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Top 6 Best Sibling strollers of 2022

Top 8 Best Sibling strollers of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of sibling strollers, we asked ordinary families and experts in the area to use the strollers with their own children. Our testers used these strollers with both babies and larger children, to assess how long the stroller can be used for. The sibling strollers we tested were both side-by-side and tandem strollers. And we tested them with carrycots and seat units. The strollers were used in an urban environment and on slightly rougher terrain.

  • Qualities: In which ways can the seat units and carrycots be configured on the stroller, can you attach a baby car seat, can the stroller be transformed into a single child stroller?

  • Functions: Are the seat units reversible, are they normal or ergonomic, is there a lying position and is the handle adjustable?

  • Use: What’s the stroller like to push on different surfaces, is it narrow enough to work on public transport, can it easily be folded and is it small enough to go in a car, is it comfortable to sit in for the child?

We place particular importance on the size and weight of children who can ride in the sibling stroller, so that it’s primarily your needs rather than the stroller’s maximum size and weight limits that determine how long the stroller can be used. As well as these characteristics, we also assess the general quality of the bicycle trailer together with how its functions and characteristics relate to its price tag.


Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/22 kg Width: 74 cm Type of seat unit: Ergonomic Includes stormcover/apron: Yes/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free Handle: Telescopic Converts to single stroller: Yes Reversible seat units: Yes

Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono (Duo)

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 is a very flexible sibling stroller, which can easily be adapted to the needs of the moment. The differences between the Donkey 5 and earlier versions aren’t very dramatic, but still enhance the stroller a little further. For instance, the Donkey 5 has been equipped with a 3 cm higher seat unit/carrycot, integrated brackets for a standing board and cupholders, improved buttons for folding the chassis and breezy openings in the carrycot.

The Donkey 5 can be used with one child (Mono) and is then 60 cm wide, or with two children (Duo/Twin) and then measures 74 cm over the widest point. This makes the stroller narrow enough for both public transport and lifts. The chassis is easy to pull together and put away, and with a little practice it takes just 30 seconds. If you want to push three children at the same time, the Donkey 5 works very well with Bugaboo’s own standing board.

Well designed seat unit and carrycot with a long hood

The carrycot part is spacious for a sibling stroller, and is now extra airy thanks to the breezy openings at the head end, which are perfect for the summer baby. The seat unit is ergonomic and can be inclined to sitting, reclining and lying positions when rear-facing. When forward-facing there’s no lying position. The padded harness is easy to adjust, and ridiculously easy to click together and release. The seat unit is relatively spacious, and will fit most children up to about 1 metre in height. The maximum weight in the seat unit is 22 kg, but only 15 kg when using it as a Mono with the seat unit facing backwards.


The Donkey 5 has a hood that’s pretty much perfect. The fact that it can be extended, combined with the peephole and ventilation hatch on top, ensures that your children are always both shaded and cooled very effectively. The seat unit belly bar can be removed completely, but can also be undone from one bracket and swung to the side. This makes it easier to get the child in and out.

Easily steered stroller that never feels heavy

The Donkey 5 is very nice to push. The puncture-free tires can cope with gravel roads, snow and other terrain. The chassis has no obvious suspension and the stroller rolls best on smooth surfaces. But then it’s also so easy to steer that you can easily turn the Donkey 5 with just two fingers on the handle. The stroller is suitable for parents of different heights, as the telescopic handle can be adjusted in height and gives plenty of room even for long-legged parents. If you use the stroller in Mono position you have a handy side-basket for baggage, but the stroller’s basket also offers a lot of space.

On the Donkey 5, Bugaboo have placed the folding buttons on the top of the handle, making the stroller a little easier to fold. You don’t have to push in any catches to unfold the stroller again. The Donkey 5 becomes rather bulky when folded, mainly in size but also in terms of handling. To make the stroller as compact as possible, you have to take it apart. This works for the odd occasion but becomes a nuisance if it has to be done daily.

High price but maximum flexibility

The cost of a sibling stroller Bugaboo Donkey 5 is high but feels justified. Being able to freely switch between pushing one, two or three children with the stroller, and easily switching between positions, creates exactly the flexibility any parent of small children needs. It is also a big plus that Bugaboo have a wide range of both matching accessories and useful spare parts.

