Updated 9 March 2022

Top 9 Best Multigym of 2022

We recently conducted a test of multigyms - you should see our muscles - and have come to the conclusion that the Finnlo Bio Force is the best multigym around right now. This is a multigym which is easy to use and very quiet, all while giving your whole body a fantastic workout.

Top 9 Best Multigym of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carried out our tests ourselves and testes all the multigyms as they are intended to be used. Our test team consisted of both elite and recreational athletes, and combined they have evaluated over 100 exercise machines and know how to review this type of equipment accurately.

We retain the models that perform well for longer-term testing, in many cases several years, and continuously add updates to our in-depth reviews.

In our testing, we focused on the following areas:

  • Ease of use: How easy to use is the multigym? Does the multigym suit both short and tall performers? Are the exercise positions easily accessible and comfortable? Is the seat comfortable? Is the multigym easy to move? Is it easy to assemble? How clear is the user manual for setting everything up?

  • Quality and design: How well designed is the multigym? What materials have been used? How much stress and wear can it tolerate? What type of resistance does it have? How is the seat positioned? How much space does the multigym occupy? What type of guarantee does it have?

  • Functionality and performance: What types of exercises can you do with the gym and what muscle groups do they cover? How easy, straightforward and fun is it to do the exercises? Does the multigym support functional training, and if so to what extent? Can the back support be moved altered or angled? Is the seat height adjustable? If so, by how much can it be adjusted? Can more than one person use the gym at one time? How strong is the maximum resistance? How high is the maximum user weight?

We have scored each multigym according to its value for money. In other words, how good it is in each area in relation to its price tag. An expensive product thus has higher expectations than a cheaper one, and vice versa.

1. Finnlo Bio Force - BEST CHOICE MULTIGYM 2022

Straightforward multigym that provides quiet, functional training for the entire body

Price class: Premium Weight stack: None – uses hydraulic resistance Cushions: 2 Protected weight stack: No (doesn't have a weight stack)xxx: 5 Number of exercises: 110 with description Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 67 kg Maximum user weight: 135 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 134 x 165 x 208 cm Accessories included: Triceps cable, lat bar and ankle straps Video clip: Product demo

Finnlo Bio Force

The Finnlo Bio Force is an exciting multigym with weight that uses new technology to make exercise safer, quieter and more functional. Instead of using traditional weight resistance, the Bio Force has hydraulic resistance equivalent up to 100kg of weight. You adjust the weight resistance like on a normal multigym and each adjustment corresponds to 2.25kg increments. The hydraulic resistance makes training considerably quieter and the lack of a heavy weight stack means that the multigym is very easy to relocate. The Bio Force weighs only one third as much as a traditional multigym with a weight stack. It also has two transport wheels that make it easy for a single person to roll the gym to the desired location. You can also vary the load so that it is heavier on one side, which can be useful if you have an imbalance in your body or if you simply want to make one side of your body stronger to compensate for an injury.

The cushions are attractive and comfortable, and just like other parts of the gym they appear to be well made. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the back support, and it would be nice to be able to move the seat into more than two positions to get as optimal a position as possible. You can completely remove the seat, which releases sufficient space to roll a wheelchair into place if needed. The Finnlo Bio Force is straightforward and easy to move, but despite its low weight, the gym provides plenty of resistance. This is an innovative multigym that gives you quiet, safe and functional training for a good price, making it our choice for best multigym of 2020. Choose to buy this one as the safe option!

Low machine weightmany exercisesplenty of resistancedisability-friendly
Seat only has two positionsback support not adjustable

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Finnlo BioForce Kraftstation


2. Inspire Fitness M1

Home gym with great potential for functional training

Price class: Premium Weight stack: 68 kg Cushions: 2 Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 24+ Handles included: 6 Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 174 kg Maximum user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 188 x 87 x 214 cm Accessories included: 6 D handles, 1 ankle strap Video clip: Product demo

