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Top 13 Best suitcases & travel bags of 2021

Tobias Jacobsson

Updated February 26, 2021

Top 13 Best suitcases & travel bags of 2021


Attractively designed suitcase which is lightweight, easy to roll and has good fittings

Material: Polypropylene Guarantee: 7 year guarantee Sizes: Three different sizes of 37 litres (2.2 kg), 67 litres (3 kg), 95 litres (3.8 kg) TSA lock: Yes, lockable zip Inside: Lined inside on both top and bottom, divider on one side and strap with reinforcement on the other.

Epic Phantom SL 76cm

Swedish luggage manufacturer EPIC are well known for being at the cutting edge in terms of light, innovative materials, so before we tested the new Phantom model we had extremely high expectations. And we weren’t disappointed. The outer shell is cast in flexible polypropylene in a unibody design with reinforced corners, which makes the case particularly resistant to impacts and rough baggage handling. EPIC are so certain of the quality of their products that they have the market’s most generous guarantee. If the case breaks in any way within seven years of purchase, EPIC will replace the broken parts or give you an entirely new case – even if it’s the airline company’s fault. Phantom has four single wheels that roll well and silently, and even when it’s heavily packed the case is very easy to manoeuvre. The handle has a single tube but still feels stable.

The zip on the EPIC Phantom SL is sealed to keep the water out, but it also makes it a little bit stiff. On the inside, both lid and bottom are lined. One side has a zipped divider and there are two practical mesh pockets in this. The other side has straps with reinforced fabric sections, which keep clothes and other things in your luggage in place. We prefer this solution to the classic cross straps. The larger models of Phantom have fully removable, washable linings. EPIC Phantom SL is a very good value suitcase in all three sizes, from the Ryanair cabin bag to the 95 litre giant. The fact that the case is also impact resistant, very light and has the best guarantee on the market makes it a worthy winner of our best in test award.

Very good fittingsrolls wellattractive and modern designlow weight
The watertight zip can sometimes be rather stiff

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Epic Travelgear UK Logotype

EPIC Phantom SL


2. Thule Subterra Carry-On – BEST CABIN BAG

Material: Polypropylene Guarantee: 2 year guarantee Sizes: 36 litres (3.2 kg) TSA lock: No, but lockable zip Inside: Lined inside with removable divider

Thule Subterra Carry-On 55cm

The Thule Subterra Carry-On can be carried as hand luggage and measures 36 x 37 x 55 cm. It’s a cabin bag with two really sturdy wheels that roll well. Many cabin bags today have four rotating wheels, which means that the case can be moved easily even when it’s standing upright. But the Thule Subterra Carry-On is so easy to move that you never feel the need for more wheels. You pull handle straight up to the correct height. To push it back in you have to press two buttons at the same time. If you have small hands you need to use both of them to do this. There are sturdy carrying handles on both the short and long side of the case. The Subterra Carry-On has a textile outer layer but this is also of high quality. After several journeys both as hand baggage and hold baggage, it doesn’t show any scratches – barely even a spot.

On the outside, the Thule Subterra Carry-On has a clever pocket that’s big enough for paperwork and other things you need to access quickly. When you open the case, you immediately recognise it as a Thule product. One size is closed off with a standard zipped mesh divider. The other side has a lid with a hard frame, which Thule call a lockable compression panel. The panel can be removed completely, but can also be attached at different heights depending on how much luggage you need to carry. And the actual lid is made of two layers – mesh fabric on top and a denser material beneath. A perfect space for dirty shoes. As an extra bonus, there’s also the Subterra Carry-On 40 litre. You can carry this softer case as a backpack or with a shoulder strap, but it can also be combined with the cabin bag. You do this using a holder that you can thread over the suitcase handle. Each one separately is the right size to travel as hand baggage. And together they're perfect when two people are travelling together but you want to keep your luggage as convenient as possible. And you’re certain to have a smooth journey with the Thule Subterra Carry-On.

