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Top 10 Best Travel mugs of 2021

Anna Lavfors

Updated June 15, 2021

Does it feel like time to stop using disposable mugs for your coffee? We’ve tested reusable travel mugs you can use over and over again and name the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth as our best in test. It’s a high quality, completely watertight mug with excellent heat-retaining ability and a clever lid. For the best budget choice, we nominate the Asaklitt Thermos Mug, an affordable reusable mug that doesn’t leak and keeps your drink hot.

Top 10 Best Travel mugs of 2021

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of reusable travel mugs, we asked ordinary coffee drinkers to try out different mugs. The mugs were used both for coffee or other beverages brought from home and as an alternative to disposable mugs for coffee bought on the go. Two models of each mug were tested and we looked at the following things during the test:

  • Design: What does the mug look like and how big is it? Is the mug comfortable and cool enough to hold even when filled with hot liquid?

  • Function: Is there a heat retaining function, and how effective is it? Is the mug easy to clean? Can you drink from it without spillage?

  • Reliability: Can the mug be fully closed? Is it watertight enough to be packed in a bag? What’s the mug like after a period of use?

Test of travel mugs

In addition to the above functions and characteristics, we also considered the price of the mug, and then chose the test winner.

1. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth – BEST CHOICE TRAVEL MUG 2021

High quality and completely watertight reusable mug with incredibly good heat-retaining ability

Price class: Premium Size: 946 ml Material: 18/8 pro grade stainless steel Dishwasher safe: No Microwave safe: No

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Coffee Travel Mug 0.473 L

It’s often said that you get what you pay for. And with the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth, that’s absolutely true. This reusable travel mug from the premium segment is high quality throughout. The design is stylish, with a metal container and a plastic flip lock lid that can easily be opened with just one hand.

The thermal retention capacity is astonishingly good. Almost too good, in fact, if you want to be able to drink your coffee straight away without burning yourself. But if you’re happy to just sip it slowly, the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth will maintain a good temperature for an impressive 6-7 hours.


Slightly fiddly lid on an otherwise perfect mug

The opening you drink from is just the right size. Some condensation can form on the inside of the lid, and if you’re unlucky this can end up on the tip of your nose when you drink. But that's a small minus among a long list of pluses. The Hydro Flask Wide Mouth is completely watertight. You can chuck this reusable mug – almost a mini thermos – into a bag on your way to work without worrying about it.

The mug has to be hand washed but after a period of use has still retained its freshness. The price is high. But in the long run the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth is money incredibly well-spent.

Totally watertightgood heat retentionstylishsuitable for all uses
Not dishwasher safe

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Hydro Flask - 16 Oz White Bottle

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Hydro Flask Unisex -Adult's Tumbler Cup, Black, 16 oz

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Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask - 16 oz, White


2. Asaklitt Thermos Mug – BEST BUDGET CHOICE

Very good value reusable travel mug that retains the heat and is watertight

Price class: Budget Size: 300 ml Material: Stainless steel 304 Dishwasher safe: Yes Microwave safe: No

Asaklitt - Travel Mug 30 cl

The Asaklitt Thermos Mug is available in different sizes and several different colours. In appearance, it essentially looks like a small thermos. At the front there’s a snap mount for quick and easy opening of the mug. In the long run, this feels like a weak point in the construction, but during our test the Asaklitt remained intact.

If you open the mug, there’s a drinking spout hidden under the lid. This means you can easily use the Asaklitt Thermos Mug as a drinking mug while you’re on the move. The manufacturer promises the mug will retain the heat for 4 hours, but the drink often stays hot for longer than that.


Solid and reliable travel mug

This is a durable reusable mug that not only promises to be watertight but actually is. Filled to the brim and packed in a bag, the Asaklitt Thermos Mug can handle both public transport during rush hour and bike rides, all without leaking. The drinking experience is OK, the spout doesn’t dribble during use. But there’s a risk of liquid splashing when you undo the snap lid if the mug is completely full.