Inspire Fitness M1

The Inspire Fitness M1 is an innovative home gym that comes with weights and expands on the traditional multigym by making more functional training possible. Unlike the traditional multigym with fixed drawbars, the M1 is equipped with flexible handles and rotating swivel joints. This means that with just six pull points, you can carry out lots of variations on standard gym exercises. You also avoid the traditional gym’s fixed exercises, which your body doesn’t benefit from as much in everyday life - and which can lead to muscular imbalances. The design also makes it possible to exercise one side of your body at a time and to alternate exercises. Inspire Fitness is a premium brand associated with high-quality exercise machines, and the M1 is no exception. The design is attractive, and the construction is stable, spatially efficient and robust with excellent material choices. Not least when it comes to the cushions, which are both comfortable and hardwearing. The cables are flexible and can be pulled out a long way, which makes more angles of pull possible. The weights move smoothly and quietly during all exercises. It’s hard not to be spoiled by the possibilities offered by deciding the direction of the movement yourself. You simply have to change the angle a few degrees to exercise a different part of your muscles, which makes the M1 ideal for rehab exercises too.

Even though the M1 makes possible a wide variation in exercises, it’s still easy to use for standard exercises of the upper body. For the lower body however, more technique is required than for normal leg presses or leg curls. The training poster included is extremely clear and shows 24 different exercises, together with providing tips on how you can structure your training. There are also instruction videos on YouTube. This seat is slightly unstable when it isn’t loaded, but this instability disappears during the actual exercises. The back support can be easily folded down to give a flat training bench; this folding aspect makes possible both sitting and lying exercises. These type of multigyms with bench press functions have become popular of late. The assembly instructions are unusually detailed.

Unusually large number of exercise optionsfunctional trainingflexible resistancehigh quality
Relatively technical lower body exercises

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3. Inspire Fitness M3

Very well equipped multigym with a wide range of uses

Price class: Premium Weight stack: 96 kg Cushions: 2 pcs Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 40+ Handles included: 10 pcs Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 239 kg Maximum user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 183x102x205 cm Accessories included: Biceps rod and ankle strap Video clip: Product demo

Inspire Fitness M3

The Inspire Fitness Multigym M3 is a very competent multigym that offers the user a wealth of exercises for the entire body. With its straight lines and dark colour, the M3 is attractively designed and fits in perfectly for home use. If you want both functional and traditional strength training, it can be a good option. To give you a solid start to your training, it includes a chart that shows examples of good strength training exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Relatively easy to assemble

Multigyms aren't usually easy to assemble, and so we generally recommend that you leave this to a professional. But the M3 is one possible exception for anyone who's practically minded, as the instructions are exhaustive with close up details and clear step-by-step instructions. The gym is extremely efficient in terms of the space it takes up – only two square metres.

Sturdy design with lots of options

We feel in general that the M3 is equipped with high-quality components. The exception is the pulleys, which we’d have liked to be stronger. For example, if you happen to pull hard on one of the upper wires to the point that the weight stack hits the stop, there's a major risk that the pulley will break.

But there's a generous guarantee included, making this slightly less worrying. All of the parts fit together well, which makes exercising straightforward. In other words, you don't lift air before the weights bite, something that is common when using cheaper home gyms. We really like the fact that it's easy to combine common basic exercises with functional training. This makes the M3 suitable for both strength training and rehab, which is great. But it's worth noting that if you're very strong the weight stack of 96 kg may not be enough.

The M3 weighs almost 200 kg and that contributes to its stableness. It also makes it impossibly heavy to move, so make sure you find the right position before you install the weight stack. Overall, the setting options are very good. The exception is the back support, which you can adjust vertically and angle forwards or backwards but can't be moved laterally. This means that you must be exactly the right height to get an optimal position for leg curls. Otherwise the leg curl exercises become awkward.

The cushions are comfortable and the handles are high quality and give a stable grip. The weight stack has a basic protector that makes it difficult for small fingers to get in between the weights during use.

Excellent opportunities for versatile training

The M3 offers an unusually versatile range of exercises for a multigym. This means that users with differing exercise goals can benefit from this gym. Certainly, it isn't cheap, but you also get an attractive, space efficient, and above all, effective multigym that can keep you fit for years to come.

