TEST: 6 soda machines tested 2022

Do you drink a lot of carbonated water at home? If so, it might be a good idea to start carbonating that water yourself, instead of carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket. We tested 10 soda machines and selected one model as the test winner.

Best soda water maker 2022 – 9 models in test

How we did the test

The tests we carry out are independent and consist only of our own honest feedback on the products. Manufacturers, retailers and other third parties can’t influence the products used or the scores we give. The products have been used as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of soda machines, the machines are used in everyday life in ordinary households. The models are then evaluated by the test families.

The following criteria were used as the basis for our assessment:

  • Function: How is the bottle inserted into the soda machine? How is the water carbonated?
  • Design: Is the soda machine stylish enough to have it standing out on the worktop? Does it fit on a kitchen counter under a cabinet?
  • Ease of use: Is it easy to understand how the machine works? How easy are the controls to understand? How easy is it to clean the bottles?

The results from these criteria are then given an overall score after being weighed against the machine’s price – then the models are ranked and we designate a test winner.


Soda machine that’s a good price, can be used with one hand and also looks good on the kitchen worktop

Price class: Intermediate Energy source: Manual Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

SodaStream Spirit

SodaStream’s Spirit model has a sleek and convenient design that doesn't take up unnecessary space. It comes in several colours to make it easy to find a machine that fits into your kitchen, whatever your decorative style, and because it’s manually operated it is very easy to position. The Spirit bottle design feels a little more upmarket than many of the other SodaStream models, and you can also buy bottles that are dishwasher safe.

Automatic attachment of the bottle

The SodaStream Spirit is very easy to use by simply opening the rear hatch and screwing the carbon dioxide cartridge into the bracket. Then you just close the hatch and start carbonating! One bottle is included with the machine and can be easily attached even with a one-handed grip, as it automatically fits into place. There is no indicator for the amount of carbon dioxide; instead this controlled manually by pressing buttons a different number of times. The recommendation is three presses for two seconds for normal bubbles and five times for two seconds for a much fizzier drink.

Water with small, fine bubbles

At first, it might feel odd to stand and count the number of times you press a button, but you soon learn how many presses suit your own taste. You get lots of small bubbles and the water is pleasant to drink.

We like the fact the SodaStream Spirit is easy to use with its one-handed grip, easy to position and has a stylish design at a great price. All of that, plus the great results in terms of fizz mean that we name Spirit as the best in test SodaStream.

Great pricestylishconvenient formateasy to use with one hand
No indicator for bubble quantity

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SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker – Black

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Sodastream Carbonating Machine, Spirit White


2. SodaStream Power – BEST PREMIUM CHOICE

Soda machine with electric drive ideal for people who consume large quantities of fizzy water

Price class: Premium Energy source: Electric Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

SodaStream Power

With the SodaStream Power you get an electric-powered soda machine that includes a carbon dioxide cartridge and one bottle. The long cable makes this model easy to place yet is well hidden on the back so it gives a tidier appearance on your kitchen worktop.


Automatic dosing saves on cartridges

You might wonder why an electric SodaStream, which needs access to power and also takes up more space, is a better choice than a cheaper model that delivers the same end product. In fact, the SodaStream Power will quickly become a favourite you won’t want to lose after you've used it for a little while. The convenient one-hand insertion and removal of the bottle is impressive, and thanks to the buttons positioned on the front of the machine you can see and reach them easily even if the machine is placed under a cabinet. There are three levels of carbon dioxide available, and the automated dosage means that the carbon dioxide cylinder lasts longer than with a manual model, where you might press a little more than necessary.

Solid but not bulky

This is an expensive machine, but it's also great value for money. The only negative thing is that you often get fooled waiting for the carbon dioxide dosing to be completed. Before the final puff, there’s a pause just long enough that you think the process is finished and so you get ready to remove the bottle – and then the last puff of carbon dioxide comes. The Power model is slightly larger than other model of SodaStream but still looks really nice, and its stylish design means it can stand on the worktop without looking out of place. There are also several colours to choose from. The price tag is high for this brand, but the quick and easy operation along with the economical dosage of carbon dioxide makes it absolutely worth its price.

