Updated 30 August 2022

Top Best Tumble dryer of 2022

Are you looking for a good value tumble dryer? We continuously test new tumble dryers from brands such as Miele, LG and Bosch. The tumble dryer that’s best in test is the one that dries efficiently, has well thought out functions and convenient maintenance.

How we did the test

We tested tumble dryers over a period of several months. We measured the time of the drying programmes with different loads in the tumble dryer, investigated which different programmes were available and checked how dry the washing was given the programme selected.

A few points we focused on extra carefully are:

  • Performance: Does everything come out dry, and does it dry evenly? For example, what happens if we mix hand towels in the same load as bed clothes, T-shirts and jeans? What happens if we load it to maximum? Are the results different if we tumble dry half a load?

  • Ease of use: What programmes does the tumble dryer have? Does it have any special functions?

  • Energy consumption: How energy-efficient is the tumble dryer in relation to the price tag? A very expensive machine is of course expected to have very good energy saving abilities.

We then also look at factors such as installation, guarantee, build quality and more besides. All of the parameters are then compared to the product price, and it’s this that determines the final score.

1. LG FDRC308N2W9

Modern premium tumble dryer with quick drying time

Type: Condensation with heat pump technology Energy class: A+++ Energy consumption: 176 kWh/year Max. capacity: 8 kg Drying time: 2 h 30 min (measured value with full load) Noise level: 62 dB Dimensions (WxHxD): 60x85x60 Drum volume: 68 l Programmes: 14 Miscellaneous: Wi-Fi + app, screen, lighting

The LG FDRC308N2W9 is a very quiet, energy-efficient and competent tumble dryer in the upper price range. It has modern features such as app support via Wi-Fi, built-in lighting in the drum and a wide range of programmes. But it doesn’t have a shoe rack, which we think it should include in this price class.

This is quite a user-friendly machine, although with a rather cluttered exterior. The built-in lighting is appreciated because it makes it easy to find a particular garment without having to take out all the contents first. All of the programmes are shown on the front of the machine with text labels. There’s also a display with a lot of information.

You can connect the tumble dryer to your wastewater system, but you can also run it with a condenser trap. As is normally the case, this unit sits up on the top left and it’s easy to pull out and replace. The round hole for emptying the liquid is quite small and is not exactly in the corner, so there’s always a little bit of water left. In practice this isn’t important.

According to the tumble dryer information, the unit is meant to be self-cleaning. We’ve been running the tumble dryer for a couple of months without having to clean the condenser trap and so we’d have to say we agree.

Dries quickly

On average drying a full machine takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. That’s impressive. In fact in almost every case this tumble dryer dries the washing as much as you’d want, on every programme, despite being full. In other words, there’s no need to run it half full or anything to make sure it dries your washing.

It also deals with mixed laundry well. For example it has no problem drying everything even if we mix towels with sheets and clothes.

The only time we have problems with the drying capacity is if a sheet has tangled itself up in the drum and the inside of it is still damp. And in this kind of situation even the rest of the washing may not be completely dry.

The lint filter is quite easy to empty, but there are better solutions on the market. The filter consists of two parts, one of which goes inside the other. One of these is rather tricky to open – it’s stiff and tends to open with a jerk whereupon you get covered in lint. But overall it’s still reasonably simple to empty the filter. Sand has to be shaken out, however.

We would have liked this filter solution to mean that lint doesn’t get into the drum. But in fact a little lint tends to get into your clothes anyway. This is a problem with almost all of these machines, but it’s still irritating for the user.

The LG FDRC308N2W9 is ideal if you’re looking for a competent tumble dryer with lots of programmes. Or if you’re ready to pay a little extra for built-in lighting and app support, together with the security of your washing almost always being properly dry, even in tough conditions.

Very good driving ability in all conditionsmodern technologyenergy-efficient and fast tumble drying
Lint filter leaks and is a bit stiff

2. Electrolux EW9H869E9

Excellent tumble dryer with low energy consumption

Type: Condensation with heat pump technology Energy class: A+++ Power consumption: 195 kWh/year Max. capacity: 9 kg Drying time: 2 h 20 min (measured value at full load) Sound level: 62 dB Dimensions (WxHxD): 85x59.6x63.8 cm Drum volume: 118 l Other: Wi-Fi

Electrolux EW9H869E9 White

The Electrolux EW9H869E9 is a tumble dryer that gets our laundry completely dry, even if we mix a variety of different fabrics. This is a luxury tumble dryer in so many ways. It has a built-in 3D sensor for accurate reading of your laundry, and a shoe rack so that you can dry shoes without them being tossed around in the drum.

This tumble dryer can hold a large amount of laundry and is the perfect size for larger families. Despite its large size, it has an A+++ energy rating. It switches itself off as soon as it’s finished, which is good from an energy perspective. And you also have the benefit of lighting in the drum when you check your laundry.