Detailed user manual for setupstable designlarge range of exercises
Pulleys not sturdy enough

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4. Bodymax Fitness Bodycraft GX

High build quality multigym that enables varied exercise and includes a leg press

Price class: Premium Weight stack: 90 kg Cushions: 10 pcs Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 24 Handles included: 3 Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 159 kg Maximum user weight: 130 kg Length: 180 cm Width: 163 cm Height: 212 cm Noise level: Low Guarantee: 2 years Accessories included: Lat bar User manual: PDF

Bodycraft GX

The Bodycraft GX from the established Bodymax Fitness brand is a well-designed and high-performance multigym in the premium price class. It’s primarily intended for the luxurious home or corporate gym. The Bodycraft GX truly deserves the designation of multigym, as it offers a very wide range of exercises. These include chest and shoulder press, a range of curls, lots of pull exercises and stomach exercises. You also get a really good leg press, although this takes up a good bit of space. This definitely demands more space from your home or garage, but if you want a leg press it's hard to avoid this trade off. Overall, the large number of possible exercises means that you can cover a wide range of muscle groups.

The build quality of the multigym is good, which is most obvious in the high precision parts. It is one of the few options with cables. The cables are tense during the entire pull movement, and the weight adjustment rod runs through the stack with millimetre precision. There are plenty of adjustment options, and the settings are easy to adjust. All of this contributes to the fact that you can do exercises with the degree of control many people find difficult to achieve with free weights. The weight stack has standard weights and it's fine for the majority of users and exercise types. But people with strong legs may feel that 90kg is limiting for a leg press exercise.

High build qualityrange of exercises possibleleg press included
Relatively demanding in terms of space

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5. FINNLO Autark 1500

Stable and quiet multigym with high quality components

Price class: Premium Weight stack: 80 kg Cushions: 2 Protected weight stack: Yes Machine weight: 205 kg Maximum user weight: 120 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 165 x 145 x 215 cm Accessories included: Tricep cable, bicep rod and ankle strap

Finnlo Autark 1500

The Finnlo Autark 1500 is a traditional multigym with weights and an attractive design and high level of user-friendliness that will suit the majority of homes. As standard, the Autark 1500 has a weight stack of 80 kg but can be supplied with 100 kg as an option. In total, the machine weighs twice as much, which makes it stable. The disadvantage is that it’s difficult to move, so make sure you choose the right position first time around. All parts of the gym are high quality, including the cushions which offer stellar comfort.

The design of the gym gives the user a number of safe exercises, but unlike gyms with an adjustable cable for a range of exercises, the opportunity for more functional training is limited. There are some opportunities for variation however, such as a number of different settings for chest exercises, which make it possible to train different parts of the chest muscles. The well protected weight stack is relatively quiet, and the packet of weights included is sufficient even for frequent exercisers. Both the back support and seat can be adjusted to a number of different positions, making an optimal training position possible. The Finnlo Autark 1500 is an attractive multigym which is relatively efficient in terms of space and which offers the user a lot of training for all major muscle groups at a competitive price.

Attractive designstable constructionadjustable back support
Relatively little exercise variationdifficult to move

6. Hammer California XP

Compact and easy to assemble, good value for money for conventional strength training exercises

Price class: Budget Weight stack: 60 kg Cushions: 2 Protected weight stack: No Handles included: 7 Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 111 kg Maximum user weight: 120 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 189x111x201 cm Accessories included: Biceps bar, lat bar, stomach crunch and ankle straps Guarantee: 2 years Video clip: Yes

Hammer California XP

The Hammer California XP is a cheap exercise station that offers traditional strength training exercises for the entire body. Unlike the majority of multigyms, which are both time-consuming to install and require a certain amount of practical experience, this machine is the complete opposite. The user instructions clearly show how each part should be installed. The XP is manufactured from lighter material, and without any weights in place you can easily move the gym to your desired position. But unfortunately, the lighter machine weight does make the multigym feel wobbly, and this is particularly obvious during high octane exercises or unseated exercises, and thus your body is not acting as a counterweight. Because this home gym is only used from one side apart from the load of weights on the back, it takes up very little space. And despite its space efficiency, it offers an impressive number of exercises for the entire body. Moreover, Softer weights mean quieter exercise. The weights included with the machine are plastic coated, which makes them quieter during performance and gives you a more pleasant workout experience. The XP has a patented doubling mechanism that means the 60kg weights included with the machine correspond to a weight resistance of 120kg. So if you add 10kg of weight, you get a resistance corresponding to 20kg. The seat cushion has soft comfortable padding, and all handles have rubberised surfaces that give decent grip. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust either the back support or the seat, making it tricky to find an optimum position. The precision of the design could also have been improved, and consequently you lift air for the first part of your rep before the weights bite. This means that your muscles don’t work through the entire exercise movement. As you'd expect on a low-cost budget model, the wires and ball bearings are all the cheaper type. The Hammer California XP is above all aimed at those looking for traditional strength training exercises who have strict limitations in terms of price and space. But it does give a great deal of resistance for the price, and we therefore select it as our best budget choice.