Very convenient casehigh quality material and functionsclever compression panel
You need to use two hands to retract the handle

3. American Tourister Bon Air – BEST BUDGET SUITCASE

Very good value suitcase with colourful design and durable outer shell

Material: Polypropylene Guarantee: Limited two year global guarantee Sizes: Three different sizes of 31.5 litres (2.5 kg), 57.5 litres (3.4 kg), 91 litres (4.2 kg). TSA lock: Yes, lockable zip Inside: Lined inside with double cross straps and zipped lid on one side

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner 55cm

American Tourister is one of the world’s oldest suitcase companies, and is now owned by Samsonite. The Bon Air model is a colourful modern suitcase that gives you a lot of functions for your money. The outer shell is made from polypropylene, which is a light and flexible material that’s also very resistant. Even after careless treatment by airport baggage handlers, the Bon Air still looks good on the outside. The handle is sturdy and can be set at two different heights. The four single wheels can be rotated 360 degrees and roll very quietly. The case also has feet that means it can be set down on one long side. The fact that the outer shell is available in so many cheerful colours means that you’re bound to be able to find one you like. American Tourister have made a great success of the Bon Air’s appealing design.

The inside of the Bon Air is fabric lined. The bottom only has cross straps, while the lid also has a divider with two zipped mesh pockets. The cross straps are made from flexible rubber material and leave the vast majority of the suitcase open. We’d have liked it to be possible to tighten the straps as they’re too loose to keep the luggage in place when you close the suitcase quickly. We’d also like to see rain protection on the zip. So the suitcase does have a few weaknesses. However, on the whole the American Tourister Bon Air is a very good value suitcase that’s a self-evident winner in our budget class.

Good valuecolourful and attractive designdurable outer shell
Cross straps are too loosezip not protected against rain

4. Samsonite S'Cure DLX – BEST HARD SUITCASE

High quality suitcase with enormous luggage space and extremely low weight

Material: Flowlite polypropylene mix Guarantee: Limited five year global guarantee Sizes: Four different sizes of 34 litres (2.9 kg), 79 litres (4.1 kg), 102 litres (4.7 kg), 138 litres (5.0 kg) TSA lock: Yes, lockable clasps Inside: The DLX has high quality fittings with fabric and a lid that’s height adjustable.

Samsonite S'Cure DLX Spinner 55cm

In a time when soft, flexible suitcases are taking increasing market share, Samsonite have put a bit more effort into developing hard suitcases. And with their new S'Cure model, Samsonite have set a new standard for the category. The suitcase exudes quality in every aspect, particularly the more expensive DLX version, which has more high quality fittings, including a height adjustable divider. This makes it easier to organise the fittings if you’re packing clothes for several people. The DLX case also has a garment/washing bag and a removable pouch for liquids. The models without DLX in the name have simpler fittings but are still good quality and functional.

The outer shell on the S'Cure is made of the patented hard material Flowlite, which makes the suitcase very impact resistant. On the corners and sides the shell is reinforced and has a girder type construction that spreads impacts over a wider area. You close the case using three sturdy, lockable clasps, and along the opening is a rubberised strip that makes it pretty much watertight. The carrying handle on the larger models has no give, but is comfortable to hold and there’s an extra grip on the underside. The handle can be adjusted to five different positions. The back wheels are slightly larger than the front ones. All of them are double and rotate freely, as is common on premium suitcases. The hard shell makes the Samsonite S'Cure a bit heavier but very resistant and consequently good alternative for the regular long-distance traveller.

Intelligent and simple opening/closingresistantvery functional fittings
Expensiveslightly heavier

5. North Face Duffel Bag – BEST DUFFLE BAG

Robust bag for a good price, manufactured from environmentally friendly material

Material: PE laminated ballistic nylon fabric Sizes: Five different sizes: XSmall 25 litres (1 kg), Small 42 litres (1.24 kg), Medium 70 litres (1.6 kg), Large 90 litres (1.9 kg), XLarge 140 litres (2.2 kg) TSA lock: No Inside: One large pocket with mesh pocket inside lid

The North Face Base Camp Duffel S - TNF Black

This classic is probably the world’s best selling expedition bag. The bag is manufactured from TPE laminated ballistic nylon fabric and is completely PVC-free for environmental reasons. The material is lightweight, durable and watertight. The bag has a weatherproof zip, four compression straps to help reduce the volume of your packing, and can be used as a backpack. The shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable but slightly fiddly to remove when you don’t need them. The bag is available in five sizes and almost endless colour combinations. A very good value duffel bag that’s comfortable both to carry and wear as a backpack.

