Updated 9 March 2022

Electric cars for children: 8 models tested

Are you looking for an affordable electric car for your child? We tested the most popular models on the market.

Electric cars for children: 8 models tested

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We tested all electric cars on asphalt, grass and gravel. We measured how long it took to assemble the car, how much power it had on different surfaces, how safe it was to drive and the functions included.

As well as performance testing the electric cars, we also carried out a long-term test by having our test families run the electric cars for a period of several months. The families then gave us feedback and this has been taken into account in our assessment.

In our assessment, we have focused on the following aspects:

  • Performance: How long can you drive the electric car before it needs charging? What surfaces can the electric car be driven over without a reduction in performance? How fast does the electric car go?

  • Safety: Does the electric car have a safety belt? Is the child protected as they drive the car? Is there a risk that the electric car will overturn during use? Is it possible to use a remote control to activate the emergency brake if the child is in a dangerous situation? Can the child access the battery while the electric car is charging?

  • Assembly & build quality: How quick and easy is it to assemble the electric car? Are the user instructions easy to follow? What’s the build quality like in the different parts? How stable and well balanced is the electric car when it's being driven?

We have also analysed a number of other points such as noise level, charging time and functions such as a music player, speed control etc. Taken together, these aspects give a picture of whether the electric car is good value for money. This affordability is then reflected in the score.

We have tested a selection of the market's most popular electric cars for children. Compare prices for all listed electric cars on PriceRunner.

1. Mercedes 540K Classic - BEST CHOICE ELECTRIC CAR

Attractive and well-built stylish classic car for children

Model: Pickup Age: 3-6 years Seats: 1 child (maximum load 100 kg) Speed: Forward: up to 6 km/h (2 modes) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 138x59x57cm Stated driving time: 45 to 90 mins Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 65 mins Motor: 4*35W Battery: 1x12V (10Ah) Miscellaneous: Openable doors, soft start, four-wheel drive, storage space

Rull Mercedes 300S Classic 12V

The Mercedes 540K Classic is an electric car that exudes style, flair and nostalgia – mainly for the adult who wants to brag about owning one. Usually the appearance of a gadget isn’t something that can fairly be commented on because everyone’s taste differs. But in this case, how can anyone not like the look? The shiny paint gives an exquisite impression together with the beige interior and the soft leather seat. As an electric car for children, it looks lavish. The only thing missing in that respect, is that the car isn’t really quiet enough.

For the child, who probably won’t be as fascinated by the shiny exterior, there are plenty of other details to explore. This car fast became one of the most popular models amongst our testers. It’s easy to store, easy to lift into place, comfortable to drive and at the same time has enough performance to get around on different terrain.

The leather seat is nice and soft. And despite the small size, there’s even a small storage space at the back for the child to keep things they find on their journey. One of our testers used this space for a drink and biscuits, another used it for storing interesting stones.


Easy to operate

The car is easy to drive and, because it’s quite narrow, it’s easy to steer even in narrower spaces. Despite the fact that this is a slightly smaller electric car, which often means less performance, we found no problem driving it on gravel roads or other tougher surfaces. It’s a bit slow on steep uphill slopes, but still manages to reach the top, unlike many other cars in the same size class. If you drive it on a flat lawn or a slightly sloping road, it certainly has no problem getting around and keeping up a decent speed.

We measured driving time at approx 65 minutes with a smaller child in the car. The charging time is just over ten hours, so it must be left overnight or the whole day when the battery runs out. Unfortunately, you can’t see how much charge is left, but you can’t do that with most other electric cars for children either, and the ones that do have a battery indicator rarely work satisfactorily. The car is also easy to carry back if the charge runs out some distance away.


Given the small size, the price tag may seem a little high even for a branded car, but it actually has other elements that justify the price – such as four-wheel drive, a nice soft seat and being able to carry a fair weight.

