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Top 10 Best Duos of 2022


We tested the most interesting duos. A duo is a pushchair that consists of a chassis, wheels and a separate carrycot and seat unit that can be directly attached to the chassis. The carrycot means the duo can be used from birth, with the seat unit working until the child has become too heavy or in some other way grown out of the pushchair – about 2 or 3 years of age. Often both the seat unit and carrycot are included in the package when you buy a duo, which makes it an investment that last a long time. Many people confuse duos with combination prams. While duos have both a seat unit and carrycot, a combination pram only has a seat unit to which you can add a removable soft or hard carrycot. The carrycot in a duo is normally more spacious for the child.

Top 20 Best Duos of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of duos, we asked normal families and experts in the area to use the pushchairs. The pushchairs were used with both a carrycot and seat unit. They were used on different types of terrain to see how well they worked in urban environments and in the countryside. All of the functions have been reviewed and tested. The duos have all been used for longer periods to get an impartial assessment of the quality.

We included all models of pushchair intended to be used from birth, first with a separate carrycot or with a hard or soft carrycot in the seat unit, and after that with the seat unit alone. Because families all have different daily routines, no one pushchair suits everyone best. It’s important to make your own choice based on your own needs. Our test aims to provide a general assessment and description of each pushchair. The test focused on the following characteristics:

  • Characteristics: Is it a duo or combination pram, can the seat unit be reversed, what’s the pushchair like folded and what does it include?

  • Functions: Can the handle be height adjusted, is it convenient to fold the pushchair, are buttons and levers easy to use?

  • Use: What’s the pushchair like to push, does the chassis have suspension and does it roll well? Is the child comfortable and does the pushchair make life easier or more difficult for the parents?

As well as characteristics and functions, our final score also takes into account the buggy design and whether it’s good value for money. We then name test winners in several different categories divided into different price classes, so there’s a buying recommendation that suits all budgets.

1. Britax Smile III – BEST CHOICE DUO 2022

Very good value duo with full carrycot on the seat unit and very spacious basket

Price class: Medium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/22 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 13 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels (length): 90 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (width): 57 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (height): 40 cm Wheels: Pneumatic wheels Type of seat unit: Reversible, normal Rain cover/apron included: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Knee-joint

Britax Smile 3

The Britax Smile III is the updated version of the Britax Smile 2. The buggy has changed significantly while still being the same. The carrycot is higher up and very cosy, with nicely sewn upholstery. The cover of the carrycot has silent magnetic clasps on the sides and can be attached to the hood with press studs. You can easily remove the carrycot from the chassis with one hand using the clever memory buttons. The carrycot can also be folded flat for storage or transport.

But most of the changes are in the seat unit. The Smile III has a reversible, normal seat unit with a backrest that can be folded down to a flat lying position. Compared to the Smile 2, the backrest is almost 10 cm taller. The maximum weight has been increased to 22 kg, and these factors give the Smile III a significantly longer period of use. The hood on the seat unit can be extended, has a foldout sun visor and a large ventilation hatch. In its longest position, the hood covers the child from head to knees, which is very good.


The seat unit feels spacious and fits children up to 2.5-3 years. The harness can easily be separated into five straps, and the position on the backrest can be adjusted with just one hand. The Britax Smile III has an efficient swing-away safety bar. The crotch strap is attached with Velcro, which means that it can come undone if you haven’t put it on straight and the child leans on the strap. Of course you should always use the harness to secure the child in the buggy.

The Britax Smile III is a narrow pushchair that measures only 57 cm across the rear wheels. And yet it has a surprisingly spacious basket that holds everything you need and a bit more beside. The buggy has four good sized pneumatic wheels. The front wheels can be locked in fixed position if you want to make better progress over things like snow or uneven terrain. The Smile III can be folded in one piece with the seat unit on it, but it’s more compact if you fold the chassis separately. The knee-joint handle can be set to many different positions. This, together with the fact that there’s plenty of legroom for the person pushing it, means that the Britax Smile III is ideal for even tall parents.

