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The 6 best self-tanners to buy in 2019

ByPriceRunner Updated October 4, 2019

We have tested self tanners and name Decléor Aroma Sun 125 ml as best in test. This self tanner is easy to apply without feeling greasy. The end result is clear and gives a nice colour. With Decléor Aroma Sun you can easily and quickly get a fantastic tan. Best budget choide is Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan. This self tanner dries up quickly, has a good texture and is easy to apply. It is easy to spread it evenly, which gives a natural looking end result.

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of self-tanners, the products were evaluated both after first application and after repeated use, in order to determine how the product performs and whether you can build up a darker shade. In the test, we used the parameters below to assess the products:

  • Colour: What colour does the self-tanner produce? Is it a brown tone, and does it look natural? How intense is the colour and can you build up a darker shade over time? Does the product add lustre?

  • Application: Is the product easy to apply? Is it easy to avoid stripes and white patches?

  • Stickiness: Is the product sticky on application? How quickly it is absorbed by the skin? Does it leave stains on clothes and sheets?

  • Scent: What scent does the product have? Can you smell the unique scent of self-tanner? How long does the scent last?

The assessment of the product is based on the overall experience, including the packaging. The score is then based on the assessment in relation to the product price to determine value for money.

1. Decléor Aroma Sun 125ml

Non-sticky cream that's straightforward to apply and gives great results

Formula: Cream Packaging: Plastic tube Colour level: Strong Application mitt required: No

Decléor Aroma Sun Expert Self Tanning Milk Natural Glow 125ml

Decléor Aroma Sun is straightforward to apply. Forget the application mitt and worrying about an uneven result, as this cream can simply be applied with the hands, just like a body lotion. The consistency is just soft enough, which makes it easy to apply uniformly, and it's not sticky either. Although the fact that the formula feels like a body lotion and that it dries quickly can be deceptive, because the results are pretty strong. If you put your clothes on too soon, or if you sweat after application, you can risk getting an uneven result. And even though the cream is very moisturising, you will still need to moisturise dry areas in advance so that they don't get too dark, something that it's very easy to forget.

Decléor Aroma Sun produces a nice brown shade. One application gives a light, sun-kissed shade, while two result in a clear suntan. The tone of the colour is quite cool, and not at all orange. This is obviously good, but depending on your skin type you may feel that it lacks something in terms of lustre. However, you can supplement this with normal body lotion when you've developed the right colour. The scent is summery but weak, both during application and after a little while. Given how fast the tube gets used up, the price of this product is rather high. But with Decléor Aroma Sun you do get a really good tan very simply and quickly, so of course it can be worth it!

Easy to apply, non-sticky, clear result, good colour
Expensive, cool tone

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2. Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

Non-sticky and easy to apply with a natural result

Formula: Mousse Packaging: Spray bottle Colour level: Weak Application mitt required: Yes

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Dark 150ml

Cocoa Brown has exploded on the market and become very popular recently. When you spray out the firm mousse it gives off a soft, sweet scent that smells like a handful of summer. The light brown colour makes it easy to apply in an even layer. The mousse is also slightly golden, which gives a pleasant lustre and immediately makes you feel more attractive. One of the best characteristics of Cocoa Brown, and an aspect that makes it stand out from other products, is that it's pretty much not sticky at all. It's absorbed by the skin very quickly without it being at all difficult to spread the mousse evenly over the skin.

Cocoa Brown can be rinsed off after one, two or three hours depending on how dark a colour you require. So you can't apply it in the evening before going to bed. Obviously this is a problem if you have an active lifestyle. On the other hand, it's a great way to control the result. Sadly a result that produced more colour would have been helpful, as it's a very weak shade. Although it is natural and attractive. The scent of the self-tanner comes through quite a lot, but because you do shower off the product that doesn't matter too much. Cocoa Brown has become popular for good reason. With an attractive result and a good price, this product deserves a top position.