One-handed operation for inserting and removing the bottlewell-designedelectrically driven
Requires mains outletexpensive

3. SodaStream Spirit One Touch

Exclusive electric soda machine that lasts a long time and can be used with one hand

Price class: Premium Energy source: Electricity Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

SodaStream Spirit One Touch

Having yet another kitchen machine that requires plugging in may not feel optimal, but the fact is that the Spirit One Touch gives such a good result that you’ll find it difficult to do without once you’ve tried this model.

Good size and attractive design

The compact size of the SodaStream Spirit One Touch means this machine fits easily under a kitchen cabinet, making it easy to place in your kitchen. Assembly is quick, the design is stylish and the model looks compact. The one-litre bottle included is easily clicked into the machine with one hand, and then you select the amount of carbon dioxide you want via three buttons on top. You can also buy dishwasher-safe bottles for this one, which can be useful if you’re going to carbonate a lot of water.

Carbon dioxide cartridge lasts a long time

Since the carbonation is automatic, exactly the right amount of carbon dioxide is used for each batch, which helps the cartridge last for a long time. Not only does this give you a perfect amount of bubbles in your water, but on manual machines, it’s easy to press the buttons too often and waste the carbon dioxide. Even if the price of this machine is a little higher than for similar models, it’ll probably pay off in the long run as you’ll change the carbon dioxide cylinder less often. Pretty much anyone who’s a fan of carbonated water will find that the SodaStream Spirit One Touch is a really good buy.

Bubbles quickly with just one handgood dosing of carbon dioxidecartridge lasts a long time
Needs electricityexpensive

4. Mysoda Woody

A simple, affordable carbonator in wood composite if you want to avoid plastic

Price class: Budget Energy source: Manual CO2 cylinder included: Yes

MySoda Woody

Mysoda Woody is a bio-composite sparkling water maker that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: make fizzy drinks in a convenient way. Thanks to the angled insertion of the bottle, you can operate it with one hand.

If Mysoda Woody had been made of plastic, we would probably have described it as “plastic” with that concept’s negative connotations. But the slightly melange surface of the composite softens the impression – in the pictures it almost looks like it’s 3D animated. There’s really nothing besides the material that makes this machine stand out in any positive way. The design is simple. The model we tested was a greeny-grey Pigeon colour, and it’s also available in four other colours, including a lovely retro pink.

Easy to operate and affordable

It’s also simple to operate using only one hand (with a bit of practice). Since the bottle is inserted at an angle, you can do this with one hand without holding the machine with the other. The bottle is then pressed inwards into a vertical position and carbonated using the large button on the top, and then angled out again to be taken out. This is really easy once you’ve done it a couple of times.

In addition to an environmentally conscious manufacturing material, where only the bottle is made of conventional plastic, Woody is also very competitively priced compared to its rivals. Clearly, there are more luxurious models that beat Woody in terms of design, and models with more features or electrically powered, but if you want a simple and easy-care machine at a good price, Woody is a really good choice.

No drip collector and a slightly messy bottle

Woody doesn’t have a drip collector, so if you happen to fill the bottle too full, water may splash out – so you shouldn’t place it on any sensitive surface, such as wood. The wide, cylindrical bottle is a good size. The only negative thing we have to say about it is that the removable bottom of the bottle comes loose too easily. It tends to fall off from time to time, when we take the bottle out of the fridge, pass it around the table or unscrew it from the machine.

The supplied carbon dioxide cartridge is easy to install: you simply screw it into the top of the machine and then insert that into the “body”. That’s super-convenient! All in all, Woody is a good, affordable choice if you’re looking for a well-functioning and simple carbonator.

Cheapplanet friendlyeasy to operate
No drip collectorunnecessary loose parts on bottle

5. Aarke Carbonator PRO

The sparkling water maker for design lovers who prefer glass bottles

Type: Manual Bottle: Glass bottle (0.7 L) CO2 cylinder included: Yes

Aarke Carbonator Pro

Premium design with corresponding price tag

The Carbonator PRO from Aarke features beautiful glass bottles that you’ll enjoy setting out on your dinner table. Glass bottles mean that carbonation needs to be contained in something, and Aarke has achieved this brilliantly with its trendy industrial style and stainless steel machines, where a sturdy cover is lowered over the bottle.

