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Top 13 best deodorants of 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have tested deodorants and name Vichy 48hr Antiperspirant Treatment Roll-on as best in test. This deodorant is long-lasting and counteracts perspiration efficiently without staining your clothes. It has a subtle but fresh scent and this makes it a good choice for both men and women. Best women's deodorant is Clarins Gentle Care Roll-on, which is incredibly efficient and quick to dry, and it will last through both a workout and a whole day of work. The best men's deodorant is Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Deo Stick, a deodorant with a pleasant scent which is long-lasting and quick to dry.

How the test was made

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of deodorants, both men and women have tested the products under different conditions and on several occasions. The deodorants have been tested during both calm activities and sweaty exercise sessions. We have also evaluated how long the deodorant works for. The parameters below have formed the basis of the score.

Counteracting sweaty odours
How well does the deodorant counteract sweaty smells? How long does it last? Can it cope with different types of sweaty activities, and how often do you need to top it up?

How easy is the deodorant to apply? Does it feel dry or moisturising on the skin? What does the deodorant smell like?

How quickly does the deodorant dry, and how soon can you put clothes on after application? Does the product leave stains or discolouration on clothes?

The evaluation is based on the total overall experience of the product. This has then been compared to the product price to determine value for money and allocate a score.

Everything about Deodorant

If you're like most people, deodorant is part of your morning routine, after showering when you're feeling clean and fresh. Deodorant keeps sweaty smells at bay and is equally popular with women as men – that little deodorant container in the bathroom cupboard is just as important as your toothbrush. Human sweat doesn't actually smell. The characteristic sweaty odour is caused by small bacteria that flourish in warm, damp environments – such as sweaty armpits.

How deodorant works

Deodorants primarily function in up to three ways to keep us odour-free. The first of these is some form of added perfume to conceal the odour already caused by the bacteria. The second is a range of additives that kill the bacteria so they can't produce the substances that create the odour. These additives are most often alcohol or triclosan, but can also be some form of metal compound, which doesn't kill the bacteria, but helps to slow down bacterial growth. The third and last characteristic of some deodorants is that they reduce sweat – what's known as an antiperspirant. This takes place through substances that block the pores around the sweat ducts or make them contract. The most common of these is aluminium.

Because an antiperspirant blocks the sweat ducts and counteracts sweating, this type of deodorant can also be applied in the evening before you go to bed. An antiperspirant normally lasts for at least 24 hours, and if the deodorant is applied in the evening it has time to work properly before it's time for the day's exertions. If you use a deodorant where the primary aim is to produce a pleasant scent using perfume, you should continue as normal and apply it immediately after your morning ablutions for the best effect. For a long time, sprays were the most common type of deodorant, but now there are a range of alternatives such as roll-ons, creams or deosticks. The type you choose depends quite simply on what you're used to and what you prefer. The most hygienic choice is the deodorant spray, because no part of the deodorant packaging touches the armpit. Antiperspirants most often come in roll-on form, while deosticks are the most common for deodorants focusing on providing a pleasant scent.

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