Lots of resistance for the money“Soft” weights reduce noiseSpace efficientLighter machine weightEasy to assemble
Variable precisionWobblyCheap componentsCan’t adjust back support & seat

7. Adidas Homegym - 100 kg

Attractive multigym with high weight and many possible exercises

Price class: Medium Weight stack: 100 kg Cushions: 3 Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 24 Number of simultaneous users: 1 Maximum user weight: 135 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 183 x 105 x 212 cm Noise level: Medium Accessories included: Lat bar, shiver bar, ankle strap Video clip: Product demo

adidas Homegym 100kg

Most people probably associate Adidas with clothes, but they also sell some exercise equipment. This includes the Adidas Homegym - 100kg multigym. This is the biggest weight on a multigym on the market, above the standard weight of 90kg. This makes possible extremely powerful maximum resistance, which is sufficient for almost everyone. The construction is stable and shows no signs of tipping when loaded from different directions. The multigym makes possible exercises that essentially cover all major muscle groups. These include knee extensions, preacher curls, chest and shoulder presses and pec flys. The precision of the machine parts is what you can expect in the medium price category. Even though the position is better than on the budget models, it still isn’t as accurate as the premium models. This is primarily visible in that the cables tend to sag a little at the start of the pull. This means that the exercise movement isn’t quite as complete as it would be otherwise.

The design of the multigym is tasteful in black and fits in well with the Adidas style. The weight stack protection isn’t 100%, but gives reasonable protection against crush injuries. In terms of price, the Adidas Homegym is in the medium bracket, which matches its capabilities perfectly. Our impression is that you’re paying more for the Adidas brand here.

Attractive designhigh maximum weightenables different exercises
Pricey for what it is

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8. BH Fitness Global Gym Plus G152X

Efficient in terms of space with leg press and dips functions

Price class: Premium Weight stack: 100 kg Cushions: 6 Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 40 Handles included: 6 Number of simultaneous users: 2 Machine weight: 210 kg Maximum user weight: 130 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 174x200x225 cm Accessories included: Module for leg presses, dip position, lat bar.

BH Fitness Multigym Global Gym Plus

The BH Fitness Global Gym Plus G152X is a multigym offering traditional fixed exercises, but also leg press and dip options in a slimmer design. The user is able to carry out lots of useful exercises, and it's helpful that there's a quick reference guide to the exercises attached on the multigym. As the gym is designed for fixed exercise, there are limited opportunities for functional training. Unfortunately, it's fiddly to find the right settings and you can only adjust the back support with leg press exercises. This is a big shame as it's important to find a good position for fixed exercises in a multigym because the possibility of manual compensation is small. This can lead to incorrect loading and, in the worst case, physical injury.

Soft parts such as pads and handles are generally comfortable and of acceptable quality. However, the handles for the dip position are too hard. The weight stack is relatively well protected in terms of crush risks, at least as long as the weight stack is up against a wall. With a full 100kg of weights, the G152X gives more than enough resistance for most users. The weight also contributes to keeping the multigym stable on the ground even under a heavy load. The assembly instructions are available in English and has plenty of relatively clear illustrations, which simplify the assembly process. But assembling a multigym is always a task and a half, and the same is true for the G152X. We therefore recommend that you purchase installation of the multigym, to save both time, frustration and maybe even family arguments. The G152X is most suitable for users who want a compact gym with the possibility of doing leg presses and dips, as well as basic multigym exercises.

