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Top 5 Best Sports Bra of 2022


We have tested sports bras and name Shock Absorber - Ultimate Fly Bra as best sports bra of 2021. It is a high quality sports bra which sits in place well and has soft edges. The sports bra is suitable for all types of activities and comes in a wide range of colours. Another sports bra which performed well in the test is Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Bra, which ha a fantastic fit, sits comfortably on the body and is made from a quality material which lets the skin breathe.

Top 5 Best Sports Bra of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of sports bras, all models have been tested during both low and high intensity training sessions. In a gym environment they have been tested with free weights, kettle bells and with exercise machines. The bras have also been used during medium intensity running and running intervals and during bodyweight exercises, burpees and yoga. We have taken the following parameters into account in our assessment:

  • Fit: How well does the bra fit? Does it adapt to your body shape? How comfortable is it, and does it have any seams or tags that chafe? Does it ride up when you stretch, or stay in place?

  • Support: How does the sports bra behave during exercise and how much support does it give? Does it keep your breasts in place without feeling stiff?

  • Quality: What is the sports bra like after it has been washed? Is the fit still good, is the material unchanged?

The overall impression of the sports bra in all of these different activities formed the basis for our assessment. This was then compared to the price to determine value for money and allocate a score.

1. Shock Absorber - Ultimate Fly Bra - BEST CHOICE SPORTS BRA 2022

Fits like a glove and gives all the support you could want

Exercise type: Low to high intensity Available colours: 3 Wash temperature: 30 degrees Material: 77% polyamide, 19% elastane, 4% polyester Sizes: 70B-85E

Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra - Black/Grey

Shock Absorber are known for delivering on their promises of support regardless of the size of your chest – and the Ultimate Fly Bra is no exception. You buy this laser cut sports bra according to cup and band size, which gives it an advantage over brands that only go from S-XL, as the fit is better. This is a high-performance bra that gives plenty of support regardless of the exercise type or breast size, and it stays in place through trail running, obstacle courses and long-distance rowing sessions.

At the same time that the Ultimate Fly Bra offers plenty of support, it’s so thin that you can barely feel it on your body. There are no seams that chafe, no shoulder straps that dig themselves into your skin or slide off. And despite the fact that the bra lies close and tight to your skin, you never feel that it’s too restrictive or getting in the way of any exercises.


The Ultimate Fly Bra has a racerback with adjustable shoulder straps and two clasps; one on the back and one between the shoulder blades. Even if the clasps mean that you don’t have to do major acrobatic feats to put it on and take it off, the clasp between the shoulder blades sometimes takes a bit of wriggling to reach. But you get used to it after a couple of times and during the test period our testers never needed a training partner's help with it.

The bra stood up to washing well and quickly became a favourite in the exercise wardrobe, as it simply does a really good job.

Fantastic supportGood fit.Light material.
Clasp between shoulder blades can be fiddly to reach.

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Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Women's High Impact Bra


2. Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Bra

Absolutely fantastic fit and great quality

Exercise type: Low to high intensity Available colours: 1 Maximum wash temperature: 40 degrees Material: 53% polyester, 38% polyamide, 9% elastane Sizes: 70A-85E

Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Bra - Black/Blue

Soft yet substantial at the same time – it’s not often that a sports bra succeeds with this combination, but for Shock Absorber it seems to be no problem. The sizes are the same as for a normal bra, which means that both cup and band size can be adapted. The band around the chest has hooks at four different points, and the shoulder strap is also adjustable to obtain a better fit. The band size is quite small, which you should bear in mind when choosing your size. What makes the fit truly great is the fabric in the cups. The material is a dri-fit fabric that manages to be both stable enough to give good support yet also sufficiently soft to shape itself to the chest. The triangle-shaped external fabric at the top of the bra means that the breasts are held in place without the fabric having to be too stiff. This is quite simply a really great fit.

The stability of the Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Bra makes it perfect for running or other bouncy activities. However, the lack of a racerback design means that it's not as good for the gym, as the bra can feel like it’s in the way during some lifts. Because it still stays in place, this downside doesn’t reduce the score by much. The fabric is soft and breathes well. The quality is very good, and after washing the bra still looks like new. The Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Bra is a very comfortable and good value for money sports bra which completely justifies its high price.

Fantastic fit, soft, breathes, good quality
Shoulder straps can be in the way

3. Under Armour Crossback Mid

Supportive crossback that shapes itself to the body

Exercise type: Low to high intensity Available colours: 7 Maximum wash temperature: 30 degrees Material: 90% polyester, 10% elastane Lining: 80% nylon, 20% elastane Sizes: XS-XL

Under Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra - Black

Under Armour’s Crossback Mid is so comfortable it becomes one with your skin, and once you've finished training you may completely forget it’s there. The padded cups make the bra comfortable to wear without it becoming too hot. The crossed straps over the back help provide a lot of support without putting too much weight on the shoulders. Because it’s a crossback, it gives you the same great freedom of movement as a racerback. Wearing it causes no problems when doing either military presses or monkey bar swings. The bottom band is elasticated, and this isn’t merely attractive but also helps to prevent the bra from slipping up.