When you want to clean the mug, you can easily unscrew the entire lid so you can clean it thoroughly. The mug can also be put in the dishwasher. The overall impression of the Asaklitt Thermos Mug is that this is a very affordable and solid reusable travel mug that keeps the liquid hot and is watertight.

Good heat retentiondoesn’t leakneutral & attractive design
Smells a bit plastickylid pokes your nose when you drink

3. Klean Kanteen TK Wide

Solid travel mug with good heat retention and a clever lid that doesn’t leak

Price class: Premium Size: 355 ml Material: Food grade stainless steel 18/8 Dishwasher safe: No Microwave safe: No

Klean Kanteen TKWide Thermos 0.355 L

The Klean Kanteen TK Wide is a reusable mug as suitable for city dwellers who want to be environmentally conscious as for the outdoor lover who gets out and experiences the wilderness. In terms of size, the mug is quite large. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too big, and it wouldn’t fit in the cup holders in any of the four cars it was tested in.

The design is simple and the mug is available in many different colours. The TK Wide works for many different drinks. Filled with cold drinks and ice, the ice still hasn’t melted six hours later. And, after the same amount of time, a hot cup of coffee is still drinkable.

Reliable mug that doesn’t leak

You can easily open the lid enough to drink from with just one hand, and it feels comfortable on your lips. If you want your coffee to cool faster, you can also unscrew the lid of the Klean Kanteen TK Wide completely and use it as a normal cup. Completely closed, the mug is reliably watertight and you can safely stow it away in a bag.

Even though the mug isn’t dishwasher safe, regular washing kept it as fresh as when it was new. The only thing that really prevents the Klean Kanteen TK Wide from being a complete hit is that the bottom isn’t narrow enough to go into most cup holders.

Efficient lidretains the heatcompletely watertight
Too big to go in an ordinary cup holdernot dishwasher safe

4. Ecoffee Cup

Attractively designed reusable travel mug with closable lid

Price class: Medium Size: 250/340 ml Material: Bamboo fibre, plant-based melamine, resin – Lid and band in silicone Dishwasher safe: Yes Microwave safe: No

Ecoffee Cup Yeah Baby Travel Mug 40 cl

The Ecoffee Cup is available in a wide range of cheerful colours and patterns. If you aren’t at all keen on the thermos feel of most travel mugs, this model may be more suitable for you. The Ecoffee Cup has no function other than being a vessel to drink your coffee or tea from. But do you really need any more than that?

The Ecoffee Cup consists of a mug, a heat-insulating silicon band that runs around it and a plastic lid. The lid can be closed but isn’t completely watertight. So this mug can’t be packed in a bag. But the lid does offer sufficient protection to carry the mug on a bus journey without splashing in the event of sudden braking.

Grip-friendly silicone band keeps the hand cool

The Ecoffee Cup has no heat-retaining ability. But it’s better than a normal paper mug with a plasticated inside and is perfect if you're the sort of person who buys take out coffee but plans to drink it immediately. The mug itself also gets hot, so you have to hold it by the silicone band so as not to burn yourself. When the band warms up, it becomes a bit looser and may sometimes need to be adjusted to prevent it slipping.

The mug can be washed in a dishwasher, which makes it easier to keep it clean and fresh. The Ecoffee Cup is a very affordable alternative if you want to avoid disposable mugs.

Stylish designrecyclablefits in all cup holders
Spill protection in the lid feels easy to losesilicone band slips

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5. Sagaform Car Mug

Good value, durable and stylish reusable travel mug with locking lid

Price class: Medium Size: 240 ml Material: Stainless steel Dishwasher safe: No Microwave safe: No

Sagaform - Travel Mug 40 cl 7.5 cm

The Sagaform Car Mug is available in two different sizes. The smaller one is just the right height to fit under standard coffee machines. And of course you can use the Car Mug as a thermos mug for coffee you bring from home. The design is uncomplicated, with a cup in stainless steel and a lid in plastic. The lid has a small opening that you close with a button.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to see if the mug is open or closed, and on a couple of occasions we had spills as a result of this. Otherwise, the lid works well. The opening is a good size for drinking through and the lid is relatively tight fitting. Small leaks do occur, but only if you turn the mug over or shake it vigorously.