The price assessment should also take into account the fact that the Bugaboo Donkey 5 will have the same high second-hand value as its predecessors, which means that a stroller in good condition can be sold on for a minor loss after a couple of years of use. If we were to ask for any further improvements, a slightly deeper seat would have been at the top of the wish list. As it stands, we’re happy to say that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a sibling stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 offers all the functionality you could want.

Easy to switch between mono and duoreversible seat unitsextendable hoodreally nice to push
Fiddly to foldonly 15 kg maxweight in Mono with rear-facing seat unit

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Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono, Convertible Into Side by Side Double Stroller, Improved Design, Reversible Seat, One Hand Steering and Side Basket, Classic Collection Dark Navy


Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Complete Mineral Washed Black


Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Pushchair on Graphite/Grey Chassis - Choose Your Colour


2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double

Spacious sibling stroller with good lying position, adjustable foot rest and convenient folding mechanism

Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/23 kg Width: 75.5 cm Type of seat unit: Normal Includes rain cover/apron: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free Handle: Knee-joint Converts to single stroller: No Reversible seat units: No

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double

Baby Jogger's City Mini GT Double sibling stroller has long been popular for its successful combination of spacious seat units and compact folding. Now it’s been updated, and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double is noticeably better than its predecessor.

The City Mini GT 2 Double is a side-by-side sibling stroller with two seat units that are fixed forward-facing. If you want to use the stroller from birth, there’s a rear-facing carrycot you can buy separately. You can also attach a baby car seat to the City Mini GT 2 Double, but only to one seat unit at a time. In other words, this isn’t the best choice of sibling stroller for twins. After your child has outgrown the small but cosy carrycot, you have to turn them to face forwards.

Parents of small children often praise Baby Jogger’s strollers for their long period of use, which is made possible by high maximum weights and spacious seat units. And the City Mini GT 2 Double is no exception. A normal-sized 5-6 year-old can travel comfortably in the stroller. The backrest is high, but unfortunately the hood takes up some of the space around the child’s head. Widthways there’s plenty of space in the seat area.

The seat units in the GT 2 Double can be adjusted steplessly down to a good flat lying position. However, the sitting position is slightly backward-leaning, even if you try to push the backplates forwards. The stroller’s new covers feel cosier, but it’s actually the fact that the City Mini GT 2 Double now has adjustable footrests that really increases comfort for the child. The advantage of the footrest is that the child can sleep in a more stretched out position. The disadvantage is that it requires quite a lot of force to release the footrests and to push them into place.

The harness in the seat units of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double is easy to adjust for height and circumference. You can easily take it apart into separate straps, if you want to add a footmuff. Unlike the older version, the City Mini GT 2 Double now has separate safety bars – one per seat unit. The hoods give good protection against sun and wind when they are fully extended. There are two peepholes in each hood, so you can have good contact with your child as you walk.

The stroller is very nice to push. The GT 2 Double is a stroller you can load with heavy baggage in the spacious but slightly accessible basket, and with children. And yet the sibling stroller still rolls happily along. The foam-filled wheels can cope with gravel paths as well as snow and uneven grass, and the fact that the BJ City Mini GT 2 Double now has good suspension and the chassis makes the ride even smoother.

The sibling stroller has also retained its incredibly convenient folding mechanism. With one hand around the strap in each seat unit, you simply lift straight up and the GT 2 Double folds in the middle and locks itself automatically in folded position. The old GT Double was popular for many years, and everything indicates that the new Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double will be at least as popular for at least as long.