If you’ve used a Britax Smile 2, you’ll quickly recognise the Smile III – but also realise that everything is a bit better here. The fact that the seat unit is significantly larger while the maximum weight has also been increased gives a much longer period of use. And it’s even better to push because the Smile III has been given better suspension. This is a buggy that is easy to push and steer. Of course the price is high. But the significantly improved functions and the more attractive design on areas such as the upholstery mean that it’s still just as good value. If there is a duo that can take over from the enormously popular Smile 2, it’s undoubtedly the Britax Smile III.

Excellent lying positionlong hoodlarge basketnice to pushgood value
Fiddly crotch straplarge when folded with the seat unit on

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Britax Smile III Pushchair-Indigo Blue


2. Bugaboo Fox 3 - BEST PREMIUM CHOICE

Price: Premium Maximum weight: 1,4/3,5 st Weight of pushchair: 1,9 st Folded size incl. wheels: 34,6 x 23,6 x 18,1 in Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Type of seat: Reversible, ergonomic includes rain cover: yes/no Adapter for car seat: Yes Handle: Telescope

Bugaboo Fox 3 (Duo)

Bugaboo's popular pushchair Fox comes in a third version with a refreshed range of colours on the upholstery, convertible top and on the chassis. Bugaboo is now leaving a long era with cheaper chassis in aluminium colours or a more expensive black one. On Fox 3, aluminium is replaced with graphite grey, and the price level is the same as for black chassis.

Updated reclining part with good ventilation

Bugaboo Fox 3 can be used from when the baby is born, with the included reclining part or with a car seat, and adapters can be purchased separately. The assembly of the pram requires a peek at the manual, but it is very straightforward how all parts are connected. The reclining part is spacious and feels comfortable for the baby. Fox 3 gets a plus because the reclining part can be very easily folded down and stored in the car or taken on a trip.

Fox 3 has a new Breezy reclining part, which means that the fabric at the upper end of the pram can be folded up. Below is a mesh net, which lets air flow to the baby and cools down in hot weather. Alongside the long convertible top, this makes the Fox 3 an excellent pram even for summer babies. The mesh net also allows a baby that’s awake to look out. Folded down, the upholstery is kept in place with a magnetic lock so that the cold doesn’t blow in during the winter.

Reversible, ergonomic seat with brilliant sun protection

Compared to the popular predecessor Bugaboo Fox 2, the new Fox 3 has an upgraded harness on the seat. The harness is softer with more padding but still just as smart with its separate straps that click into the buckle individually. The maximum weight for the seat is 3,5 st. Fox 3 has a spacious backrest and seating area, but the somewhat short footrest means that the pram works best up to about 2,5 years of age.

The ergonomic seat can easily switch between the forward and backward position, as well as switch between a sitting, resting and lying position. The extendable convertible top has a viewing and ventilation hatch in the middle and provides excellent sun protection. Fox 3 has a large and easily accessible shopping cart. The foot brake at the left rear wheel can be comfortably found with your foot, and the length of the handle can be effortlessly adjusted.


High price but with high value

What is most characteristic of the Bugaboo Fox 3, however, is the brilliant driving feel. The easy-to-turn pram rolls quickly on its puncture-free wheels. Fox 3 is perceived to be a little too light to cope with rough terrain but is perfect for asphalt and in the city. Fox 3 is easy to fold and lift into the car. The pram is most compact if you first click off the seat and then fold the chassis separately.

It’s impressive how Bugaboo constantly works to improve already popular prams. The new fabrics for Fox 3 are more resilient, including against sun-bleaching, which is a long-awaited update. Although the price for Fox 3 is high, Bugaboo definitely provides premium value for money.

Excellent convertible topgreat for walksfolds compactlyfits all year round
Somewhat short footrest

3. Joolz Day3

Attractively designed duo that’s nice to push with well-designed carrycot

Price class: Medium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/15 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 12.7 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels (length): 83 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (width): 61 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (height): 42 cm Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Type of seat unit: Reversible, ergonomic Rain cover/apron included: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic Recommended rain cover: Elodie Details Universal Rain Cover from: Babyland.se

Joolz Day3 (Duo)

The Joolz Day3 is the successor to the Joolz Day 2, and there isn’t much that distinguishes the two buggies. In comparison with the Day 2, the Day3 now has an integrated bracket for the baby changing bag, an improved foot brake, more scratch-resistant surfaces, a bigger harness for the seat unit and a frame that’s easier to click into the chassis.