Quick drying time, good consistency, easy to get uniform coverage, natural result
Must be rinsed off, weak colour

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3. St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

Easy to apply and gives natural results with lots of colour

Formula: Mousse Packaging: Pump bottle Colour level: Strong Application mitt required: Yes

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse 120ml

This self-tanner delivers a wonderful golden and natural shade. St. Tropez has quickly become one of the most popular manufacturers in this area, and that's no surprise. The results are quite simply very good. For application, you use an applicator mitt which makes it easy to spread the mousse over your skin. The product is brownish, which makes it easier to get an even result as you can see where you've already applied it. This bronzing mousse gives a good result even after one use, which means that you have to be extra careful to apply it everywhere. If you miss a bit it's guaranteed to be visible the next day.

St. Tropez have succeeded pretty well in concealing the typical self-tanner scent. When the mousse is applied it takes a while for it to dry, which means it's best to apply it in the evening. The brownish colour means that white sheets risk being slightly stained, but you can get rid of the colour by washing them. At first glance, the product may seem expensive, but it's economical and so it lasts a long time. In combination with the simple application and fantastic end results, this means that St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse gets a good score.

Natural, golden result, easy to apply, lots of colour
Slightly sticky

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4. Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived

Easy-to-use product that gives a natural, lustrous result and smells good

Formula: Cream Packaging: Soft tube Colour level: Gradual build-up Application mitt required: No

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion Fair to Medium 200ml

Dove's cream gradually creates a beautiful, natural suntanned shade. As the colour is built up gradually over several applications, you don't end up with stripes or dark patches. In combination with the light consistency, this makes the cream easy to use. Dove's self-tanner can be used to advantage on already naturally suntanned skin to reinforce your suntan and create more lustre. As the cream is quite sticky after application, you should wait until it's been completely absorbed before getting dressed if you want to avoid unsightly stains.

One positive characteristic is that Dove have pretty much succeeded in concealing the unique scent of self-tanners. Instead, DermaSpa Summer Revived has a pleasantly mild perfumey scent. The cream is available in two different shades, so that you can adapt the suntan better to your own skin tone. It produces a pale shade of brown, which means that you can even use the darker shade on lighter skin if you want a more intense result. The fact that Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived can so easily be adapted to the depth of effect you want is only one of this self-tanner's strong points. It's also extremely cheap in comparison with similar products, which makes it a very good-value-for-money option.

Gives a natural result, provides lustre, is easy to use and smells good
Long drying time

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5. Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray

Immediate, really good results produce a great last-minute suntan

Formula: Spray Packaging: Spray bottle Colour level: Strong colour Application mitt required: Yes

Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray 200ml

You get an immediate suntanned and beautiful result with Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray. The product combines the effects of a coloured spray and the normal self-tanning process. So in addition to the immediate suntan effect, the product also continues to work, just like a normal self-tanner. This means you still have a good brown colour even when you've showered away the upper layer of colour. As the scent conceals the self-tanner scent well, this is truly a product that can be used at the last minute. If you realise an hour before the party that you need a bit more colour for the dress you've chosen, Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray is your saviour.

You spray the product on your body, and the idea is that you don't need an application mitt. However, if you want a uniform result, you really do need to use one. Also, despite its spray format, the product is a bit tricky to get in the right spot. Obviously the best thing to do is get someone else to help you spray your back or other inaccessible areas. Unfortunately the spray spreads out and you get a brown layer all over the bathroom. Even in places you were nowhere near. To avoid having to clean the entire bathroom, it's pretty well essential to apply the product in the shower or another enclosed space. This is a shame as it's otherwise a very good product, and the drying time is fantastic. This, together with the scent and the results it produces, means that Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray is perfect for a last minute suntan.

Great colour, immediate results, really quick drying time, good scent
Hard to apply, spray ends up everywhere

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6. Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

Economical concentrate that gives a good shade

Formula: Concentrate Packaging: Plastic bottle Colour level: Weak Application mitt required: No

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster 30ml

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster is a sun-tanner unlike most others. The product consists of an oil that you mix with normal body lotion. Simply add four to six drops to a squirt of body lotion, depending on the result you want. To give you an idea, this will be enough for almost an entire leg. The small bottle of concentrate is easy to handle and it's no problem to get out only one drop at a time. However, it's hard to say how practical it is to have to mix the product with lotion. If you've got a really good cream, of course there's a point, but otherwise it's mainly just a pain. The concentrate also dilutes the cream somewhat, so that it becomes thinner than it was before.