Full lying positionspacious seat unitsadjustable footrestsnice to pusheasy to fold up
Only forward-facing seat unitsstiff to adjust the footrest

3. Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Easily adapted tandem sibling stroller that has many intelligent accessories and functions

Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/20 kg Width: 62 cm Type of seat unit: Ergonomic Includes rain cover/apron: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free Handle: Telescopic Converts to single stroller: Yes Reversible seat units: Yes, separate

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

The City Select is a model that’s been in Baby Jogger’s stable of strollers for a long time, and the City Select Lux is the updated version. Compared with its predecessor, the Lux is even smaller when folded, has better suspension and a different handle shape The seat unit is the same as on Baby Jogger’s Premier single stroller model, and has softer, cosier upholstery. The City Select Lux is a single stroller that can be expanded to a tandem sibling stroller. You can combine seat units with carrycots with baby car seats in endless combinations. One function of the Lux that stands out a little extra is the jumpseat that you can buy separately. This is a seat unit with a harness and footrest, but without a backrest, that you install on the chassis. It’s like an advanced standing board – perfect for children who perhaps don’t want to walk but don’t need a standard seat unit either. What’s really clever is that you can attach a carrycot or seat unit above the jumpseat and quickly change between having one and two children in the stroller by moving the parts around.

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux has an adjustable telescopic handle and an easily accessible handbrake. The shape of the handle is comfortable, but the handbrake takes up too much space for it to be entirely comfortable to keep your hands centred. The four wheels are all puncture-free and easily cope with a bit of uneven terrain and quite a lot of snow. The front wheels can be locked but you really need to do this. The chassis is on the longer side. You can travel on the bus OK with the Lux when it’s a single stroller. But if you've got two seat units or carrycots on the stroller, it’ll stick out quite a long way into the gangway. The basket is big, and there’s plenty of space left even when the Lux is being used as a sibling stroller. As a single stroller, it’s fantastic to pack, particularly if you buy Baby Jogger's own shopping basket as an extra.

The seat unit on the Lux is spacious, with an adjustable footrest and a hood that can be attached to the frame at two different heights. The seat unit can be inclined down to a good lying position using a catch on the back of the backrest. Of course the seat units are reversible – but the stroller is easiest to push if the front seat unit is turned towards the person pushing. You can fold the City Select Lux in a single piece with two seat units on, and the stroller becomes impressively flat. It’s nice to push. Even though you could get more lift from the handle when pushing a stroller with two children, it still works OK. There are many advantages with this type of sibling stroller, and the Baby Jogger City Select Lux offers so many different configurations that it’s almost impossible not to find one you're happy with.

Very easy to adapt to your needsreally clever jumpseateasy to push
Rather long in sibling modecan be heavy to manoeuvre when fully loadedhandbrake takes up too much space

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4. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double

Spacious and easy to push sibling stroller with full lying position and very compact folding

Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/20 kg Width: 66.5 cm Type of seat unit: Normal Includes rain cover/apron: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free PU wheels Handle: Not adjustable Converts to single stroller: No Reversible seat units: No

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double

With the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double, double strollers take a big step forward. This is an ultracompact sibling stroller that can be used both during your everyday life and when you’re travelling. At just 66.5 cm wide, it's narrow enough to go through every door and even many smaller lifts. Folded, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double measures a very compact 63 x 66.5 x 25 cm.

The Tour 2 Double can be used direct from birth if you buy a carrycot. You easily attach it to the chassis with adapters. You don’t need to remove the seat unit fabric beneath it, which means you can quickly change between having a baby and a larger child in the stroller. The two seat units are fixed in a forward-facing position. The backrest can be inclined steplessly from an upright sitting position down to what’s almost a flat lying position.

The child’s sitting position is comfortable and there’s a surprising amount of space in the seat despite the stroller being so narrow. Children up to 4-5 years will be comfortable in the Tour 2 Double. Both seat units have adjustable footrests. This means the lying area is longer and the child can sleep comfortably in the stroller. The sunshade is OK, even though the hoods could have been still longer. On the back of the hoods are peepholes in mesh fabric, which also let in the air. These are attached with Velcro, and can be rolled out of the way and secured with an elastic strap.

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double has puncture-free PU wheels. These are very small but roll pretty well. This isn’t a stroller for going off-road with – the Tour 2 Double is best in an urban environment and on smooth surfaces. The brake by the right wheel is easy to apply but very difficult to disengage. Not at all straightforward if you’re wearing sandals. The basket is very spacious, and easily holds everything you need for a full day out. Folding the City Tour 2 Double is child’s play. You activate a catch with one hand and press a button on the handle with the other. The stroller begins to fold up, and then you lift it by the folding straps in the seat units. Once folded, the Tour 2 Double is locked with a catch. As the stroller weighs 10.5 kg, you can easily load it into the car, and it fits even the smallest of boots.