Keeps a grip-friendly temperature

The mug does a reasonable job of retaining the heat. If you have coffee with milk in, it will keep it at a drinkable temperature for at least an hour. However, the insulation of the cup feels more designed to make it possible to hold the cup rather than to retain the heat in the liquid. The Sagaform Cup Mug was generally easy to use and keep clean, though the lid required a little more work when you wash it by hand as you can’t take it apart.

The Sagaform Cup Mug is a surprisingly stylish, affordable and durable design. If only it had been easier to see whether the lid was open or closed, our score would have been bumped up a step.

Keeps the drink hot enougheasy to use stays watertight during normal use
Unclear whether the lid is open or closedcan’t be packed in a bag

6. Contigo West Loop

Travel mug for those who hate spills

Price class: Premium Size: 470 ml Material: Stainless steel and plastic Dishwasher safe: No Microwave safe: No

Contigo Autoseal West Loop 47 cl

The Contigo West Loop is a sturdy travel mug that can hold a full cup of morning coffee and a bit more besides. The mug is made of stainless steel and plastic. According to the manufacturer, it should be hand washed, but the mug works fine in the dishwasher. The lid is a little more complex and should be washed by hand as water easily gets stuck inside.

You certainly can’t complain about the quality. A slight smell is noticeable at the very beginning, but it disappears quickly with use, and during our months of testing the cup didn’t become discoloured.

Completely non-spill cup

If you’re looking for an absolutely idiot-proof spill-free travel mug, the Contigo West Loop is one of the best choices you can make. The cup doesn’t leak even half a drop. You can pack it upside down in your backpack and it stays spill-free. Even when you drink, there’s no risk of dribbling. To take a sip of the drink, you need to press and hold a button on the cup.

Pressing the button requires a certain amount of force, and some of our testers felt this was a little too tough, while others found it worked without any problems. For those with a slightly weaker grip or with the priority of being able to quickly and easily chug down a hot drink, this travel mug is probably over-engineered. But if you value good thermal retention properties and the fact the mug never ever leaks, then it’s a Contigo West Loop you should be pouring your coffee in.

Keeps the heat wellcompletely drip-proofcan hold a lot of liquid
Lid hard to washrequires a button to be pressed and held

7. Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

Large, solid reusable travel mug that keeps your drink hot for a long time

Price class: Premium Size: 473 ml Material: Food grade stainless steel 18/8 Dishwasher safe: No Microwave safe: No

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler 473ml

The Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler is a high quality model that comes with two different lids – a straw solution for cold drinks and a classic coffee cup lid with a smaller opening for drinking through. Neither lid is completely watertight, so the mug can’t be placed in a bag and there’s a risk of leakage as soon as the mug is shaken or tilted.

The design has an outdoor life sort of feeling, but is at the same time classic enough to work in an urban environment. The drinking experience is excellent. Regardless of the type of drink, there’s no spillage, and nor does the liquid taste of the container.

Retains the heat long enough and then some

The Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler is very effective when it comes to heat retention. Despite the fact that some heat leaks out through the opening, coffee was still hot for many hours after pouring. However, the stainless steel and solid insulation make the mug relatively chunky and once completely filled, it can feel heavy to carry for longer periods.

Overall, the Insulated Tumbler lives up to your expectations of a reusable mug, but being able to close the lid so it doesn’t leak feels like a basic feature that should have been there. If you have strong, steady arms and don’t mind the odd splash, you’ll probably like the Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler.

Good to drink fromgreat heat retentioneasy to clean
The lid can’t be completely sealedlarge and heavy

8. Stelton To Go Click

Travel mug for those who like great design – and Moomin

Price class: Premium Size: 400 ml Material: Stainless steel, BPA & phthalate free plastic Dishwasher safe: Standard: Yes Moomin: No Microwave safe: No

Stelton To Go Click 20 cl

The Stelton to Go Click is available in several different designs, with some differences. The normal stainless steel mug is dishwasher-safe, while the Moomin special edition has enamel on the outside that can only be hand washed, which together with a higher price makes the Moomin mug less good value for money. Otherwise, the Stelton To Go Click mugs work in the same way.