The Joolz Day3 is a duo with modern functions and a design that’s perfect for today. The carrycot works all year round but is particularly suitable for the summer. The hood and the carrycot fabric can be opened up at the front. Beneath this is mesh fabric that lets in the air and creates good circulation in the carrycot. The Day3 is cosy for the newborn, with a soft mattress and a good carrycot cover that protects against wind and weather. You can easily remove the carrycot from the chassis and carry it with the safety bar, for babies up to 9 kg.

When it’s time to change to the seat unit, you remove the carrycot fabric from the frame and install the seat unit fabric instead. This involves a number of steps but the instruction book is clear so it isn’t a difficult process. The seat unit is ergonomic and reversible. It can be inclined from sitting position to reclined position and down to a lying position. A unique function for the Day3 is that the footrest can be extended, which means you can easily create more legroom for the growing child.

The hood for the seat unit is the same as for the carrycot. At the front there’s a fold out sun visor, and as we’ve already mentioned the hood can be opened up for better ventilation. In lying position, the hood feels a little short, but in sitting position it works very well. The safety bar is of the swing-away type. The harness on the seat unit can easily be separated into separate straps, which makes things easier when you’re adding a footmuff or seat cushion to the pushchair. The seat unit is neither particularly small nor very spacious, and works for most children up to 2-3 years of age – which matches the maximum weight of 15 kg.

If you like walking, you’ll love the Joolz Day3. The stroller is very nice to push. The chassis has some springiness and the pushchair rolls quickly and easily. The front wheel can be replaced with larger rough terrain wheels if you want, and then the pushchair copes better with the snow. But this is more a pushchair for an urban environment and for countryside walks. The Day3 is ideal for tall parents. The handle can be adjusted to a very high setting. And the carrycot and seat unit are both quite high up.

The Day3 can be folded with the seat unit but is more compact if you fold the chassis separately. The pushchair basket is not ideal if you want to buy lots of shopping. The folding rear edge makes it easier to add things to the basket, but it's difficult to carry large objects under the Joolz Day3. Other than that, this is a pushchair with lots of positives and few negatives, and for the comparatively reasonable price tag you get a lot of buggy for your money with the Joolz Day3.

Nice to pushvery well-designed carrycotattractive design
Relatively small baskethood slightly too short

4. Cybex Talos S Lux

Easy-to-push stroller with good lying position, long hood and substantial wheels

Max. weight seat unit: 22 kg Weight of stroller with seat unit: 14.2 kg Folded size: 79 x 60 x 48 cm Reversible: Yes Carrycot: Yes Rain cover: Not included Backrest: 3 positions, normal seat unit Sleeping position: Lying position Handle: Adjustable, fully telescopic handle Adapter for baby car seat: Available separately

Cybex Talos S Lux

The Cybex Talos S Lux är is a reversible pushchair that can be used from birth with the included carrycot, or by attaching a baby car seat to the chassis. But it’s with the seat unit on the stroller that it really stands out.

Good lying position and spacious seat unit

The Cybex Talos S Lux has a normal seat unit with a backrest that can be reclined from sitting to reclining or lying position by bending the white catch on the back of the backrest upwards. The lying position slopes slightly rather than being entirely flat, but it still works very well.

The child can lie comfortably in the Talos S Lux and if you fold the footrest up, the sleeping area is extended. A normal-sized three-year-old fits well in the stroller, but when they reach 1 m tall the footrest is likely to feel too short.

Really long hood with unnecessary windows

The Cybex Talos S Lux has a substantial hood which can be extended. The hood has plastic windows in the sides, which we feel are a meaningless detail that Cybex could easily have skipped. Because the plastic windows have black mesh in, it’s still really dark in the stroller. At the back of the hood is an openable ventilation hatch.