Substantial weight stackmodules for leg presses and dipscompact construction
Few functional exerciseslimited adjustment options

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9. Weider Pro 5500

Budget gym for tall users with substantial weight stack

Price class: Budget Weight stack: 85 kg Cushions: 3 Protected weight stack: Yes Number of exercises: 6+ Handles included: 2 Number of simultaneous users: 1 Machine weight: 150 kg Maximum user weight: 135 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 200 x 110 x 210 Accessories included: Lat bar, shiver bar and ankle strap

Weider PRO 5500

The Weider Pro 5500 is a cheaper budget gym where the manufacturer has prioritised a hefty weight stack over functionality. It has a sporty appearance and the construction is stable, even under maximum load. The build quality is fine, and above average for its price bracket. Unfortunately, Weider has fallen into the usual trap of skimping on the screw quality. This is something that can cause problems if the multigym has to be assembled several times, for example if you move home. The multigym’s basic exercises are chest press, sitting bench press and leg and arm curls. The number of possible exercises is stated to be 40, which is a bit of an exaggeration as this includes different variants of almost identical exercises. However, the Weider Pro 5500's primary weakness is the limited adjustment options. As you can’t move the back support forward much, normal users end up too far back during leg curls to keep their back supported. Nor is the distance between the leg cushions adjustable, although this is normal for a multigym of this price. Equally, the seat can’t be raised sufficiently for the average height person to be able to execute a seated chest press. Instead, you have to squeeze in behind the seat and carry out a standing chest press. This might be awkward for larger users. The bench press works better, but is slightly angled downwards.

The lat bar works nicely but suffers from the fact that you don't have much room and have to make sure you don’t hit your elbows on the down pull. Even the stomach crunch suffers from a lack of space. With low and medium loads the leg cushions give good protection, but they are insufficient at higher weights. The weight stack moves smoothly with medium and higher loads but less well with lower weight. The Weider Pro 5500 is a relatively compact multigym which is twice as deep as it is wide. The weight stack has basic protection from the front but is completely unprotected from behind; probably because it’s designed to be positioned against a wall. A multigym is complicated and time-consuming to assemble, so clear assembly instructions are particularly important. Here Weider succeed better than the majority of manufacturers, providing you with lots of illustrations and steps. They’d have gotten a gold star if there were even clearer illustrations and ideally a video clip too. Because of the lack of adjustment options, the Weider Pro 5500 is primarily most suitable for tall people – ideally over 190 cm and who prefer high resistance for a low price.

Substantial weight stackcompactrelatively clear assembly instructions
Lack of adjustment optionssome exercise positions rather cramped

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Everything about Multigym

Multigyms are a classic and popular exercise machine that take their name from their multi-functionality, which means that several different types of strength training exercises are possible on a single machine. The fact is that the multigym is such a popular aspect of a home-based gym that the terms “multigym” and “home gym” have become almost synonymous. Those wanting to escape their expensive gym or just make a home workout area are often searching for the best multigyms for sale online.

The advantages of multigyms

A multigym has several advantages that make it particularly suitable for strength training at home.

Efficient use of space: Often space is the most limiting factor when you want to create a home gym. A multigym saves a lot of space as it makes a number of strength training exercises possible from a single machine.

Cost savings: As the multigym uses a single steel framework for a number of exercises, it costs less to manufacture and distribute than several different strength training machines would. This makes it cheaper to buy a multigym than a number of different strength training machines. And cheaper than your flashy gym membership over time!

High safety levels: A well-constructed multigym is extremely safe, both to use and to have in the home. A multigym is safer than free weights for people training alone, because you can push yourself harder without having someone to “spot” you. The risk of incorrect movements is also less with a multigym as your movements are controlled. Compared with free weights, the risk of other people injuring themselves on the multigym is reduced. The protective plate that surrounds the weight stack of the multigym prevents fingers and other things from getting crushed, which is extremely important if children will be present in the room where the multigym is installed.

Accessibility: Because a home gym is by definition in your home – although some people buy them for garden or other outdoor use - you avoid spending time travelling to and from the gym. This releases time that you can use for other things. For example, to exercise for longer or just to exercise at all. Nor does a home gym ever close, and so you can always exercise when you want to and when you can. Not to forget that your home gym won’t have rush hours with queues, unless other members of your family want to exercise at the same time, of course!

However, many multigyms can be used by two to three users at the same time, so even this can be avoided with some planning.

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