The Crossback Mid has a number of tags that you should cut off. But the edges where the tags have been sewn in still chafe, and it’s best to completely unpick them. Something else that’s worth mentioning is that this bra is primarily suitable for A-C cup breasts, which isn’t obvious as the sizes aren’t standard cup sizes. Even if this sport bra is primarily intended for medium-intensity exercise, it can also be a high-intensity exercise bra for anyone with small breasts. Because the parts of the bra are soft and it gives so much support, it’s perfect for both a calm yoga session or running an obstacle course. Quite simply a great value for money bra.

Supportive crossbackstable elasticated bottom edgesoftshapes itself to the body
Chafing tagsrather confusing sizes

4. Craft Motion Bra

An attractive sports bra with extra padding

Exercise type: Medium to high intensity Available colours: Several different colours and patterns Maximum wash temperature: 30 degrees Material: Front: 84% polyester 16% elastane Back: 88% polyester 12% elastane Sizes: XS-XL

Craft's Motion Bra is a really attractive sports bra that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

In the description for this bra it says that it’s suitable for medium to high intensity exercise. In our tests, we thought it was most convincing during medium intensity exercise, but that you’d perhaps need a bit more support if you were going running. But of course this depends a lot on your taste and the size of your bust.

The Craft Motion Bra is padded, which is pleasant when it’s cold out. If you don’t like padding in your sports bra, however, it’s easy to remove it through an opening on the side of each cup. The padding also has a tendency to fall out when you machine wash the bra, so it’s a good idea to use a washing bag to avoid them disappearing in the tornado of socks in your washing machine.

The shoulder straps on the Motion Bra are adjustable, which our testers appreciated. Being able to adjust the shoulder straps means greater comfort levels. The straps stay in place and never slip around during exercise.

This is a sports bra that does its job well, and if it had just given a bit more support on our jogging circuits it might well have scored full marks.

Attractivefits nicelygives good support during medium intensity sessions
Could have given more support for jogging

5. Craft Fuseknit Mid Impact Bra

A soft and flexible sports bra that’s perfect for yoga or strength training

Exercise type: Low to medium intensity Available colours: 3 Maximum wash temperature: 30 degrees Material: 43% polyester 21% recycled polyester 28% polyamide 8% elastane Sizes: XS-XL

Craft’s Fuseknit Mid Impact Bra is a pleasantly soft sports bra that doesn’t chafe anywhere. With its soft seams and elastic material, this bra makes a perfect training companion as long as the session isn’t too intense.

It isn’t a sports bra that will take you through high-intensity workouts or running sessions, but for low and medium intensity exercise it works really well. Wearing it when you’re doing strength training is really nice, as the fabric is so flexible that even when you’re doing squats with a bar behind your head you won’t feel any chafing. And during a yoga class it follows along with all of your movements without bunching up, pinching or slipping.

This is quite a long model, so you can wear it on its own during a sweaty yoga session without needing to put a top over it. In other words, it works really well as a sports top when things get really hot.

The moisture is effectively wicked away, and the Craft Fuseknit Mid Impact Bra generally feels dry and comfortable even during a really sweaty exercise session. The bit at the very bottom of the bra, immediately under your bust, gets a little bit damper than the rest of the bra, which you feel clearly after a really energetic session.

This is a soft and flexible sports bra that so comfortable it’s actually a shame to take it off after you’ve exercised.

Softflexibleperfect for both yoga and strength training
The elastic around the bottom gets a bit damp

Everything about Sports bra

Regardless of the size of your chest, it’s normal to use a sports bra during exercise. Today there are almost more variants of these than of normal bras, with everything from push up to entirely without padding. They may be made from dri-fit fabric or completely in cotton. Every woman should be able to find a model that suits her.

But why should you use a sports bra? When we exercise, regardless of whether or not the exercise is intensive, our breasts move. Obviously they move most without any support, but even with a normal bra they move quite a lot. A normal bra is designed for you to wear while walking or sitting still, while a sports bra is designed to give good support during more active movements, such as during an exercise session. When the breasts move, they stretch the ligaments that support them and keep them up. There’s no natural way of remedying this when the ligament has been stretched. So it's important to avoid this in order to maintain the breasts in good shape. Sports bras also keep the breasts in place, which helps many women to feel more comfortable during exercise sessions so that they can focus on their performance.

Which sports bra is best

When you're choosing a sports bra, there are several things you should consider. It's important that it’s suitable for the type of exercise you’ll be doing. For example, there’s a big difference between how much your breasts move during activities such as jogging or riding compared with less intensive activities such as yoga. If you're going to use a sports bra in the gym it’s nice if it doesn’t have hard seams. Breast size also has an effect on the model that’s most suitable. For larger bust sizes, it's best to choose a sports bra with a lot of support. There are both underwired and padded bras, and some people also feel that it's nice to have a variant without a racerback. Just remember that on a sports bra without a racerback, the straps can get in the way and be irritating during some types of exercise.

You also need to think about what other equipment you’ll be using during the exercise session. For example if you’re going to fit a pulse band for your running watch around your chest. Perhaps the sports bra also needs to fit under special exercise clothes, which means the design has to be just right. There are also different types of fastenings, both at the front and with a clasp at the back. Many models have no fastenings at all, but are simply put on over the head.

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