The European maximum weight is 15 kg per seat unit, but Baby Jogger have tested it with 20 kg per seat. But the larger the children, the more difficult it is to push the stroller – which course is difficult to avoid giving the light construction and small wheels. But overall this is an extremely impressive sibling stroller. And if you want a travel stroller for two children, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is undoubtedly one of the best available options.

Extremely small when foldedfull lying positionadjustable footresteasy to steerspacious basket
Is a little heavy to push with larger children inthe hood could have been longer

5. Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2

Narrow sibling stroller with sturdy wheels, full lying position and possibility of a rear-facing seat unit

Max. weight lying/sitting: 9/18 kg Width: 65 cm Type of seat unit: Normal Includes rain cover/apron: No/no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Air/puncture-free Handle: Knee-joint Converts to single stroller: Yes Reversible seat units: Yes, the carrycot can be reconfigured into a face-to-face seat unit

Mountain Buggy Duet V3

The Mountain Buggy Duet is a sibling stroller that’s been around for many years and is continuously updated. It’s now available in two versions – the standard Duet V3.2 from 2019, and the Luxury collection Duet Herringbone. The latter is a more upmarket version, with a completely black chassis, leather details and herringbone patterned upholstery. The functional difference is that the Duet Herringbone has puncture-free tyres. The Duet has received an update to the carrycot, which now has slightly tougher nylon upholstery. But only the Herringbone has new, improved fabric on the hoods.

The Duet is a sibling stroller that’s only 65 cm wide, with the fixed, forward-facing seat units placed side-by-side. If you want to use the sibling stroller with a baby, you have to buy a carrycot. This is small and narrow, but it works for the first few months. After this you can reconfigure the carrycot into a rear-facing seat unit, called face-to-face. New for the Duet V3.2 in 2019 is that the face-to-face seat unit has been improved with a deeper seat area and more positions. You can now change between sitting, reclining position and lying position.

To incline the rear-facing seat unit, you must remove it from the bracket and then pull it into the desired position. This isn’t particularly convenient. But it makes it possible to have your child facing towards you for longer, which is an obvious plus.

The Duet’s seat units have backrests that can be inclined steplessly down to a flat lying position. Some of our test children disliked the slightly backward-leaning sitting position. There’s a small footrest you can pull out which extends the lying position a little. And there's a built-in footrest in the chassis. The hoods give acceptable shade from the sun, and the harness is easy to use as it can easily be divided into five separate straps. You can buy a safety bar for the Duet which works for both seat units at the same time.

The handle has an adjustable knee-joint mechanism, and there’s also a handbrake on the left hand side which is very useful when you’re going down hills with a fully loaded stroller. On the back of the stroller there’s also a standard foot brake. The basket is relatively spacious, and has storage pockets both on the sides and back. You can fold the stroller up in one piece, and this makes it quite flat.

The MB Duet is quite bouncy to push, and the wheels (both the puncture-free ones on the Herringbone and the pneumatic ones on the standard Duet) can cope with quite a lot of snow and some rougher terrain. But the stroller is also convenient in an urban environment, thanks to its narrowness. The Duet’s main disadvantage is that the width also means less space in the seat units, but a normal-sized 4-5 year-old still fits OK. If you need a sibling stroller that’s compact, the MB Duet becomes a better option for every update it gets.

Very narrowcopes with most surfacesflat lying positiongood basket
Rear-facing seat unit is hard to inclinerather bulky when foldedbackward-leaning sitting position

6. UPPAbaby Vista

Convenient and spacious sibling stroller with a large basket, can easily be transformed into a single stroller

**Max. weight lying/sitting: ** 9/15 or 22.7 kg **Width: ** 65 cm **Type of seat unit: ** Ergonomic **Includes rain cover/apron: ** Yes/no **Adapter for baby car seat: ** Yes **Wheels: ** Puncture-free PU wheels Handle: Telescopic **Converts to single stroller: ** Yes Reversible seat units: Yes, separate

UppaBaby Vista (Duo)

When it comes to strollers, preferences in different parts of the world often vary significantly. But American brand UPPAbaby have succeeded in breaking through these barriers. **UPPAbaby Vista ** is essentially a single stroller with a carrycot and seat unit but it can be expanded to work for one additional child using two sets of adapters. Two so you can attach the carrycot to the chassis at the front, and the others to raise the seat unit. If you want to have the seat unit at the front and the chassis above, you need to buy an extra sibling “rumble seat” to attach at the front of the pushchair. If there’s an age difference between the children that means you only need the sibling stroller for the early period, the Vista is a very good value solution. The two sets of adapters cost about £25 each.