While this machine may be best suited to high-end designer kitchen counters rather than Joe Bloggs’ kitchen, it’s also one of the few machines you really want to have on display. The machine fits under the top cupboards, which makes it easy to place, and since it’s manual, you don't need to think about power sockets either. However, it may seem somewhat bulky, with the base in particular taking up a lot of space.

And heads up: it’s really expensive. It’s not hard to see why: it’s crafted in sustainable quality materials and manufactured in central Stockholm. But it’s also a huge (if not impossible) amount to pay for many consumers. Buying additional bottles is also quite pricey, especially compared to plastic bottles.

Easy-grip glass bottle and one-handed operation

Due to the required thickness, glass bottles can easily become heavy and difficult to handle – this weighs 0.65 kg empty, 1.35 kg with water. But the design has been carefully considered: the bottle is faceted all around with clearly elongated sections that make it very easy to grip and at the same time provide a stylish retro design – the final touch being the high-gloss steel cap. It’s really well-made, and many of our dinner guests comment on the beautiful bottle.

Carbonation is also well thought-out and the machine can be operated with one hand. Place the bottle in the small tray (which also collects spills without damaging the kitchen counter), slide the cover down with one hand until it clicks into place, and press the button on the top a few times. Use the small lever on the side of the machine to lift the cover again – it’s easy and really convenient. Sometimes a little water may collect in the drip tray, which can easily be wiped out with the cloth provided.

The only real issue with the Carbonator PRO is the price. There are many manual machines that provide equally good sparkling water for under fifty pounds instead of hundreds of pounds, but if you want a designer machine made to be used with glass bottles, this could be worth saving up for.

Stylisheasy to grip glass bottlegood fizz
Quite expensivemay seem somewhat bulky

6. Aarke Carbonator 3

Manual, easy-to-use soda machine for the design enthusiast

Price class: Premium Power source: Manual Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

Aarke Carbonator III

Aarke is an obvious brand for those who like design and don’t mind spending a little extra on a truly stylish machine. You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes to suit most kitchens. And the cordless operation makes it easy to place.

Easy to operate but fitting the bottle is tricky

The water is carbonated by pulling a lever down until a valve opens and you hear a hissing sound. If you want more carbon dioxide, you pull a couple of times more. There’s no indicator showing how much carbon dioxide you have added, but you quickly learn how long to pull for the required amount. It actually feels quite nice to pull the lever, a bit like having a beer tap at home – but for carbonated water.

The bottle is secured by screwing it into the top of the machine. This takes quite a few turns and you need to use two hands, which feels a bit fiddly when so many other machines have quick-attachment systems. Unfortunately, it’s also too easy to screw the bottle in on an angle, which is only noticeable once you’ve got halfway and then have to undo the bottle to start again. It isn't a huge problem, but it is something of a nuisance. Replacing the cartridge is very easy and is done from underneath by laying the machine down, without having to remove any parts.

Fits nicely in the designer kitchen and adorns the kitchen counter

While many soda machines feel plasticky, this is a robust machine you'll want to show off. It’s unexpectedly sleek and doesn't look at all bulky on the kitchen counter. It fits easily under a kitchen cabinet and doesn't require a power outlet.

This is a handsome piece that gives a really high quality impression. However, the bottle feels unexpectedly basic and can’t be distinguished from other factory PET bottles. That’s not a major problem, but it was a comment made by one of our test families. For example, other brands have glass bottles, which might have been a better fit for Aarke's potential target audience. When the bottle is filled up to the recommended level, it has a capacity of 800 ml. We’d have preferred it to contain at least one litre of water per carbonation, to save running between table and kitchen.

If this had only been a beauty contest, Aarke would have been the winner, but at this high price we also expect all the functions. Apart from the way you attach the bottle, it’s a great manual machine where you pay a good bit extra for the stylish design.

Stylish design and good colour optionseasy to operatecordless
Expensivebottle easily screws in wrongsmallish bottle

7. SodaStream Genesis

Stylish soda machine that makes good fizzy water

Price class: Budget Energy source: Manual Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

SodaStream Genesis

The SodaStream Genesis soda machine is a stylish kitchen appliance that can be placed on the counter thanks to its easy-to-position size and simple design.