The Talos S Lux has a swing-away safety bar and an extremely convenient harness that makes it easy to use a footmuff or seat cushion. The stroller folds up in a single piece with the seat unit on, regardless of which way the seat unit is facing. The folding process is straightforward and takes just ten seconds once you've got the hang of it. The built-in carrying handle under the seat makes it easy to pack the Talos S Lux into the car.

Foam-filled wheels with suspension

With the Talos S Lux, Cybex have put a bit more focus on the wheels, resulting in efficient, foam-filled tyres that roll easily and a tyre surface that stones don’t get stuck in. Both the swivel front wheels and the larger back wheels have suspension. This makes the stroller pleasant to push. The front wheels occasionally tend to feel a little too soft when you're pushing it over an uneven surface, so even if it copes fine with gravel and grass, you can’t take it on forest paths with lots of roots.

Compared with other models by Cybex, there’s no doubt that the Talos S Lux is the best choice just now for anyone who wants a convenient Cybex stroller that’s easy to pack into the car but simultaneously has a hood and wheels that can cope with more than sunny walks on asphalt.

Substantial wheelseasy to foldgood lying positionspacious seat unit
Unnecessary peephole windows in the hood

5. UPPAbaby Cruz V2

Spacious and convenient duo with gigantic basket and excellent long hood

Price class: Medium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/22 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 9.8 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels (length): 84 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (width): 58 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (height): 42 cm Wheels: Puncture-free Type of seat unit: Reversible, ergonomic Rain cover/apron included: Yes/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic

UppaBaby Cruz V2

One thing needs to be clear from the start. Apart from the name, there’s pretty much no similarity at all between the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 and the older UPPAbaby Cruz version. Unfortunately it’s the latest version that’s clearly the better one of the two. The Cruz V2 is a convenient little buggy, which together with the carrycot makes a duo to reckon with.

Unusually large and sturdy basket

UPPAbaby are known for spacious seat units with a high maximum weight, and for even more spacious baskets which also have a high capacity. And the Cruz V2 is no exception. The sturdy chassis feels strong and convenient at the same time. And the basket is nothing less than enormous, with a maximum weight of a full 13.6 kg, and is also very easily accessible. Popping a couple of shopping bags into it whole is no problem at all.

The chassis has good suspension, which makes it a soft and smooth ride for your child. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to different heights, and together with the lack of a strut between the rear wheels this means there’s plenty of space for the parent to walk. Even very tall parents can walk comfortably behind the UPPAbaby Cruz V2.

Convenient stroller for urban walking and slightly rougher surfaces

The buggy has puncture-free wheels that are very large. The Cruz V2 isn’t the perfect choice for deep snow or rougher terrain. But for use on mixed surfaces in terms it works very well and even if the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 does best on tarmac and pavements, it doesn’t do too badly on gravel paths. The stroller is very easy to steer and can easily be turned with one hand.

It can be folded with the seat unit on, provided it’s facing the front. If you remove the seat unit first and pack it on top of the folded chassis, the Cruz V2 is quite compact and easy to get into the car boot. You can use adapters to attach a baby car seat to the chassis. The Cruz V2 has a cosy carrycot with a long hood and convenient carrying handle.

Long period of use with spacious seat unit

The Cruz V2 has a reversible, ergonomic seat unit that can be angled into five different positions. The seat unit has every function you’d want. The swing-out safety bar is easy to operate, the footrest is adjustable and the harness easy to adjust the height. The hood is impressively well constructed and very long when it’s extended to the maximum. It also has a good peephole that can provide ventilation to the seat unit.

In forward facing position, with the built-in footrest as support for the child’s legs, children up to 5-6 years of age can travel in the UPPAbaby Cruz V2. And a 2-3 year old will be very comfortable, with plenty of space even for a footmuff or winter clothes. UPPAbaby may not yet have made a breakthrough outside the USA, but the Cruz V2 may be the well-deserved pioneer for the brand.