Comfortablerear storage spacereally strong for its sizeelegant and well-built
Sound profile is a bit annoying

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2. Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 - BEST PREMIUM CHOICE

Extremely powerful, fun and well thought out in many ways

Model: Pickup Age: 3-7 years Seats: 2 children or 1 child and 1 adult (maximum load 90 kg) Speed: Forward: up to 6 km/h (3 modes) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 130x68x77 cm Weight: 46.5 kg Stated driving time: 40 to 90 mins Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 75 mins Motor: 6*35W Battery: 1x12V (14Ah) Miscellaneous: Openable doors, soft start, six-wheel drive, two storage compartments, extra accelerator pedal on the outside to allow for passenger control

Azeno Mercedes G63 Amg 12V

The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 is a six-wheeled electric car that drives on all wheels, with adjustable rear-view mirrors and enough power and stability for an adult to use. Of course, an adult will have problems getting their legs in, but they can sit diagonally behind the seat and travel safely.

This car is really powerful. Powerful enough to take you up slopes and across lawns without really complaining. It also works without complaining on gravel paths.

Assembles really quickly

The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 offers a four-point seat belt, horn, built-in music and easily accessible buttons and levers that a child quickly learns to use. There are three speed modes, instead of the usual two, and one reverse mode.


The six wheels and the strong construction provide good stability on the road. The speed is suitable for a child even in the fastest mode (which you, as an adult, can set via the remote control).

The car itself is heavy and very sluggish to move if it runs out of battery. If that happens, it’s best if there are two people to carry it back home – either that or you need to make sure the battery doesn’t run out too far from home.

We measured the battery life at 75 minutes with one child in the car. This is excellent considering the power of this electric car. However, charging time is a full ten hours, so it must be left almost overnight. At the same time, it says in the instructions that it shouldn’t be charged for more than twelve hours in one go, which means you only have a fairly small window for charging. So you need to be fairly well organised in that respect.


In terms of assembly, this is one of the easiest electric cars we’ve tested. Assembly time on average is 20 minutes, which is a good bit less than half the time for most other cars. Our model took ten minutes longer to assemble due to a problem with locking one wheel, but that was because we were a little too timid initially. You basically just push the wheels on, avoiding hassle with wheel nuts and the like. An extremely convenient solution.

The soft start is very noticeable. Before the child has got used to the car, they tend to feel that the car isn’t working, but they just need to wait a little longer for the car to start rolling.

One fun thing about the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 is that it has two storage compartments, one at the back and one at the front under the bonnet. So you can store the charger and remote control under the bonnet, where a child rarely looks because the battery and so on are there. This leaves the child to use all the space at the back. This is a perfect space for pine cones, their sweater and so on – something that all of our young testers appreciated.

The remote control is similar to a game console controller, and thus very easy for an adult to use to control the car if the child needs help.

This electric car is ideal for anyone looking for a branded car with a well-thought-out construction, plenty of power and that extra added value that makes the price feel justified – in other words, not just a branded car with a high price tag, as many others seem to be.

Very quick to assemblevery powerfulplenty of storage spaceeasy to use remote controlreally substantial maximum load
Very tough to move with flat batterystart takes a bit of getting used to

3. Elbil Nordic Roll Sport – BEST BUDGET ELECTRIC CAR

Tough and well equipped with good storage

Model: Sports car Age: 3-6 years Speed: Forwards: up to 4.2 km/h (1 mode) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 108x63x47 cm Measured assembly time: 25 min Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 60 min Motor: 2*20W Battery: 1x12V Miscellaneous: Working doors, soft start, AUX & USB to stereo, remote control, safety belt, lighting, storage space

Nordic Roll Sport Elbil

The Nordic Roll Sport is a powerful electric car in a fun design that also has a small storage space where the child can store toys while they’re using the car – or you can store the charger, remote control and manual when the car isn't being used. This is a cool extra feature that will quickly be appreciated by both large and small.