Bottle must be screwed in before you start carbonating

Assembling the SodaStream Genesis for initial use is no problem. You simply attach the carbon dioxide cylinder to the back and get started. The standard bottle supplied works well and if you want bottles that are dishwasher-safe, you can buy them separately. The bottle neck is screwed into the top bracket which can be a bit fiddly as you have to make sure the threads are correctly engaged. Even if you haven’t filled the bottle over the fill line, it can sometimes spit out water when it’s being carbonated.

Fiddly to dose and requires both hands

At the top of the machine is a wide push button that you press down repeatedly until you’re satisfied with the amount of carbon dioxide. You quickly learn the number of presses you require. Making carbonated water at home isn’t complicated, but when the details around the process seem awkward, it also makes the experience a bit less enjoyable. With the SodaStream Genesis you get an attractive machine for your kitchen, but the actual operation, which requires a two-handed grip to thread the bottle, feels a bit old-fashioned.

Stylish designgood bubblescompact
Requires the bottle to be screwed ondifficult to know the amount of carbon dioxide used

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8. SodaStream Jet

Easy-to-use soda machine that makes plenty of bubbles for a great price

Price class: Budget Energy source: Manual Includes CO2 cartridge: Yes

SodaStream Jet (Exkl. Patron)

The SodaStream Jet has a classic plasticky 80s feel in terms of design, and if you think back to earlier generations of soda machines, you won't be far off. It’s rather bulky, yet still fits easily on the kitchen worktop under a cabinet.

Uncomplicated but slightly fiddly installation of carbon dioxide cartridge

Assembly consists of simply installing the carbon dioxide cartridge inside the back cover. If you have big hands, you may find it a bit awkward to get the cartridge in place, although the procedure itself isn't complicated, just a little tricky given the lack of space. One cartridge is included with the purchase, along with a standard plastic bottle. If you want more bottles or dishwasher-safe bottles, you’ll need to buy them separately.

Both hands and correct threading required

If you buy one of the newer models of SodaStream, you’ll see that it has almost become standard to use just one hand to insert the bottle. With the SodaStream Jet, it takes both hands and a little effort to screw the neck of the bottle into the attachment before you can press the carbon dioxide button. Once this is done, the button on the top of the machine is used to inject the correct amount of carbon dioxide. The water is good and has quite large bubbles. Given the low price and the decent result you get, the SodaStream Jet is still a good value soda machine if you aren’t looking for any other refinements.

Good priceeasy to usegives nice big bubbles
The bottle needs to be screwed inneeds both handsbulky design

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Common questions about soda machines

Which soda machine is the best?

In our test, the SodaStream Spirit was named the test winner. Features our testers appreciated were the single handed operation, good bubbles, attractive design and a nice convenient size.

How do soda machines work?

A soda machine allows you to turn normal tap water into carbonated water by forcing carbon dioxide gas into it. Instead of buying carbonated water in the shop, you can get plenty of the stuff at home in the kitchen in no time. To carbonate water at home you need a soda machine with a bottle and a carbon dioxide cartridge/cylinder. These are almost always sold together as a kit.

How do you use a soda machine?

Most work on the same basic principle. The machine is charged with a carbon dioxide cylinder, which in most cases is placed in a door on the back of the machine by simply screwing it into a nozzle. A bottle of water is attached to the front and then the desired amount of carbon dioxide is selected by pressing a button, either to add a preset amount, or by pressing the button for a given number of seconds.

How many presses are required?

More presses produce more bubbles, but the exact number required varies and is often indicated on the machine. Many soda machines are automatic and do the dosage themselves.

When do I replace the carbon dioxide cartridge?

It will be obvious when the cartridge is running low, as it will take a lot more presses to get the water well carbonated, and the machine won't sound the same. You can take the cartridge to most supermarkets and replace it with a new one for a small charge, instead of buying a brand new one.

Can you flavour carbonated water?

If you have childhood memories of the sugary soft drinks produced by soda machines, you don't need to worry. Today, there are several good flavours you can add, and with the right amount you should get them to taste just like the original brand soft drink. Well-known brands of soft drinks produce flavourings for soda machines.

How do I make flavoured carbonated water?

First you add the bubbles to the water as usual. Then add the flavour, to the quantity indicated on the bottle, screw on the cap and carefully turn the bottle upside down a few times to ensure that everything is thoroughly mixed. If you want a stronger or weaker taste, vary the amount of additive you put in.

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