Gigantic basketsspacious seat unitparent can walk freelylong hood
Can’t be folded in one piece with the seat unit facing backwards

6. Cybex Priam

Luxurious, well-designed duo with excellent carrycot and spacious, comfortable seat unit

Price class: Premium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/17 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 12.6 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels: 92 x 60 x 38 cm Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Type of seat unit: Reversible, normal Rain cover/apron included: Yes/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic Recommended rain cover: Elodie Details Universal Rain Cover from: Babyland.se

Cybex Priam (Duo)

After four years on the market, a new version of the Cybex Priam was released in spring 2019. The foundation – the actual chassis – is the same. But otherwise the Priam has undergone several major changes. The chassis is available in several different colours, with the handle, safety bar and various other parts in imitation leather. The Priam is now only available with one type of wheel, although you can replace the front wheels with skis, which is useful if you live in an area with a lot of snow.

The spacious carrycot on the Priam is incredibly well-designed and works equally well on a cold winter's day as it does for a sunny summer walk. The inside has a soft lining and the carrycot cover has a good edge that protects your child well when folded up. The hood and carrycot fabric can both be opened up at the head end. Beneath this is a layer of mesh fabric. This means that you can create good ventilation in the carrycot, and also means that your child can lie on their tummy and look out. The carrycot has built-in carrying handles in the hood, and a small foldout sun visor that gives excellent shade. This is a carrycot you’re happy to put your newborn baby in.

The Cybex Priam's seat unit has a simple, removable cover, although the manual for how to install it could be clearer. The cover is shiny and the hood of the seat unit is lined with a fabric in the same colour but slightly lighter. It feels high-quality, and even if shiny fabric sometimes feels brittle, this one turns out to be quite robust. The lower part of the foot end is clad in a slightly tougher material. The seat unit has a swing-away safety bar that can also be removed completely.

The seat unit is more spacious on the new Priam compared to models before 2019 – and above all the footrest has been made bigger. But the fact that the seat cushion is now removable also means that the Priam has a longer period of use in terms of seat unit space. This combined with the maximum weight means that you can easily use the Priam for your child’s first three years or even longer. The backrest can be angled from upright sitting position down to full lying position – and even the footrest is adjustable. You simply can’t complain about the child’s comfort in the Cybex Priam. Although the hood can be extended, it's a little short in lying position, which is perhaps the only negative point about the seat unit.

The Cybex Priam has an attractively designed chassis and a telescopic handle that you can height adjust. Both the carrycot and seat unit are high up, and the Priam works well even for taller parents. The basket can either be closed at the back or use open – which makes it possible to carry more. You can easily shop for dinner on the way home with the Priam.

Earlier versions of the Priam have had suspension in the chassis, but now the front wheels too have suspension and this makes for a much softer ride. The Priam is easy to steer, easy to use on public transport because the handle can be pressed right into the chassis, and is convenient to fold. The chassis itself is very compact when folded. If you want to fold the stroller with the seat unit on, it has to be forward-facing.

It isn’t only when you list its functions that the Cybex Priam performs well. The experience you have when you push it has also gone from good to fantastic. But the price has also increased, and the Priam is now one of the most expensive strollers on the market. But if you have the budget for it you’ll be rewarded with a real luxury experience.

Superb to pushvery well designed carrycotcosy seat unit with full lying position
Very expensiveslightly too short hood on seat unit

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7. Joolz Day +

Stylish duo that’s nice to push and has a well-designed carrycot and spacious seat unit

Price class: Premium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/22 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 13.3 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels: 101 x 60 x 49 cm Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Type of seat unit: Reversible, ergonomic Rain cover/apron included: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic

Joolz Day+ (Duo)

The Joolz Day+ is the fourth version of the manufacturer's stylish duo, and the updates it's received really lift it up to the next level. The Day+ is as attractive as it is easy to push, with an appealing design on everything from small details to upholstery and accessories.

Convenient walks and well-designed carrycot

The Day+ can be used straight from birth, either with a carrycot or by attaching a baby car seat to the chassis with an adapter. The carrycot is cosy and has a comfortable mattress with raised edges around the child’s head. For a winter baby, a carrycot cover with an edge that can be folded up provides excellent protection against icy winds. And for a summer child there’s a large ventilation hatch in both the hood and in the head end of the carry cot fabric.