Cheapvery robustenvironmentally friendly
Only one inside pocket

6. Samsonite Uplite

Material: Soft nylon Guarantee: 5 years Sizes: 41 litres Wheels: 2 pcs Width: 20 cm Height: 55 cm Weight: 1.7 kg TSA lock: Combination padlock Inside: Elastic cross strap, two storage pockets – one mesh, one external pocket on the front, one side pocket

Samsonite Uplite 55cm

The Samsonite Uplite is a development of the popular Samsonite Short-Lite cabin bag. And it’s kept all the best bits, such as the easy rolling integrated wheels, water repellent high quality nylon and long telescopic handle. The case is super light and the external dimensions of 40 x 20 x 55 cm mean it works as cabin baggage even with low price airlines. The space for your packing is enormous in relation to the external dimensions and weight of the case. It has no divider, which means you need to put your dirty clothes or other packing into separate bags yourself. This is a minor disadvantage given the volume of the bag. In fact, the Uplite has the best weight to volume ratio of all the cabin bags we tested.

The fittings are good, with low fixed elastic straps and two pockets. The external pocket runs the entire width of the case and can hold newspapers and even a 13 inch computer. On one short side there’s also a small pocket with space for airline tickets or a paperback. On the other short side there is a handle which makes it easier to lift the bag up onto a table. And when you lift it by the handle on the top it’s perfectly balanced. The guarantee via Samsonite’s global service network is excellent. The exceptional weight to volume ratio in combination with the attractive price makes this our best in test cabin bag.

Enormous packing spaceextremely low weighthigh quality in all materials
Elastic straps could have been broader

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7. Titan Xenon

High quality, smooth rolling and light suitcase in a stylish design

Material: Hard flexible polycarbonate Guarantee: 7 year Virtually Unbreakable Guarantee Sizes: Four different sizes where the smallest model has two single wheels, others have four double wheels: 36 litres (2.6 kg) 65 litres (3.7 kg) 84 litres (4.0 kg) 104 litres (4.4 kg) TSA lock: Yes Inside: Straps, one divider with large pocket, one long pocket along the hinge of the suitcase

Titan Xenon13 71cm

The Titan Xenon is a lightweight high quality German suitcase with a stylish streamlined design that was previously our test winner. Despite now having been dethroned by the EPIC Phantom, this is still a suitcase we really like, particularly it comes to the details. For example, it’s almost perfectly balanced – something you really appreciate when you’re carrying it up an escalator. It also has comfortable handles, a good zip and functional padded fittings. The letter is now unusual, as suitcase manufacturers are cutting costs and many suitcases have very pared back fittings.

Our test example has been used regularly on flights for two years now and is still in excellent condition. The only sign that it’s been used for so long is that the wheel housings are scratched where the case has been pulled up onto pavements – and that doesn’t affect the function at all. The Xenon is available in several different sizes, from cabin size to very large models for a round the world trip. Often the larger cases in a range are more difficult to manoeuvre when they’re full. But we haven’t experienced this problem with the Xenon – on the contrary, it’s still easy to control even when it’s loaded. Titan offer pretty much everything we expect from a modern suitcase, but we think the price is a bit high. But if you can afford one, go for it.

High qualitylightweightstylish designeasy to roll
Rather high price

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8. Thule Subterra Luggage

Spacious case with many useful pockets, high quality wheels and several openings

Material: Polypropylene Guarantee: 2 year guarantee Sizes: 75 litres (4.1 kg). TSA lock: No, but lockable zip Inside: Lined inside with mesh divider

Thule Subterra 55cm

Thule Subterra are a series of well-designed cases in a range of sizes and formats. They are all similar but there are also significant differences. The large Subterra measures 70 x 40 x 35 cm and holds 75 litres of luggage. It’s really sturdy with plenty of space, so it’s ideal for a longer trip. The case opens either in the middle – in which case the other half is divided off with mesh fabric – or from above. This makes it easy to access even the items you packed first. Although we’d have liked to see straps to hold the clothes in place in the other half.

There’s no shortage of useful storage pockets in the Thule Subterra. This is a case for the well organised, with good pockets for documents, an address label and other useful things. Despite rough treatment by airport baggage handlers, the case looks new and the two wheels roll very well. As well as pulling the case behind you, you can also easily carry it over your shoulder with the sturdy straps. You can pull the handle straight up without having to push in any catches. But to push it down again you have to press in two buttons, and if you have smaller hands you need to use both to do this. External compression straps help you reduce the size of the bag once packed. There’s also a loop where you can attach smaller cases while you’re rushing between airport terminals. Thule have thought of most things when were designing the Subterra Luggage, and it’s a fantastic case for the serious traveller.

