cuff slightly painful. Ones that release their air slowly so that the arm or wrist is squeezed at high pressure for a longer period could also have this effect. If the user has poorer eyesight, it's also important that the screen is bright and clear.

How to measure your blood pressure

Our experienced nurses gave the following tips to help you successfully measure your blood pressure:

  1. Always take the pressure at the same time of day, and ideally relax between 5 and 20 minutes before taking the measurement.
  2. You should also always use the same arm for measuring.
  3. However, if you know that you have an irregular pulse you should always get a doctor to measure your blood pressure so that the results can be validated.
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