The idea is to be able to drink from this travel mug just like a normal cup. With the Stelton To Go Click you don’t have to get your mouth used to a special spout. Instead, you press down the entire round lid with one click, and then you can sip from the edge of your choice.

Travel mug with 360 degree drinking

This has both advantages and disadvantages. The Stelton To Go Click does have a good seal and can safely be packed in a bag. But once you have drunk from it, liquid tends to collect just under the lid. This can then seep out even though the lid is otherwise closed. Nor is it entirely clear whether you’ve clicked the lid into closed position or not.

The Stelton To Go Click retains both warmth and cold well, so no matter how your drink is served, it will maintain approximately the same temperature even during the journey to work. The Stelton To Go Click is an efficient travel mug in many ways, but with slightly more of a focus on attractive design than on practical function.

Attractive designkeeps warm welleasy to wash
The Moomin mug isn’t dishwasher safesome risk of drippingunclear click lid

9. Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup

Light, stylish reusable travel mug that can be folded into a compact package

Price class: Budget Size: 260 ml Material: TPE antislip material and PP Dishwasher safe: Yes Microwave safe: Yes

Light My Fire Pack-Up Travel Mug 26 cl

The Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup is a unique reusable mug that could be described as the more urban alternative to a camping cup. Its best function is that the cup can be compressed to about 1/3 of its regular size. This means that the Pack-Ip Cup can fit in your pocket and go everywhere with you.

The mug consists of a lid which, even when you open it, stays attached to the rest of the cup. In terms of size, the Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup is on the smaller side, and it has no direct heat-retaining ability – but it still works better than a disposable mug.

The lid is too loose

Unfortunately, the lid tends to come off the mug far too easily. And the opening in the lid for drinking can’t be closed. This means you can’t have a liquid-filled Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup in your bag, and if you shake the mug it will splash. It’s also too small for the cup holders in some cars.

On the positive side, the Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher and the mug is pretty cheap. Overall, if you don’t want a disposable product and would prefer a reusable alternative, the collapsible Light My Fire Pack-Up Cup is one you might want to consider.

Collapsibleclassic shape and designdishwasher safelightweight and compact
The lid comes off too easilythe lid can’t be closed fully

10. Keep Cup Original Hydro

Flexible, lightweight small mug made of recyclable materials

Price class: Medium Size: 227/340 ml Material: Polypropylene, BPA and BPS-free Dishwasher safe: Yes, on the top shelf Microwave safe: Can be heated without a lid to 100 °C

KeepCup Original Travel Mug 34 cl

The Keep Cup Original Hydro is available in a large selection of sizes and colours. The most colourful mugs have playful designs not really appreciated by adult testers in a metropolitan environment, but the mug is also available in more stylish versions in black, grey and beige. The Original Hydro has a heat-insulating silicone band around the outside, so you can hold the mug when it's full of hot liquid without burning yourself.

The lid has effective spill protection in the form of a round, smaller lid. The Keep Cup Original Hydro isn’t completely watertight and so it can’t be placed in a bag when it's full. But the lid works well enough as protection against accidents when you take your coffee on the go with you. Unfortunately, the lid is also quite hard to get up and down, which reduces user-friendliness.

Made of recyclable materials

The Keep Cup Original Hydro has some heat retention capacity. It definitely keeps the drink warm longer than a disposable mug. One tester experienced a certain plasticky smell from the mug. The Keep Cup Original Hydro is easy to clean after use, thanks to the fact that the entire mug can be put in the dishwasher.

We also appreciate the fact that it’s made of recyclable materials. The Keep Cup Original Hydro is a small, lightweight mug, suitable if you want to avoid disposable products and don't need to be able to take your coffee with you for long periods.

Convenient sizelow weightgood grip thanks to the silicone band
Isn’t fully watertightdifficult to put the small lid on

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