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Top 7 Best Toasters of 2021

Tobias Jacobsson

Updated May 13, 2021

Are you looking for a toaster that quickly and efficiently gives you perfect crisp, golden slices of toast? We tested a range of toasters and name the Philips HD2628 as best in test. It’s an elegant and efficient toaster that quickly and evenly toasts your bread, without the toaster getting hot on the outside.

Top 7 Best Toasters of 2021

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test, we asked ordinary people as well as trained engineers to use the different models of toasters. After an initial test where all toasters were compared side by side, the toasters were then tested for a longer period of time through everyday use in different households. During our tests we looked at the following things:

  • Function: How big are the slices of bread that the toaster can take, what settings are there and how long does toasting take?

  • Design: What does the toaster look like and how big is it? Are the buttons and knobs easy to grip and easy to use?

  • Ease of use: How big is the toaster, is the power cord easy to keep out of the way when storing, and is there a crumb tray or something else that makes cleaning easier?

In addition to these properties, we also factored in the price of the toaster to determine its value. After that, we chose a test winner.

1. Philips HD2628 – BEST CHOICE TOASTER 2021

Elegant and efficient toaster that quickly toasts evenly without getting hot on the outside

Price class: Medium Number of slices: 2 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 25.5 x 15.5 cm Maximum size of bread: 13.2 x 3.4 cm Available settings: Defrost and reheat

Philips HD2628

The Philips HD2628 toaster may not look all that. But behind the sober graphite-gray plastic casing there’s a really powerful machine. In terms of size, this Philips toaster fits well on the kitchen counter and doesn’t take up any more space than necessary. Heating can be adjusted on a 7-degree scale. If you set the heat to medium, two fine golden brown slices of toast pop up just before two minutes have passed. Which, compared to other models, is both fast and efficient.


On the underside of the toaster there’s a practical cord winder and a bracket for attaching the power cord when you want to store the toaster. The Philips HD2628 doesn’t get hot on the outside during use. It’s also equipped with a pull-out crumb tray, which facilitates cleaning. If we had to find a minus point, it would be that the toast ends up quite low in the toaster, even if you use the function to push the slices up a little bit. But apart from this, the Philips HD2628 is a very affordable model that meets all the requirements you could have for a toaster, and does so easily.

Fast and good toastingelegant designvery affordable
Small slices of toast must be levered out

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2. Bosch TAT8613

Affordable toaster with even toasting and very good placement of buttons

Price class: Medium Number of slices: 2 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 26.6 x 16.5 cm Maximum size of bread: 15 x 3.5 cm Available settings: Heating and defrost

Bosch TAT8613

The Bosch TAT8613 is a toaster that’s been around for a while and has gradually been updated over the years. It’s a durable model that maintains consistent quality even when a family with children has used it every weekend for a long time. The Bosch TAT8613 is very practical in its design. Not only is the size compact, but Bosch have also placed all the buttons on one end at the top of the toaster. This means that no matter how you position it, you can still easily access the buttons.

Toasting speed for the Bosch TAT8613 is good. With the heat set exactly to medium, the toast pops up after just over 2 minutes and 15 seconds. A little more colour would have been nice, but the slices are hot and crispy all the way through. The cord can be twisted up in a coil on the underside of the toaster. The model is also equipped with a crumb tray that can be easily pulled out and emptied. This is a very affordable model that lives up to all toaster requirements. And the clever positioning of the buttons really stands out.

Toasts evenly and wellrelatively fastclever placement of buttonsattractive design
Toast is still a bit pale at medium heat

3. Dualit Lite 4 slot toaster

A really great toaster that works well for two or four slices.

Price class: Premium Number of slices: 4 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 28.5 x 31 cm Maximum size of bread: 13.5 x 3.5 cm Available settings: Defrost, reheat and bagel

Dualit 4 Slot Lite

For the slightly larger family, or for those who really like toast, it’s a good idea to invest in a toaster with room for four slices instead of just two. Dualit, which is a British brand, offers real statement machines for the design-hungry toast fan. But liking good design isn’t enough. Because if you want this in your kitchen, you’d better take out the ruler first and check that your counter space is big enough.

This is a pretty big toaster, and if you’ve only got a small kitchen, it may be far too big. On the other hand, if you’ve got plenty of space and an eye for retro design reminiscent of the 1950s, then the Dualit Lite 4 might be just right for you.

It takes about 2 minutes and 20 seconds to produce four beautiful and evenly toasted slices of bread. Settings for thawing bread, heating bread and only toasting one side of the bread (the so-called bagel function) are also available and easy to access on the lower side of the toaster.

Something very practical about this toaster is that it actually consists of two separate toasters, in effect, and therefore has two levers for starting. If you always toast four slices anyway, you might think this is unnecessary. But if you sometimes only toast one or two slices, you’ll soon appreciate this function as it’s nice not to have to have empty compartments in the toaster still being heated.

This is a toaster for a large household with a large kitchen. If you have the space, the Dualit Lite 4 Slot is an attractive and efficient addition to the kitchen. But do double-check your kitchen measurements to make sure the machine will fit in your space.