Spacious with lots of useful pocketsrolls wellsturdy handledurable material
No straps on the inside to keep the clothes in placeif you have small hands you need to use both of them to push the handle in

9. Thule Crossover Rolling Duffel

Durable and easy to pack travel bag with practical, crush proof SafeZone pocket

Material: Dobby nylon Guarantee: 2 year guarantee Sizes: Two different sizes of 56 litres (3.5 kg), and 87 litres (4.3 kg). TSA lock: No, but lockable zip Inside: Lined inside with zipped lid on one side and two straps on the other

Thule Crossover 79cm

The Thule Crossover Rolling Duffel is a duffel case with wheels and a pull-out handle. The case feels like it’s been designed for the active traveller, and is made to be taken on a mountain trek, for example. But the well-organised Crossover works just as well for a family holiday. It has sturdy carrying handles on the top and side, together with reinforced carrying handles that mean it can be lifted up and carried on your shoulder. The zips are sturdy and don’t get stuck even when the case is overfilled. The Crossover Rolling Duffel has a really practical crush proof SafeZone pocket for things like sunglasses, your mobile phone or other fragile items.

In one part of the case there are two separate straps to keep your clothes in place, while the other has a zipped lid in mesh fabric. One clever function is that the Crossover can be opened both all the way around and from above, which means you can easily get to the items that would otherwise be at the bottom. The case has two sturdy wheels that have remained without a scratch despite being rolled over gravel and asphalt. You can easily pull out the handle to a fixed height. To put it back in again you have to press in two catches, which can be done one-handed provided you don’t have small hands. Despite rough treatment by airport baggage handlers on several trips, it still looks barely used. The Thule Crossover Rolling Duffel is a spacious, easy to pack choice for anyone seeking a bag to take on their next adventure.

Easy to packintelligent storage for fragile itemscan be opened from two directionseasy to roll
Two buttons to push the handle in

10. EPIC GTO Hexacore

Good value case with attractive design in lots of colours, light and well constructed

Material: Hard, flexible multiple layer polycarbonate Guarantee: 5 years Sizes: Three different sizes, all of which have four single wheels: 39 litres (2.9 kg), 65 litres (3.6 kg), 91 litres (4.4 kg) TSA lock: Yes Inside: Double straps, one divider with a large mesh pocket

Epic HDX Hexacore 55cm

With the attractive, super light GTO series, Swedish brand EPIC takes its place amongst the great luggage manufacturers. Until recently, this was our favourite bag, but then the Titan Xenon13 came along and took over the test winner’s throne. But the EPIC GTO Hexacore is still a really great case. The hexagon patterned exterior is manufactured from multiple layers of flexible polycarbonate plastic, which makes the case both impact resistant and easy to clean. The telescopic handle is very stable and the well-positioned silicone-coated carrying handle makes the case perfectly balanced when you carry it up staircases. The inside is well-designed, with a divider, lots of pockets and effective straps. The case is very easy to roll and has large high quality wheels from the Japanese manufacturer Hinomoto. An incredibly good value case.

Light weightwell constructedgood valueattractive design in several colours
The zip can slip slightly when the case is upright

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11. Delsey Segur

Easy to roll and sturdy case with high quality wheels and handle

Material: Polycarbonate Guarantee: Five year worldwide guarantee for material and manufacturing faults Sizes: Three different sizes of 40 litres (2.7 kg), 82 litres (3.9 kg), 105 litres (4.7 kg). TSA lock: Yes, lockable zip Inside: Lined inside with adjustable cross straps on one side, zipped storage pocket in the centre and zipped mesh lid on the other side

Delsey Segur 55cm

The Delsey Segur it is a sturdy case in hard polycarbonate which is available in a range of different colours and sizes – from small enough to travel as hand luggage to a substantial case that can hold all your packing for a long trip. Regardless of size, the Delsey Segur has four free-moving wheels, which makes it easy to roll the case along beside you in queues for check-in, passport control and so on. It also makes it very convenient to pull behind you when you’re walking longer distances, and the wheels cope easily with uneven surfaces. The pull-out handle is comfortable to hold, can be raised to several different positions and pushed back in again easily. The outside is sturdy and even though the case has undergone hard impacts and careless handling by baggage handlers, only a few faint marks are visible on the Segur.

