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The 6 best eye creams to buy in 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have tested eye cream and name Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF15 as best in test. It is an eye cream which is amazing for dark rings and bags under your eyes. The product is bost moisturizing and soothing, and comes in a practical tube.

How the test was made

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. The eye creams were used for a period of three weeks by both men and women. During these three weeks, all creams were also stored in a refrigerator to achieve an extra cooling effect on application. In addition to this, our testers followed the instructions on the packaging regarding how the cream should be applied. In the test, we included the following parameters:

How easy is the product to apply? Does the product feel sticky on the fingers or around the eyes? What consistency does the product have and does it last for a long time? Is the product scented?

Moisturising ability
How does the skin around the eyes feel after application? Does the cream moisturise efficiently without feeling oily?

Ability to counteract the signs of ageing
How effective is the cream against swelling around the eyes? Does it help against dark rings, and if so, how quickly can results be seen? What is the cream's firming effect like?

The eye creams have been used over a longer period to get an idea of how the cream’s characteristics affect the skin over time. The product score is based on the overall experience. This is then compared to the product price to determine value for money and allocate a score.

Everything about Eye cream

Cream, serum, gel and roll-on – today eye creams are available in a range of different variants for both men and women. There are also creams for different purposes, such as for young skin, mature skin or to counteract dark circles and bags under the eyes. Often the cream is nourishing and moisturising but without being sticky, as otherwise it can affect the application of make-up. Eye creams contain smaller molecules than normal face creams. Because the pores around the eyes are small, they can more easily absorb and utilise these molecules. If a normal face cream or body lotion is used, it forms a film around the eye, which can give you irritated or swollen eyes. The wrong type of product around the eyes can lead to a range of skin problems, such as milia – small sebaceous nodules that get stuck in the pores and lead to white spots.

Eye creams are intended to counteract visible signs of skin ageing and to give anti-age properties. They do this by smoothing out wrinkles, giving a firming effect and reducing dark circles and swelling. You simply look a little brighter and fresher. The creams contain a range of ingredients to achieve these results. Among the most common are vitamin K, which counteracts dark circles, and antioxidants to give additional protection. The majority of creams also contain a substance that moisturises and calms the skin, such as aloe vera. For people with very tired and severely swollen eyes, eye creams containing caffeine are recommended, as it both counteracts the swelling and smooths out the skin around the eye. If you often wake up with swollen eyes, you can try out storing the cream in the refrigerator. The coolness of the cream when you apply it can help to reduce the swelling still further.

How should you use eye cream

You generally use eye cream in the morning before facing the day's challenges and in the evening before it's time for your beauty sleep. However, some brands produce creams that are developed to be used only at night, and these are a little greasier. The majority of eye creams are extremely economical, which means that you only need to use a very small amount. About half a little fingernail's worth is usually enough for both eyes.

When you apply eye cream, it's important that you don't press too hard on the sensitive skin around the eyes. A good tip is to apply the eye cream with the ring fingers, which aren't as strong as your forefinger and middle finger. This means you're automatically more gentle. Dab the cream lightly around the orbital bone. You needn't apply it to the eyelid as the skin will absorb the moisture itself and the entire area around the eye will gradually absorb the cream it needs. If you apply the cream in the morning, it's even more important that you don't apply it to the eyelid, as it can make it sticky if you're going to apply make-up.

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