Nice and even toastingattractive designuseful to have two different on-levers

4. Dualit Lite 2 slot toaster

Attractively designed toaster that toasts evenly and well

Price class: Premium Number of slices: 4 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 28.5 x 31 cm Maximum size of bread: 13.5 x 3.5 cm Available settings: Defrost, reheat and bagel

Dualit 2 Slot Lite

For those interested in design with a good eye for 1950's aesthetics, the Dualit Lite 2 slot toaster could be ideal. It's hard not to smile at its chubby and rounded retro feel.

Just like the Dualit Lite 4 slot toaster, this toaster for two slices provides evenly and finely toasted bread slices in just over 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You can also thaw frozen bread and toast bagels. Bagel toasting means that only one side of the bread is toasted, which is something you want if you're toasting a bagel.

Although this is a toaster for only two slices, it’s not a small appliance. It’s a toaster that takes up a lot of space, but on the other hand you probably buy a Dualit because of its design. It has clear retro vibes that liven up any kitchen, regardless of whether you have a modern and austere interior, or are totally into the 1950s style.

The Dualit Lite 2 slot is a good, stable toaster. Buttons and so on are comfortable to use and firmly attached – on some toasters it sometimes feels like the buttons are about to come loose. Not on this machine.

If you want good, evenly done toast and a bit of flair in the kitchen, then this could be the toaster for you. It may cost a bit more than many other toasters, but it undeniably stands out in terms of appearance.

Attractive and even toastingsolid
Quite largequite expensive

5. Electrolux Expressionist EAT7800

Handsome toaster that toasts quickly and has a digital display and clever pause function

Price class: Medium Number of slices: 2 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 28.5 x 18.7 cm Maximum size of bread: 13.8 x 3.7 cm Available settings: Pause, defrost and reheat

Electrolux EAT7800

The Electrolux Expressionist EAT7800 toaster has a stylish stainless steel casing. It's relatively large and quite tall. All the buttons are on one long side, as is the digital display which counts down the time until the toast is ready. Very educational for impatient children (and hungry adults). Toasting time is average and the result is nice and even. If you want to toast one slice of bread at a time, you must be careful that one side isn’t burned by heat from the empty slot.

If you want to thaw bread above the toaster, a separate rack is included, which unfortunately feels doomed to quickly be lost at the back of a kitchen cabinet. The stainless steel casing is easily stained by greasy fingers, but the Electrolux Expressionist is easy to wipe clean. The toaster has a really impressive pause function. If you press pause, the bread pops up and you can inspect how well done it is. If you press down again before 10 seconds have passed, the toasting will resume where it was. Which is actually more useful than it may sound. And that feature, together with an attractive design and even toasting, means the Electrolux Expressionist provides a very pleasant toasting experience.

Clever pause functiondigital display for countdowngood toasting resultattractive design
The casing gets greasy easilyquite large

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6. Emerio TO-122083

An ideal toaster for your first home

Price class: Budget Number of slices: 2 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 26.5 x 16 cm Maximum size of bread: 13.5 x 3.5 cm Available settings: Defrost and heating

Emerio TO-122083

If you’re looking for a toaster for the smaller household, or perhaps for a young adult just moving away from home, then the Emerio TO-122083 might be the ideal toaster for you.

The Emerio TO-122083 is a simple but stylish toaster in black and silver. On the front there’s a large digital display with a blue light that shows what setting you’ve chosen for your toast. There are seven different temperature modes to choose from, and you can also defrost frozen bread.

However, you don’t want to be in a hurry when making toast with this toaster. Set to the intermediate position (3), it takes about 3 minutes and 20 seconds for your toast to be ready. Although the slices are then evenly and nicely toasted, it’s still a full minute longer than most other toasters in our tests. Of course a minute here or there isn’t all that much in the morning, unless you have children who are very hungry and driving you up the wall, in which case even one minute can feel like an eternity!

The Emerio TO-122083 is a toaster that does its job, even if it is a bit slow. And if you put the bread down at the same time you turn on the coffee, your breakfast will be ready faster than it takes to find a matching pair of socks in the laundry pile.

Discreetstylishtoasts evenlygood price
Long toasting timegets hot on the top

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Large, solid toaster with high quality design which produces very good toast

Price class: Premium Number of slices: 2 Outer dimensions of toaster at the bottom: 30.6 x 19.7 cm Maximum size of bread: 15 x 3.5 cm Available settings: Defrost, reheat and bagel

Smeg TSF01

A SMEG product is recognisable from a distance thanks to the brand's characteristic design and wide range of playful pastel colours. And the SMEG TSF01 toaster is no exception. Of course that makes it something of a statement product, both in terms of the price, which is pretty high, and also in terms of size. The SMEG TSF01 is not for the faint hearted. But you do get real quality for your money. Buttons and knobs are solid. The dial you turn to regulate the heat both clicks pleasantly and lights up during toasting

The toasting time is a bit slow. With the heat set to medium, the toast pops up after just over 2.5 minutes. However, the SMEG TSF01 is consistent and takes the same amount of time regardless of whether it has already warmed up or not. And the results are very good. Two slices of bread are evenly toasted and get a very nice colour with the heat set to medium. This is a toaster for those with plenty of space, who don’t mind paying for design. But you definitely get nice, crisp slices of toast from the SMEG TSF01.

Good toastvery attractive designsolid controls and buttons
Takes up a lot of spacehigh price

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