The case has a practical TSA lock where you can choose the code yourself and which can also be opened by security personnel at the airport using a key. The lining can be removed and washed. One side has a zipped mesh lid. There’s also a smaller storage pocket with a zip which is useful for small items you want to keep separate from the rest of your packing. The other part of the Delsey Segur has an elastic cross strap to keep your clothes in place. Unlike the cross straps on many other cases, this one can be tightened very easily, so the clothes stay where they should even if the case isn’t full. The Delsey Segur is a classic suitcase that’s tough but also slightly heavier than average. It doesn’t have loads of functions, but those it does are very high quality and it’s easy to understand why the Delsey Segur is a firm favourite with many regular travellers.

Easy to packadjustable cross strapsrolls very wellheight adjustable handle
Rather heavyno pocket for address tag

12. Helly Hansen HH Duffel Bag

Well made bag with comfortable shoulder straps and clever storage pockets

Helly Hansen Duffel Bag 2 70L - Black

100% nylon tarpaulin material makes this duffel bag both robust and durable. The top opening is U-shaped, which makes the bag easy to pack and give you an overview of the contents. The bag has four compression straps, and ID pocket, two internal pockets and one external pocket for storing the shoulder straps when you don’t need them. The zip is sturdy, but has no additional storm cover, so it can cope with a quick shower but leaks if the rain is heavier. The shoulder straps are padded and the bag is comfortable on your back if you use it as a backpack.

Good pocketsvery well made
Zip has no storm cover

13. EPIC Discovery

Cheap bag with clever function that allows it to be expanded for extra space

Material: Nylon and polyester Guarantee: 3 years Sizes: Three different sizes with two single wheels: 29/33 litres (2.2 kg), 55/64 litres (3.2 kg), 86/95 litres (3.8 kg) TSA lock: Yes Inside: Two straps, one divider with a large mesh pocket

Epic Discovery Ultra 55cm

The best-selling budget case EPIC Discovery is expandable to create extra space. However, the material, wheels and seams aren’t of the same high quality as the more expensive fabric bags in the test. The guarantee period is also only three years. The main compartment is deep and has a mesh divider and two straps. However, the external pockets are difficult to open and rather small. The bag is also heavy at the front, which means that it overturns easily. The EPIC Discovery is most suitable for anybody who travels rarely and is looking for a really cheap bag. Business travellers need more.

Cheapmany people like the fact that it can be expanded
Quite heavymaterial feels cheap

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Everything to Know about suitcase

We have updated our tests of suitcases with several new models, all of which have great quality and win top places in our ranking. Our choice for best in test is the EPIC Phantom model, which is a stylish and good value trolley case with good functions and well-designed fittings. The best budget choice is the American Tourister case, which with its colourful design, low weight and very competitive prices recommended for those with a limited budget. The best cabin bag remains the Samsonite Uplite, and we’ve also chosen a winner for the category of best hard suitcase, where Samsonite dominates with its model S’Cure DLX that has a smart and secure lock plus a very tough shell. The test winning cases all have a high build quality, well chosen materials and most of them are light too – which makes it possible to carry more of your possessions. A suitcase should cope with rough handling from airport personnel, so the quality needs to be high. If you buy a cheap case during the sales, it’s a poor investment in the long term as quality and durability cost money. If a case made by a major brand breaks, the manufacturers often have very good insurance and can provide you with spare parts. So we’ve only included well-known brands in this test.

How to buy the right suitcase

Cases are available in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, it’s the length and purpose of the journey that should decide the size and shape of the suitcase. A cabin bag or trolley bag for business travellers fulfils different needs than suitcases for holidaymakers, while an expedition bag with a shoulder strap is most suited where you can’t use wheeled cases. So to simplify your trip, you should use different sorts of case for different sorts of travel.

Soft case, hard case or bag

Soft cases are made from nylon and polyester. This is a very flexible, light and hard wearing material but doesn’t tolerate hard impacts. Fabric bags often have pockets on the outside to hold a laptop or documents. So soft bags are best as cabin bags or travel bags for items that aren’t fragile.

There are two types of hard suitcases. They are manufactured either from thin, flexible polycarbonate plastic or very hard polypropylene plastic. Polycarbonate is used amongst other things in impact resistant glass, whilst polypropylene is common in chemical containers. In just a few years, cases made from flexible polycarbonate have pretty much taken over the entire market. This is because they weigh less than hard plastic cases without losing their impact resistance. Hard plastic also becomes porous at low temperatures, and on some flights the cargo hold temperature is below zero.

