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The best multigym of 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have conducted a test of multigyms and come to the conclusion that Finnlo Bio Force is best in test. This is a multigym which is easy to use and also very quiet, all while giving your whole body a great workout.

How the test was made

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. Our test team consists of both elite and recreational athletes, and together they have evaluated over 100 exercise machines. We retain the models that perform well for longer-term testing, in many cases several years, and continuously add updates to the reviews.

In our assessment we have focused on the following areas:

Ease of use
How easy-to-use is the multigym? Does the multigym suit both short and tall users? Are the exercise positions easily accessible and comfortable? Is the seat comfortable? Is the multigym easy to move? Is it easy to assemble? How clear is the user manual?

Quality and design
How well designed is the multigym? What materials have been used? How much stress and wear should it tolerate? What type of resistance does it have? How is the seat positioned? How much space does the multigym occupy? What guarantee does it have?

Functionality and performance
What types of exercises can you do with the gym and what muscle groups do they cover? How easy, straightforward and fun is it to do the exercises? Does the multigym support functional training, and if so to what extent? Can the back support be moved backwards/forwards or angled? Is the seat height-adjustable? If so, by how much can it be adjusted? Can more than one person use the gym at a time? How strong is the maximum resistance? How high is the maximum user weight?

We have scored each multigym according to its value for money; in other words how good it is in each area in relation to its price tag. An expensive product thus has higher expectations than a cheaper one, and vice versa.

Everything about Multigym

Multigyms are a classic and popular exercise machine that take their name from their multi-functionality, which means that several different types of strength training exercises are possible on a single machine. The fact is that the multigym is such a popular aspect of a home-based gym that the terms “multigym” and “home gym” have become almost synonymous.

The advantages of multigyms

A multigym has several advantages that make it particularly suitable for strength training at home.

Efficient use of space: Often space is the most limiting factor when you want to create a home gym. A multigym saves a lot of space as it makes possible a number of strength training exercises with a single machine.

Cost savings: As the multigym uses a single steel framework for a number of exercises, it costs less to manufacture and distribute than several different strength training machines would. This makes it cheaper to buy a multigym than a number of different strength training machines.

High safety levels: A correctly constructed multigym is extremely safe, both to use and to have in the home. A multigym is safer than free weights for people training alone, because you can push yourself harder without having someone to “spot” you. The risk of incorrect movements is also less with a multigym as your movements are more controlled. Compared with free weights, the risk of other people injuring themselves on the multigym is much less. The protective plate that surrounds the weight stack of the multigym prevents fingers and other things from getting crushed, which is extremely important if children will be present in the room where the multigym is installed.

Accessibility: Because a home gym is by definition in your home, you avoid spending time travelling to and from the gym. This releases time that you can use for other things – for example to exercise for longer – and makes it easier to find time for exercise at all. Nor does a home gym ever close, and so you can always exercise when you want to and when you can. And your home gym won’t have rush hours with queues – unless other members of your family want to exercise at the same time, of course! However, many multigyms can be used by two to three users at the same time, so even this can be avoided.

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