This electric car is definitely powerful compared to both the price and the competition. It has no problems getting up hills. Despite the fact that it's being driven by a 4-year-old, it’s able to manage starting on a small hill without showing any signs of struggling. The car can cope with gravel, grass and asphalt surfaces. It also has a soft start function, so it never starts with a jerk.

The main problem with the car is that it’s quite compact. It's primarily suitable for the slightly younger child, around 2-6 years of age. If you have younger children you’ll also appreciate the remote control that means you can help your child while they're driving.

What you perhaps won’t like quite so much – but your child will probably love – is the built-in music player. It includes a range of stories and music.

Lots of things for the child to play with

Assembling the Nordic Roll Sport is relatively easy. Apart from the initial stage, where you have to install two support wheels, there are very few, simple phases. The difficult thing about installing the support wheels is that you have to screw through a plastic part, and this is fiddly because it’s a long way inside the car and you can't really see where the screw’s going. Half of the assembly time is taken up by this, and with a better design the assembly would only have taken 15 minutes.

The manual doesn’t help at all, because you simply can’t work out what the images are depicting. But fortunately there are very few parts and it's fairly self-evident where and how they need to be positioned. This means that it's still a relatively simple installation process.

Because the car is relatively cheap, it has a plastic seat, plastic wheels and so on. But for a budget product it’s still well equipped. We've already mentioned the music player, remote control and storage. In addition to this, it also has a safety belt, attractive and sufficiently powerful lighting and a horn.

This electric car is suitable for anyone with children of pre-school age who’s looking for a small, compact but still strong and well-equipped electric car.

Powerfulbudget modelstorage at the back
Terrible manualrather cramped inside

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4. Volvo XC90 Inscription

Attractive brand car ideal for a single driver

Model: 4x4 Age: 3-7 years Speed: Forwards: up to 6 km/h (3 modes) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 128x71x70 cm Stated driving time: 40 min Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 65 min Motor: 2*35W Battery: 1x12V Miscellaneous: Leather seat, working doors, AUX & USB to stereo, built-in music player, remote control, lighting, real paint

Rull Volvo XC90 Inscription 12V

The Volvo XC90 Inscription is a cool brand car that feels well-built and well designed in many ways. With working doors, leather seats, patterned panels and a gear stick for controlling drive, parking and reverse, it exudes a premium feel, particularly given the great lustre in the paint.

As a child’s car, it's spacious. But in this price class, we'd expect space for two children, and if you’re going to compromise on that the electric car needs to be otherwise superb. This one is good, but not so amazing we can understand why Volvo have economised by constructing it so that there isn’t room for two children.

Other than the electric car itself, the package includes a remote control and an AUX cable. The car has a built-in music player that contains both music and stories.

The XC90 Inscription comes with three speed modes, but unfortunately these can only be controlled remotely. Inside the car, the child can only choose to drive forwards or backwards.

The lights on the front give this electric car an extra premium feel.

Copes with all surfaces going forwards The Volvo XC90 Inscription is a relatively powerful electric car as long as it's moving forwards. It can cope with starting on slight uphill slopes on a gravel surface, but it’s obviously an effort and we aren’t enormously impressed compared to other cars we've tested that cost less – despite two 35 watt motors.

The car is also a bit underpowered on hills if it’s on a surface other than asphalt. It really doesn't have to be much of a slope before the car starts working really hard, and it quite easily starts to spin its wheels instead.

The XC90 can cope with grass and asphalt. The tyres have a reasonable pattern, which gives a passable grip on these surfaces. Comes almost assembled

Assembling the XC90 is a very simple process. There are very few parts to put together and they fit well. But the manual is written in terrible English, words are missing in some places and it isn't in the right order. Some steps are completely missed out, so you have to work these out yourself. Despite this, it only took 40 minutes to assemble the car because it was relatively self-explanatory how all the pieces should go together.

Because the price of this electric car puts it in the premium category, we had relatively high expectations. The XC90 fulfils these on several levels, but the manufacturer has also compromised on points where you'd expect more – above all space and performance.