The stroller rolls really well, turns easily and is a sheer pleasure to push when you're out for a walk. The foam-filled tyres deal with uneven surfaces well. The front wheels are very small, but Joolz sell larger, swivel wheels you can replace them with if you’ll often be using the stroller on rougher ground. Why the large wheels aren’t standard isn’t clear. Both the seat unit and carrycot are positioned relatively high on the chassis. Together with the high telescopic handle, this makes the Joolz Day+ a good choice for taller parents.

Ergonomic seat unit with extendable footrest

The seat unit is ergonomic and can be turned to face both forwards and backwards. The Joolz Day+ has a catch on the back, which means that you can easily alter the seat unit between sitting, reclined and lying positions, using just one hand. The seat unit also has a practical, extendable footrest. The Day+ is very spacious. It will comfortably fit a normal-sized three-year-old.

The hood gives good shade in both sitting and reclined position, but in lying position it's far too short. But the ventilation is good. The seat unit hood has a substantial ventilation hatch, just like the carrycot. The harness on the Day+ has been improved and consists of four straps that click separately into a buckle. The seat unit also has a swing-away safety bar that can be removed completely.

Convenient stroller with built-in lighting

The Joolz Day+ has a clever basket that’s also been made bigger since the Joolz Day3. The back can be folded down to make it easier to load and unload. There are small LED lamps that run on AA batteries on the front and back of the basket. You turn these on with a button and can see better in dark conditions.

The Day+ is easy to fold, but you can only keep the seat unit on when it’s folded if it’s facing forward. In any case, the stroller is most compact if you fold the chassis separately. The Joolz Day+ still isn’t perfect. But the improvements mean the Joolz Day+ is clearly a very good duo, and one that deserves more attention.

Really nice to pushwell-designed carrycotextendable footrestspacious seat unitintelligent basket
Bulky to fold with seat unitsmall front wheelsshort hood

8. Thule Sleek

Price class: Medium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/15 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 12.7 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels (length): 83 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (width): 61 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (height): 42 cm Recommended rain cover: Elodie Details Universal Rain Cover from: Babyland.se

Thule Sleek

The Thule Sleek is a duo that can be converted to a sibling stroller by attaching a carrycot or seat unit on the front of the chassis. The Sleek is Thule’s first traditional, four-wheeled stroller, but the fact that the brand has a history of jogging strollers and bicycle trailers is quite obvious. The stroller is very easy to push and pretty much rolls by itself. The Sleek has four foam-filled wheels. The front two swivel but can easily be locked in a fixed position. The basket is spacious and can be adapted to the amount of stuff you have in it – the cover can be folded out of the way and the back edge can be folded down. The stroller has a telescopic handle that can be set to many different positions. The angle of the handle is relatively steep, which means that it’s more difficult to lift up the front of the stroller by pushing down on the handle – particularly if you’re short and you want the handle low down.

The carrycot is cosy with good wind and sun protection from the hood. The reversible seat unit is ergonomic and has an adjustable footrest. However, you can’t set the footrest horizontal. The seat unit is very spacious, both widthways and lengthways. Even older children can travel comfortably in the Thule Sleek, and taller children won’t hit their heads on the hood, as it can be moved upwards on the frame. The hood can be opened and extended with a zip. Underneath this is a ventilation hatch to let in more air. On the top is a normal peephole in clear plastic. The Sleek also has a fold-out sun visor, but with the seat unit in lying position the hood could still have been a tiny bit longer. The seat unit has Thule’s normal, smart harness with plenty of padding and can be divided into five separate straps. You only need to use one hand to incline the seat unit, and it’s easy to remove it from the chassis to reverse it.

All of the functions in the Thule Sleek are very high quality. The swing-away safety bar works every time and the brake is easy to find with your foot. You can fold the stroller up into a compact package, but if you want to fold the Sleek in one piece, the seat unit must be facing forward. But if you fold the chassis and seat unit separately, they can be neatly stacked on top of each other in the car boot. The Sleek is a sturdily built stroller and you never doubt for a second that it can cope with carrying two children in sibling configuration. This is above all a stroller for the active parent, which has always been Thule’s target group. If you’re life as a parent revolves around the stroller as a constant companion when shopping for food, collecting your children from preschool, power walks and forest excursions, the Thule Sleek will be perfect for you.

