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1. Roborock H7 - BEST CHOICE

An affordable stick vacuum cleaner for smaller homes

Type: Stick vacuum cleaner Nozzles: Floor cleaning nozzle, magnetic attachment, crevice nozzle, dust brush, mini-tool (motor driven), flexible pipe, 2 vacuum cleaner bags Motor: 480 W Weight: 1.2 kg

Roborock H7M1A01-01

The Roborock H7 is a stick vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cost a fortune, and actually vacuums pretty well. Stick vacuum cleaners are a bit of a jungle, and many models perform very badly. But Roborock have succeeded with the H7. For example, it sucks up small gravel instead of sending it spraying over the room, and has no problem cleaning dog hair, breadcrumbs and more on hard floors.

The cleaning results on carpets vary. It’s weak on small grains of dirt in pile carpets, and also leaves some dog hair on the short pile stair carpets we test it on. But it does a reasonable job of removing crumbs and other dirt from carpets with a short pile.

You can lock the control

This stick vacuum cleaner is fairly easy to use. It has defects in the form of having to turn upside down to release the dust container, and some dirt is sometimes left behind and falls out onto the floor. But if you’re careful and get used to it, this isn’t a big problem.

One nice detail is that you can insert a vacuum cleaner bag if you want to avoid the above problems. It includes two.

It’s easy to change the nozzle on the H7. It also has a power lock, so you don't have to keep the button pressed all the time during vacuuming.

The Roborock H7 is mainly suitable for smaller homes, such as flats or a smaller house. The battery life is around 25-30 minutes in standard mode and around 12 minutes when we run it on a turbo. It recharges in a couple of hours.

Despite its slight defects, the Roborock H7 is still a very affordable stick vacuum cleaner. If your home’s not enormous, and you have normal cleaning needs, you’ll be satisfied.

Power lockgood cleaning results on floorssupport for vacuum cleaner bags
Weak on tougher dirt on carpetsthe dust container has some risk of spillage

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Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner HyperForce 160 AW and HEPA Filter



The only vacuum cleaner you’ll need

Type: Radial cyclone vacuum cleaner Dust container: 0.76 l Dimensions: 126 x 25 x 26.6 cm Nozzles: Motorised brush, combination accessory tool, cone-shaped tool, long nozzle, small soft dust brush, Slim Fluffy brush Suction power: 230 with boost. Weight: 3 kg Miscellaneous: Piezo sensor to measure dust particles, green laser for overview

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

The Dyson V15 is a very competent vacuum cleaner and a definite upgrade for when you need to replace your V11. With its low floor nozzle, it offers a more convenient size that allows you to access under furniture and which contributes positively to the ergonomics. At the same time, the V15 is at least as powerful and even more functional than its predecessor. Although it hasn’t changed a lot, in a way the V15 is the size and design you probably didn’t know you were missing.

The low floor nozzle easily gets in under low furniture. It’s also equipped with a green laser so you can see every little grain of dust – even in brighter environments.

The laser is a really good addition to an otherwise already well-built machine. There’s a definite satisfaction in vacuuming when you see a surface that didn’t look dirty, become completely clean under the laser with a single stroke of the vacuum nozzle.

Best cleaning assistant

Because the Dyson V15 Detect is strong. This vacuum cleaner has no problem cleaning up everything from small gravel and sand in the hall to carpets and sofas covered with dog hair. As long as you use the floor nozzles or the motorized mini nozzle, you’ll have no problems when it comes to chasing down the dust.

It does have its shortcomings, mainly as a hand-held vacuum cleaner on worktops and the like. Because while it’s excellent when it comes to textiles, including carpeted stairs, sofas and so on – it is the exact opposite as a hand-held vacuum cleaner on hard surfaces.

For example, it doesn’t even manage to get up all your breadcrumbs or coffee grains in one go, and you have to angle the nozzle and move it carefully over the surface. Even then it misses some of them.

But apart from its weaknesses as a handheld vacuum cleaner, this is a definite purchase if you want a cordless vacuum. It’s easy to maintain, cleans floors and carpets really well and, at the same time, has double batteries, double chargers and all the nozzles you could want.

Great performance on hard floors, carpets & textileslots of different nozzlesthe laser gives a very good overview of the cleaning resultgood battery life
Weak as a hand-held vacuum cleaner without the motorised nozzle

3. Dyson V11 Absolute

Versatile vacuum cleaner with tons of power

Dimensions (L): 1286 mm Dimensions (W): 250 mm Dimensions (H): 261 mm Container volume: 0.76 Suction power: 220 (boost) Cyclone technology: Radial (two layers of cyclones) Nozzles: Mini soft dusting brush, high torque cleaner head, stubborn dirt brush, combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorised tool Weight: 3 kg Guarantee: 2 years Miscellaneous: 9 accessories

Dyson V11 Absolute

In many ways, the Dyson V11 Absolute is a replacement for the traditional vacuum cleaner, thanks to a combination of maximised suction and lots of nozzles. The very best traditional vacuum cleaners are still a little better, but if your home isn't more than normally messy, the V11 is perfectly adequate. It also has the advantage that you don't have to struggle with a lead, and that you can also use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean your car or worktops.

It comes with many different nozzles, together with a wall bracket. Unfortunately the manual doesn’t include an explanation of how you're intended to use the different nozzles, but it's still relatively easy to work this out yourself.

The V11 is generally extremely user friendly. It's easy to empty, the click-in function means you can change the nozzles quickly, and cleaning the filter is convenient.