But it's by no means a bad electric car. If you're looking for a premium class brand car, this is one of the better ones on the market: attractive and well equipped.

High build qualityattractive panel & gear lever insidegood remote controleasy to assemblequite strong
Crampedspeed control only via remote controlterrible manual

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5. Nordic Roll Rover

Easy to drive 4x4 for one child

Model: 4x4 Age: 3-7 years Speed: Forwards: up to 4.2 km/h (1 mode) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 110x70x53 cm Measured assembly time: 20 min Motor: 2x20W Battery: 1x12V Miscellaneous: Working doors, AUX & USB to stereo, remote control, safety belt

The Nordic Roll Rover (BH-118A) is a compact 4x4 with a strong motor for the price tag. This electric car has no problems with grass, gravel or asphalt. It can also cope with a hill start with a four-year-old driving without being obviously affected.

This is primarily an electric car for the slightly younger child, as it’s rather cramped inside. The 4x4 style would normally imply ‘large car’, but that’s not the case here. The higher end of the recommended age range is a bit optimistic. But if you have a child of about 4-5 years who’ll be driving it on their own, there's absolutely no problem with space. Younger children can drive it too, and it includes a remote control so you can intervene if necessary.

There's also a safety belt, which makes driving safer for young children, who otherwise tend to climb around on the car.

The car is relatively well equipped. It has lighting, a music player and a pretty good range of music and stories, together with a start-up sound meant to replicate a powerful engine.

Our testers appreciated the fake GPS map – it's actually just a picture stuck to the dashboard – and the working doors, but would have preferred to be able to adjust the speed. When you get towards the top of the budget class, we think there should be speed control inside the car.

Easy to get started

The installation process is very easy. The manual leaves a good bit to be desired, but there are so few parts and the positioning of these is so obvious that it’s quick to assembly anyway – about 20 minutes.

The thing that takes the longest to install are the support wheels. We don't really understand why these are necessary, as they don't touch the ground when the car is moving. Perhaps they're to hold the car up if an older child is driving.

The raised collar at the back – which is just a design feature – adds a sporty touch. However, it doesn't fit the rest of the construction very well, so it's difficult to get it into place so that it stays put. Otherwise, the rest of the parts fit together well.

This is an electric car that’s ideal for anyone with just one child and who’s looking for a strong 4x4-style electric car without having to pay extra for performance.

Powerfulquite well equippedeasy to assemble
Poor manualrather cramped insideno speed control

6. John Deere Ground Force 12V

Powerful and fun tractor with trailer

Model: Tractor with trailer Age: 3-8 years Speed: Forwards: up to 7km/h (2 modes) Music player: FM radio Dimensions (LxWxH): 169.5x63x68 cm Stated driving time: 40 min Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 60 min Miscellaneous: Adjustable seat

Peg-Pérego John Deere Ground Force 12V

The John Deere Ground Force 12V is a powerful electric tractor with a trailer, and can be driven at two different speeds and also in reverse. It's powerful running both forwards and backwards, and it can cope with quite steep slopes and a range of different surfaces. We tested it on grass, gravel and asphalt without any problems.

Unfortunately, however, the power isn't always applied in the most useful way. This is primarily a result of the wheels, which are made of hard plastic and tend to skid on grassy slopes. A better grip would have made the driving experience phenomenal – as it stands, it's “only” very good.

The assembly process leaves something to be desired

The build quality is generally quite plasticky, but that's not exactly unique to this electric vehicle. However, given the price tag this is a premium model, so we'd have preferred the parts to be a bit more stable, and the parts could have fitted together better.

This together with very poor instructions mean that assembly takes up to two hours. That's a really long time for an electric vehicle with so few parts. It requires far too many different methods, special tools, screws and so on. Here the manufacturer needs to take a lesson from the manufacturers of garden machinery and vacuum cleaners, who use a lot of click-in functionality.