Very spacious seat unitsturdy and stable chassisclever basketrolls very well
No horizontal position on footresthood could have been longersteep angle on handle

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9. Quinny Hubb

Duo with a gigantic basket, sturdy wheels and many clever accessories

Price class: Medium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/15 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 12.7 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels: 83x61x42 cm Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Type of seat unit: Reversible, ergonomic Rain cover/apron included: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic Recommended rain cover: Tullsa Universal Rain Cover from:

Quinny Hubb

The Quinny Hubb is a modular stroller that can be transformed from a single stroller to a twin or sibling stroller. The chassis has five different attachment options, and fortunately a clear manual explaining how to use these is included. The Hubb’s carrycot is spacious and uses the same hood and safety bar as the seat unit. You attach this to the chassis with its own adapters, which are included. You can also attach a baby car seat to the Hubb.

As a single stroller, the Quinny Hubb has a reversible and ergonomic seat unit with an adjustable footrest. The seat unit on the Hubb can be inclined from an upright sitting position down to a lying position by releasing a catch on the back of the backrest. The hood can be extended, and in lying position it would have been nice if it had a sun visor too – but it actually provides good enough shade anyway. The safety bar is a swing-away one and very easy to open and move to one side. Overall, the Hubb’s buttons and catches are high quality and easy to use.

The Hubb has an adjustable telescopic handle, but the difference between the highest and lowest positions is small. It would have been nice if they handle could have gone a little higher for tall people or those who want plenty of room to walk behind the stroller. But the rear axle height above the ground means that it’s not likely you’re going to kick the stroller. In the middle of the handle is the button to set the height and to fold the chassis. This is intended to work equally well regardless of whether you use your right or left hand – a unique and very welcome function.

Something you notice about the Quinny Hubb immediately is the gigantic basket that can hold vast quantities of shopping. At the back there’s also a large storage pocket with an elasticated opening. This is perfect for the things you want near to hand but which mustn’t fall out. You quickly get the hang of folding the Quinny Hubb with just one hand, and the stroller can be folded with the seat unit on it. It stays on its wheels when it’s folded, which is very practical on a slushy winter day in the supermarket car park. But the Hubb is very large when it's folded. It actually only gets flatter, and it’s definitely not suitable for a small car.

Quinny have developed a number of clever accessories for the Hubb. As a sibling stroller it works fine, even though you unfortunately can’t have both children facing backwards. The best accessory is the Hop On Board – a cross between a standing board and a sibling seat unit. A larger child, up to 25 kg, can sit here. Unfortunately the seat unit has to be facing forwards. But if you don’t mind that, the Quinny Hubb is an extremely good stroller solution for the sibling duo where the older child can often walk but sometimes needs to sit down – and where the parent can walk normally behind the stroller regardless.

The four large wheels are puncture-free and covered with sturdy rubber. The Hubb can cope with more snow and uneven terrain than it looks, and rarely gets stuck. In an urban environment it’s very easy to steer. Quinny have also succeeded in balancing the chassis well and the stroller doesn’t feel heavy to get up onto pavements and so on. It’s a nice stroller to push and the Hubb delivers well even over longer walks.

The Hubb is a stroller that stands out from the crowd and it’s great that Quinny are pushing the boundaries for what a stroller should cope with and what it should look like. As it stands, it works best as a single stroller or together with the Hop On the Board. If there had been more opportunities to have a rear-facing seat unit in the sibling version, it would have got a higher overall score. But this is very promising and there’s every reason to keep track of future developments in the already very good stroller the Quinny Hubb is.