The UPPAbaby Vista is also well designed for siblings who are a little older. The European maximum weight for the main seat is 15 kg, but in the USA it’s approved up to 22.7 kg. The UPPAbaby Vista is amongst the best vertical sibling strollers at offering a lot of space between the seat units. With the height adapters on and both seat units facing backwards, the front child has plenty of space between them and the other seat unit. The seat units can be inclined to resting and lying position, still without either becoming cramped. And yet the stroller is a compact one, and once folded up it's about the same size as a normal single stroller. For a sibling stroller, it’s narrow, but still broad enough for the stroller to feel stable. The Vista can handle slightly more uneven surfaces, but rolls best on a flat surface in an urban environment.

The handle can be set to a couple of different positions, and the UPPAbaby has a really clever standing board that you can buy separately, making the Vista capable of transporting three children at once. Unlike many other vertical sibling strollers, the basket size doesn’t suffer from there being a sibling seat. The gigantic basket on the Vista can hold a full 13 kg, and works extremely well for doing the food shop. Since 2017, the Vista has puncture-free PU wheels and the hoods have long sun visors that provide UV protection. The UPPAbaby Vista is a very clever solution for anyone who needs to change often between a single and sibling stroller, and it's easy to understand why many families quickly find it essential.

Narrow and convenientlarge basketspacious seat units
Handle can only be raised in a few stepsrather wide as a single stroller

All about Siblings strollers

A sibling stroller is a buggy that holds at least two children at the same time. All strollers in this test has been designed to work both for a baby and a larger child, and for two slightly larger children at the same time. A sibling stroller can either have the seat units side-by-side or in a tandem configuration, where one seat unit is placed in front of and/or above the other. Some sibling strollers require a separate carrycot for you to be able to use the stroller with an infant. In others, you can combine the seat unit with a soft carrycot. Before buying a sibling stroller, you should decide whether you want the children facing you even when they’re sitting up, as many sibling strollers have seat units that are only forward-facing.

How important is the width of a sibling stroller?

You should also be conscious of the width of the sibling stroller. You need to make sure you can get around in your everyday life as normal without getting stuck in lifts, door openings or the stroller being too big to go into your car boot. If you live in a big city, what’s known in Sweden as the Stockholm dimension can be useful. This means that a stroller can be a maximum of 75 cm wide to work without problems on public transport, which includes lifts on underground systems, door openings on buses and trains, barriers and other narrow spaces. In most cases, strollers of up to 80 cm wide also fit, but there are still some exceptions. So if you live in a big city, it’s a good idea to choose a stroller that sticks to this limit.

How nice is it to push the stroller?

There are several aspects you should take into account when you choose a sibling stroller. With two children in the stroller, of course it’s heavier to push, so the actual buggy itself shouldn’t weigh too much. This makes things easier if you’re taking a walk on rougher terrain or in snow, where you have to push harder anyway. Often the more expensive strollers are lighter, but there are also good cheap sibling strollers that have a reasonable weight.

If you’re going to travel in the car with the stroller often, you may prefer to buy a sibling stroller that can be folded in one piece with all the parts on rather than one that you have to partially dismantle. You should also make sure that the handle can be height adjusted so it works for everyone who’s going to be pushing the stroller on a regular basis, and that the seat units are big enough to hold even the older child for a while into the future. If you plan to do a lot of countryside walks, it’s a good idea to have larger, pneumatic – air-filled – or foam wheels, while if you’re going to spend your time shopping in the city a narrower stroller that’s easier to steer is a better choice.

Check out our buying guide with other important things to think about when buying a stroller. Link to buying guide

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