Strong and well balanced, but skimps on the details

Once you've assembled the tractor, it doesn’t take long for the child to learn how to use it. It's essentially only possible to go backwards or forwards, so it isn't very complicated. Unfortunately there's no safety belt, and the child is sitting quite high up. The accelerator pedal should also have been positioned differently. Several times during testing, a child steps on the accelerator as they’re climbing off, which means they instead fall off the vehicle.

The battery takes about a night to recharge fully and the driving time is really good. According to the user manual, it's 40 minutes, but we get it to last an hour without any problems.

This vehicle is fast, powerful and has a really eye catching design. If you feel it's too fast, you can set it so the child can only use first gear and reverse.

Some electric cars come with a remote control so you can take control yourself while the child is driving. Not this one. This is a disadvantage for anyone living in a busier area or whose child hasn’t yet learned to drive on their own.

It also feels rather old-fashioned to only have an FM radio as the music player, given the price. We'd also have liked it to have a horn. The major advantage of the Ground Force, other than the power and the battery life, is that it includes a trailer. The trailer is a big plus, because the child can put things in it and drive them round. The performance, the trailer and the attractive tractor design are the best things about this electric car. It’s also well balanced.

If you're looking for a fast, cool electric car without modern features and can cope with a fiddly assembly process, this is a good buy, particularly for children older than 4 years of age. The powerful motor also means that it works well in a more uneven garden or if you have a gravel path.

Very strong electric vehicletrailer adds valueattractive tractor designpossible to lock speeds, several speed positions
Position of accelerator pedallacking some functionsvery poor manualfiddly assemblypoor grip on grass

7. BMW X6 M-Sport

Powerful car with space for two children

Model: 4x4 Age: 4-7 years Seats: 2 children Speed: Forward: up to 6 km/h (X modes) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 133x83x73cm Stated driving time: 40 mins Measured driving time with 1 child in the car: 40-60 mins depending on speed Motor: 2*25W Battery: 1x12V Miscellaneous: Openable doors, soft start, solid EVA tyres, comfort seat

Rull BMW X6 M Sport

The BMW X6 M-Sport is a licensed branded electric car with plenty of space for long legs and two children. Two kids can sit easily next to each other in this electric car.

It’s also quite powerful. Of course it’s not really a four-wheel drive, but it can handle tarmac, gravel or your lawn.

Driving time is just over 45 minutes at the highest speed and increases to just over 60 minutes at the lowest speed. However, that does depend on where you drive the car and how many children are in it. Our measurements were taken with one child in the car.

Charging takes a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it’s not clear when the battery is fully charged, and nor does the car tell you when it starts to run out. So we simply left it on charge overnight.

A design with pluses and minuses

It’s quite easy to assemble Rull's BMW X6 M-Sport, although we have seen more well-thought-out design solutions. It takes about 40 minutes for one person to get the electric car up and running, which is about average.


One advantage of the design is that the rear-view mirrors are attached with a screw, instead of the click-in solution that many other cars have. The click-in solution rarely works well in the long run, and rear-view mirrors tend to come off. By contrast, these are firmly attached.

One disadvantage – and we had two examples of this electric car for testing – is that the nuts for the rear wheels come loose. This seems to be a design flaw and it’s one the manufacturer really needs to fix. We finally chose to glue the nuts in place with thread-locking fluid so they would last throughout the test season. But even then they came off anyway. So this is a big minus. The door latch also got worn so it didn’t stay properly closed.

This electric car has a rather muffled engine sound. In terms of sound profile, it’s not quite as distinct as with many other models we’ve tested. For adults, this is probably a positive trait. And children don’t seem to care much either.

The gear lever has a short but positive range. The car also offers a music player, remote control and MP3 connection, as with most electric cars for children.

This electric car is ideal for anyone looking for a branded car with plenty of space and power. It doesn’t have many frills beyond the standard things, but slightly better comfort and good tyres. But be prepared to glue the rear wheel nuts as they tend to come loose all the time.