Large basketvery good accessoriesreversible seat unit with good lying positionsturdy wheels
Rather low handlelimited opportunities for rear-facing seat unit in sibling mode

10. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus

Convenient, lightweight and easy to steer duo that folds up compactly to go in the car

Price class: Premium Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/17 kg Weight of buggy with seat unit: 9.6 kg Dimensions, folded with wheels (length): 90 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (width): 60 cm Dimensions, folded with wheels (height): 31 cm Wheels: Puncture-free Type of seat unit: Reversible, ergonomic Rain cover/apron included: Yes/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Handle: Telescopic

Bugaboo Cameleon3 (Duo)

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus is the updated version of the Bugaboo Cameleon3. The major change to the stroller is in the design. The frame to which you attach the seat unit and carrycot fabric is no longer clad in foam, which is it a more attractive silhouette. The Cameleon3 Plus is also available in the same colours of cover and hood as other stroller models from Bugaboo. The most obvious difference is the new basket, which is now open and significantly easier to put things in and see into. The stroller has small swivel wheels at the front and large foam-filled rear tyres. The handle can be height regulated in several steps. You can also fold it over the stroller so it’s temporarily running with the back wheels first – a kind of off-road mode. On the right-hand side of the handle is an easy to use handbrake. You always have to take the stroller apart into two pieces before folding it, which is an extra job when you’re packing it into the car. But the advantage is that the Cameleon3 Plus is very flat when it’s stacked with the seat unit above the chassis.

Both the carrycot and seat unit on the Cameleon3 Plus are low down. The carrycot is spacious and cosy, and the carrycot cover is attached with a zip. When it’s time for the child to change to the seat unit, you remove the carrycot fabric from the frame and install the seat unit fabric instead. You always use the same hood. The hood can be opened up with a zip and extended, so it gives very good shade from the sun. The ergonomic seat unit is spacious widthways, and in terms of length it works for a child up to about 1 m tall. Regardless of the direction, the seat unit can be inclined to a sitting, resting or lying position. However, this requires two hands and some strength, as the seat unit is adjusted by pressing in the two round white buttons on the sides of the frame at the same time that you alter the angle. A single-handed solution would have been better. The Cameleon3 Plus has a convenient swing-away safety bar, which you can also remove completely, together with a five-point harness that can be divided into separate straps. This makes it easy to put a footmuff in the stroller.

Even though Bugaboo market the Cameleon3 Plus as a stroller that you can take on walks in woods or fields, it obviously works best in an urban environment. Here, the stroller is very convenient and easy to steer. The low weight makes it suitable if you live in a block of flats without a lift and you have to carry the stroller up to your flat. The fact that you can fold the handle up over the stroller makes the Cameleon3 Plus temporarily shorter, and ideal to get into small lifts. If you live or mostly move around in a town, the small wheels aren’t a problem and the other functions of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus make it a very useful companion for walking and shopping, and one that’s very cosy for the child.

Low weighteasy to steersmall and convenientcompact when packed in the car
Small front wheelscarrycot low downrequires two hands to incline the seat unit

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Things to remember when you buy a duo

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a duo is your own lifestyle. Start by identifying the properties of the pushchair that are most important and then match the models available to your own needs. If more than one person will be pushing the buggy, for example, it’s useful if both people can set the handle to a comfortable height. If you have a car with limited space and you’re going to be travelling by car with the buggy a lot, it’s worth spending time on checking whether the buggy is small enough when it’s folded. And if you live high up in a block of flats with a small lift, the width of the pushchair can be the most important thing.

Will you need a spacious and easily accessible basket so you can go shopping with the pushchair, or will you take the car often so you need a buggy that’s easy to fold? And for duos in particular you also need to think about the size of the carrycot. For longer children, it’s a good idea to choose a buggy with a spacious carrycot so you don’t have to change the seat unit earlier than you intended


Although different buggies can vary in how well-designed and fun they are to push, no pushchair is best at everything. But there’s definitely a pushchair with functions that suit your family better than those in other buggies. If you’re expecting your first child, it can be difficult to understand when and how often you’ll use a pushchair. So it can be a good idea to ask other people with children who live in the same area, or who have similar habits in terms of travel and leisure interests, how they approached choosing a pushchair and why they chose that particular model.

It’s also a good idea to bear in mind that even if, as a future first-time parent, you primarily visualise a newborn baby in the carrycot, you rarely use this for more than six months. But you’ll use the seat unit for several years. If you want a pushchair that’s going to work for a longer period, it’s a good idea to make sure you choose one that can grow with the child and be modified as the child develops.

Check out our extensive buying guide with other important things to think about when buying a buggy. Link to buying guide and all of our pushchair tests

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