Unfortunately, the unique scent of self-tanner also emerges when you apply the concentrate. How much you notice this obviously depends on the lotion you've mixed it with. The colour from the product is very good, quite warm in tone, and gives a sun-kissed look. However, it's rather weak and you need several applications before you have a good result. The product is easy to apply and get an even result from, because once mixed it's essentially just a normal skin cream. And it's also very economical and lasts a long time as a result. Unfortunately this isn't enough in comparison with its competitors. We would have rather seen Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster as a product that could be used on its own.

Nice shade, economical, straightforward packaging
Fiddly to mix, weak colour, strong self-tanner scent

Everything about Self-tanner

In the summer, many of us want our skin to look sun-kissed. But increasing numbers of people are starting to choose alternatives other than being out in the sun, and it's now possible to have fresh-looking tanned skin all year round. It used to be the case that you could tell whether the colour had b een created using a self-tanner or was natural because the artificial shade was more orangey and often patchy. But these days there are lots of good options that produce a nice tanned colour where it's impossible to say whether or not it's a natural suntan. A major contributory factor to this is that researchers have discovered that the active substance DHA (dihydroxyacetone) takes on an orange tone in alkaline solutions, but a brown tone in acidic solutions.

Self-tanners are available in a number of different formats, such as gel, spray tan, cream and mousse. The format that gives the best results depends on what you're used to using. In general, mousse and spray dry more quickly, while cream is often greasy and takes longer to be absorbed by the skin. Mousse and spray can also be slightly easier to spread evenly over the skin.

How does it work

DHA reacts with the amino acids in the skin's proteins, which creates the darker shade. To begin with, you can't see what shade will develop. It can take up to six hours before the reaction is finished and the darker shade has emerged. So it's a good idea to wait at least six hours before you have a shower to avoid rinsing the brown colour away. The fact that it can take so long for the product to be absorbed by the skin means that there is a risk you'll get stains on light-coloured clothes and sheets. However, these stains can often be removed by normal washing. Self-tanners only sink into the very outermost layer of the skin and therefore disappear naturally when the skin cells flake off after a few weeks. If you want to remove the colour more quickly, you can buy special removers, but it can still be difficult to quickly get back to your natural skin colour.

Many people feel that self-tanners have a very specific scent. This is a result of the reaction that takes place on the skin, so it's not possible to make a product that doesn't smell like this. What most manufacturers instead do is try to mask the scent with different combinations of perfumes that make it more difficult for our sense of smell to pick out the scent of the self-tanner. This has developed more in recent years, and today there are many effective products that smell really good.

Because the product only sinks into the very outermost layer of the skin, you can go out in the sun after applying self-tanner. A natural suntan affects the deeper layers of skin and so it lasts longer. But it can be a good idea to wait for at least eight hours before sunbathing, because the reaction taking place on the skin can make it rather sensitive. Nor is it a good idea to sweat too much immediately after you apply self-tanner, because you may end up with a blotchy result.

Guide: Applying self-tanner

One of the challenges of using self-tanners is getting a uniform result that looks natural. To succeed with this, it's important to exfoliate the skin before use to remove dead skin cells. This reduces the risk of dark patches. Another tip is to moisturise dry areas such as cuticles, elbows, knees, hands and feet before applying self-tanner. Otherwise, these areas are likely to absorb more of the self-tanner and become darker than the skin around them. Apply a thicker body lotion and wait until it has been properly absorbed by the skin.

When you then apply the self-tanner, the process is much easier if you use an application mitt. This makes it easier to spread the cream out over your skin and gives you a bigger chance of getting a result without patches and stripes. Use a little less of the product on the areas which would naturally become less tanned, such as armpits or the inside of your arms. It's always very difficult to get an even application on your back. The easiest solution is to ask somebody to help. If that's not possible, an application mitt is at least useful for evening out the edges.

After application, it's important to wash your palms and between your fingers, as otherwise the accumulation of self-tanner in these areas will tend to make them darker and unnatural looking. Wait until the product has dried properly and then wear clothes that aren't too tight, to reduce the risk of your clothes messing up the result if the product hasn't quite dried completely yet.

To obtain a good result on your face, apart from exfoliation and moisturising, it's also important to use a product intended for your face or which can be used on both body and face. Products intended for your body are generally a little bit greasy and can cause skin problems.

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