Control it via your smartphone This Electrolux tumble dryer has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and an app so you can fine-tune your settings. It also has such a wide range of programs to choose from that there’s a steep learning curve for first-time users.

The Electrolux EW9H869E9 qualifies in the premium segment, but you do get a reliable and well-built tumble dryer for your money. If you’re prepared to pay a little extra for the latest technology, it’s a very good buy.

Very energy efficientgets everything completely dryplenty of features
Not particularly user-friendly display

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3. Miele T1 TCD370 WP

Quiet tumble dryer with high build quality

Type: Condensation with heat pump technology Energy class: A++ Energy consumption: 224 kWh/year Max. capacity: 8 kg Drying time: 2 h 30 min (measured value with half load) Noise level: 66 dB Dimensions (WxHxD): 59.6x85x63.6 Weight: 58 kg Miscellaneous: Wi-Fi + app, touchscreen, fragrance insert, maintenance free heat exchanger

The Miele T1 TCD370 WP is a modern tumble dryer. It has wireless support, an app and a touchscreen that reacts quickly when you press it. If you have a connected washing machine and tumble dryer from Miele, they can communicate with each other. For you as a consumer, this means you can fill machine, set it on mobile start and then set it going whenever you want. The app is quite easy to use, but sometimes the connection to the machine is a bit sluggish. Another advantage of the connection is that you can get remote technical support.

Overall, the tumble dryer is easy to use. The display is clear and legible, the programmes self-explanatory together with the information on the display.

You simply empty the condenser trap. The container is easy to carry without it splashing. But you can’t pull the container out if the hatch isn’t completely closed or completely open. This is a bit of a design fault, because you often have it half open when you’re cleaning the filter, pulling out washing and emptying the container. Of course you can also connect the tumble dryer to a wastewater pipe and completely skip the condenser trap.

The filter is very easy to clean. You open the hatch and pull it out using a handle. This is one of the most convenient filter solutions we’ve tested. The only problem is that if you dry a lot of washing and the filter fills up, lint can leak out in the gap between the filter and the machine. And then the lint ends up on the first garment you remove. But unfortunately that’s the case with all of the machines we’ve tested.

Quite fast and very quiet

The performance is good, but not impressively good given the price. When we choose cupboard dry and have a machine that’s half to almost full, it decides to perfection when to stop the drying process. And that takes just on two hours. But if you run it with a full machine, the Miele T1 sometimes has problems deciding when the washing is dry. Especially if you’ve mixed different types of textiles.

For example, we got this problem when we ran a full load including a well-spun cushion and blanket together with clothes and towels. The latter are a bit damper even if they’ve been spun just as hard. And then the T1 can think it’s finished even when it isn’t. The problem doesn’t occur when you’re a bit more careful with filling it.

Apart from this minor problem, the Miele T1 is a clever tumble dryer that’s quite good at deciding just when the washing is as dry as it should be. It adjusts the time itself and regardless of whether you’ve chosen cupboard dry or another setting it comes out as dry as washing ever is in a tumble dryer.

Cupboard dry with a full machine takes about two hours, which is really good. It works silently and adapts the time to how it feels the drying is going. We have no problems with condensation on the windows or damp air in the room after we’ve run the tumble dryer.

The T1 is quite energy-efficient, but given the price it’s still not impressive. We’d have liked to see it come in at under 200 kWh/år. There’s also no support for drying shoes, but otherwise it has all the programmes and modern features you’d want given the price class.

The Miele T1 (TCD370 WP) is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet and fast tumble dryer that’s easy to maintain. It’s a bit too expensive to have the minor problems it has, but if you have the budget it’s a well built machine.

Tumble dries very well under normal conditionsvery simple maintenancemodern technologyquiet
Under tough conditions, leaks lint from the filtercan’t remove the condenser trap when the hatch is partly openstruggles to determine remaining moisture for mixed textiles or a full machinecould have been more energy-efficient, given the price

Buying a tumble dryer

When you’re buying a tumble dryer, it’s important that you find a machine with a capacity that matches the amount of washing you intend to tumble dry. If you tumble dry all your washing, you can base it on how big the capacity of your washing machine is. Otherwise, 8 kg is normally enough for a small family. If you’re only going to tumble dry hand towels and sheets, you can get away with a slightly smaller machine. The price often depends on how big the capacity of the tumble dryer is, so it’s important to be sure what you actually need.

Something else that affects the purchase of things like how easy it is to clean the filter and any other parts that may need cleaning. Many models today have self-cleaning heat exchangers and condenser traps. If you don’t want to have to think about maintenance, this can be worth looking into.

Build quality is also an important factor, and of course the guarantee on the machine plays a very significant role here. What’s included in the guarantee? How long does it last?