Very spacious in all directionsdecent level of comforteasy for a child to understandcan go anywhere
Didn't really withstand a lot of usenot many extras despite being expensive

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8. Nordic Roll Champion 12V

Compact jeep with built-in music

Model: Jeep Age: 3-9 years Speed: Forwards: up to 6 km/h (2 modes) Music player: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH): 110x64x77 cm Measured assembly time: 115 min Stated driving time: 120 min Motor: 45W Battery: 2x12V Miscellaneous: Soft start, lighting, safety belt, USB & AUX to stereo, horn

The Nordic Roll Champion 12V is a compact little jeep that holds two children despite its small format. However, it's best if you only have one child playing with it at a time.

One of the most popular functions with our testers is the built-in tunes that the child can change between by pressing on the steering wheel. Our testers often sat stationary in the electric car, not driving it, simply to listen to and browse through the music – it doesn't consist of particularly well known tunes, or have very good sound quality, but they liked the fact that there were lots of tunes.

Fiddly installation but powerful motor

The installation process is rather frustrating. The images in the manual are very low resolution, so it's hard to see details, and there isn't an overview image where you can see all the parts and their names, which would have made it easier to distinguish one from the other. Once you've assembled the electric car, you realise that the process was actually quite simple, and that it would have taken half the time with a better manual. As it stands, it takes about two hours, which is very poor.

You can control the electric car yourself using a remote control. This means that even children younger than three years of age can use it under adult supervision, while also making it feel safer to use in a built-up area with real cars nearby.

Not very high standard

This electric car has lots of frills and copes easily with being driven on a lawn with one child in. It's also fine on gravel and asphalt. It's quite powerful and runs for a long time.

But the big problem with it is the build quality. It becomes clear during the assembly process that it's a budget model in terms of very thin plastic parts. You have to be very careful when you're assembling it to make sure you don’t break things.

And the low build quality also becomes apparent when you’re putting the electric car away. When you hold parts of it, they come undone or deform.

Children aren't very careful when they're playing with an electric car, so this means there's a major risk the electric car will break. The price doesn't really match the experience on this point.

This electric car is suitable for anyone with a child who's careful with their toys and who also wants a powerful jeep style car with fun music, a horn and a remote control. The compromise is the build quality.

The Champion is most suitable for children in the lower pre-school age group, largely as a result of its size. But it also runs quite fast when you put it on maximum speed so even slightly older children – up to around 7 years of age – can have fun with it.

Powerfullots of functionsfun design
Low build qualityfiddly installation

Choosing an electric car for your child

To find out which electric car is best for your child, you first need to consider your budget. We've divided the test into three price classes which largely mirror those in the shops:

Budget: Up to £200 Medium: £200-£350 Premium: Over £350

Then you need to think about your needs. Will there be two children in the car, or only one? Do you want it to be able to play music? Do you want to be able to control it remotely yourself? (Often useful if a younger child will be using it.) What types of surface will it be used on? Is it simple asphalt or tougher gravel or grass?

When you know what needs it must fulfil, it's easier to sort out what's on offer.

If you're buying an electric car for an older child, it should also cope with higher loads. So check the recommended age range for the electric cars you're considering.

There are also many different brands of electric car. They’re usually divided up into licensed brand cars, such as Volvo XC90, Mercedes, Mini Cooper and BMW, and models that don't represent an authentic car brand but may have the same or similar specifications to those just mentioned.

And of course there are also different models – everything from convertibles to special models such as tractors. Often it all depends what kind of appearance the child wants for their electric car.

When it comes to functions, there are lots of things to choose from. The higher end models have a soft start, which means the vehicle doesn't jerk when it starts, rubberised tyres and details such as working doors, a Bluetooth connection for music and so on. But even cheaper electric cars often have one or two of these more luxurious features. Although this is often at the expense of something else. So it’s important to list which functions you really want to make sure you choose the model that's most suitable for your child.

Learn all about electric cars for children

If you'd like to read a more in-depth guide to electric cars for children, check out our full buying guide.

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