A high quality bag should be manufactured from durable and watertight material – for example treated nylon fabric or tarpaulin material. Shoulder straps mean that the case can be used as a backpack. The flexibility of a bag means that it can be suitable for active travel, such as skiing, diving or boat trips on Thailand’s rivers. A wheeled case is often much heavier than those that only have shoulder straps.

Buying advice for travel bags

In our test of travel bags, we took into account a number of important properties. These are listed below, with an explanation of how and why they are important.

Weight and size

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of weight when it comes to choosing a case, because flying with an overweight bag is now quite expensive. For example, every excess kilo costs upwards of €10 with Ryanair, and the maximum weight for cabin baggage is just 10 kg. If your cabin bag is heavier than this, it must be checked into the hold of the plane, which will cost you €40. A modern cabin bag weighing 2 kg (like the Samsonite B-Lite Fresh) can hold almost twice as much weight in clothes as an older, heavier cabin bag. Low price airlines are very strict on weight, but even companies such as KLM, SAS and Lufthansa have drastically reduced their weight limits for checked in baggage.

The size of the bag determines whether or not it can be used as cabin baggage. The standard dimensions within the EU for cabin bag height × width × depth are generally 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm. But many airline companies have introduced further limitations, such as SAS at 55 cm × 40 cm × 23 cm and Ryanair at 40 cm × 25 cm × 20 cm.

It’s not good to travel with too large a case. Partly because it makes it heavier, but it’s also more difficult to pack if you don’t fill your bag completely. The contents of a half full bag will tumble around and the case will also be more sensitive to impacts as the contents of a completely full bag also act as shock absorbers.

Cases that hold about 30 litres are usually enough for a trip of a few days. If you’re going to be away for a week, you should use a case that can hold 45 to 75 litres. And if you’re planning to be away for more than a week, you should use a case that can hold at least 75 litres.


It’s becoming increasingly common to have four wheels on suitcases. The extra pair of wheels provides much better control than two wheels. This is particularly noticeable in narrow passages, in queues or at airport terminals with lots of people on the move.

Large wheels roll better than small ones on an uneven surface. Four wheeled suitcases often have smaller wheels than two wheeled suitcases, which means that they don’t roll so well on ice or gravel. In other words, the size of the wheels is important, but when it comes to ease of rolling the quality of the components in the bearings, wheels and wheel housings is even more important.

There are two different types of wheels on suitcases. Single wheels (like the EPIC GTO Hexacore and Samsonite B-Lite Fresh in this test) and the more expensive double wheels (like the Titan Xenon in this test). Double wheels have the advantage that gravel can’t get stuck in the wheel housing. If you buy a suitcase with single wheels, you should make sure that there’s a gap between the wheel housing and the wheel so that gravel can easily fall out.


Telescopic handles should be stable and ergonomic. Many low-budget cases have wobbly telescopic handles which makes them hard to use. The telescopic handle should also be long enough that you don’t kick the suitcase with your heels when you’re walking in front of it. So the length of the telescopic handle should be about 105 cm measured from the ground.

It’s important that the carrying handle on the top of the case is positioned so that the case is balanced vertically when you lift it. If the handle is incorrectly positioned, the case will hang on an angle and strike your legs when you lift it up staircases. Larger cases have carrying handles on the sides too, which makes it easier for shorter people to carry them. Here too it’s important that the handle makes the case well-balanced for lifting.

TSA lock

Customs officers may use force to open cases. Most quality cases today have a TSA lock. Customs officers have a master key to these locks which allows them to open cases without damaging them. TSA locks are always combination locks and are usually integrated into the case – they can also take the form of padlocks on cases with zips.


Good fittings make the case easy to pack. So it’s important that there are dividers, pockets and internal straps. The fittings also prevent garments and other objects from tumbling around in the case, protecting both the case and the contents.

There’s often a big difference in quality between the fittings in cases of different price classes. The fittings in more expensive cases often have more advanced features, such as removable section dividers, garment hangers for shirts and blouses, laundry bags or laptop sleeves. Some budget cases have no dividers or straps, which makes it difficult to pack them.


From the aeroplane window, you can often see bags being thrown around by the baggage handlers before being packed into the cargo hold. So it’s important that the suitcase is high quality and can cope with rough treatment. But even the most durable case can fall off a baggage trolley onto the asphalt. And then it’s important to have a good guarantee.

Samsonite offer the best guarantee with their Cubelite suitcase. It has a 10 year worldwide manufacturer’s guarantee, which means that you can have the suitcase repaired at any service workshop, anywhere.

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