Other than a slightly more powerful battery, what distinguishes the V11 from its predecessors is that it comes with a display. Here you can see how much battery power you have left and the suction setting it's selected. The vacuum cleaner adapts the suction to the surface being cleaned. This works well on all types of surface except where there are differences in level. If you have a carpet that isn’t all at one level, or vacuum it so that part of the nozzle overlaps the edge, the vacuum cleaner doesn't really understand what setting it should use.

Efficient construction

The Dyson V11 Absolute sits nicely in your hand and is well balanced. You won’t find it an effort to vacuum for long periods. Although we'd have liked a way to lock the power button. As it stands, you have to keep the button pressed in yourself the entire time you use it.

The vacuum cleaner packs the dirt well into the container, which holds a lot. This means you don't need to empty it particularly often.

One disadvantage is that you can't put the V11 down in a convenient way. For example, if you need to pick something up from the floor or move something, you have to lie the vacuum cleaner down because it's prone to toppling over. Because it's made of hard plastic and has a display, it’s likely to get damaged if this happens. It would have been useful to be able to lock it in the upright position so it wouldn’t slide away over the floor.

When you've finished using it, you hang the vacuum cleaner up on the wall bracket. The battery indicator flashes blue while it's charging, and is visible from a distance.

The battery lasts for about 50 minutes, which is really good given how powerful the vacuum cleaner is. The battery can be replaced, so you can buy an extra one to swap it with. But this isn't really necessary unless you have a very large home.

The Dyson V11 Absolute is most suitable for anyone seeking a versatile, easy-to-use and competent vacuum cleaner. The design and lack of cable make it versatile, while it's also strong and comes with plenty of accessories.

Very good suctionLarge containerPacks dirt into the container wellEasy to useIncludes several nozzles plus wall bracketReplaceable battery
No power button lockA bit wobbly when you put it down

4. Dreame H11

The best mop vacuum for those of you who often mop tough stains

Weight: 3.4 kg Container capacity: 0.8 Suction power: 25,000 PA Warranty: 1 year Other: Includes nozzles, filter, charger, docking station Battery: approx. 35 min

Dreame H11 Wet&Dry

Dreame H11 is a shaft vacuum cleaner with a mop – a combination that we have previously doubted as there have been a number of drawbacks in the models we tested in the past.

However, in the H11, these disadvantages are not noticeable. It is strong enough to suck up the debris before it touches the mop and gets damp. It also mops well without straining your arm.

The bottom of the mop rotates like a cylinder – like when you roll a wall. This has two clear advantages: one is that it drives the vacuum cleaner forward when you don't hold it back, and the other is that it mops really well when you do hold it back. If you let it rotate over tough, dried-in stains, it will actually remove them. Just as good a result as with a regular floor mop.

H11 also has really good construction quality. Considering its price, the plastic is solid and the entire vacuum cleaner has a good finish. You have a large display that is super easy to read.

We were a little bothered by the short delay when you turn it off or on, it’s a couple of seconds, but because it goes forward due to the mop these seconds become annoying.

The vacuum cleaner has two containers, one for clean water and one for dirty water.

H11 has a slightly short turning radius. When changing the angle, the nozzle rotates within a very limited range, making it difficult to get a good control of the cleaning result in corners and next to furniture.

H11 is also a good vacuum cleaner – not the best but approved. It sucks up gravel and other dirt as long as it is not lying deep down in a carpet.

Unfortunately, it is not supplied with multiple nozzles and does not have the typical click-in solution so you can easily change nozzle. Nor does it detect carpets, so it will continue on with full power and wet mop the carpet. This means that Dreame H11 is primarily suitable for those of you who have few carpets and always want to wet mop when you vacuum.

Great mop resultself-moisturising mophigh construction quality
Short turning radiusnozzle cannot be changedstart delay

5. Philips Powergo

Economical vacuum cleaner for small homes

Radius: 12 metres Weight: 4.5 kg Decibel level: 67.1 dB (measured), 56 dB acc. to Philips Bag: 3.5 liters

Philips FC8243/09

Philips Powergo is the entry-level model in the Philips range of standard vacuum cleaners. It has a simple design and no direct features. There is one suction strength setting, and it is controlled by the on/off switch located on the machine body. There you’ll also find a cable button. A traditional and simple vacuum cleaner in all its glory.

The construction quality is approved for the price. It’s made of thin plastic, but that’s what you have to expect when the vacuum cleaner costs this little.

You will also notice the slightly lower construction quality when you change filters and the like. It feels rickety, but is fully functional.

The cleaning result is good. It sucks up both small pieces of gravel and dust. The button for switching to carpet mode is very sluggish, but even on carpets the cleaning result is good in terms of price. It has the expected suction strength and shows results on all surfaces we tested it on.

Philips Powergo is a clearly approved budget vacuum cleaner for smaller homes.

Decent cleaning resultslight & small
Poor construction quality

6. Dyson Big Ball

Suction power: 160 AW Energy efficiency: Class A Weight incl. accessories: 8.06 kg Action radius: 9.66 m Parking function: Rear Bag change indicator: Not applicable, bagless Bag volume: Not applicable, bagless Accessories: 3-in-1 nozzle, stored inside the vacuum cleaner Telescopic handle: Yes

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2

With its unique appearance and the fact that it doesn’t need a vacuum cleaner bag, the Dyson Big Ball turns heads in the vacuum world. Just like the manufacturer's stick vacuum cleaner models, the debris collects directly in the dust container and you empty it by detaching the container from the vacuum cleaner body and dropping the dirt into your litter bin. It’s an economical alternative to regularly emptying and buying new vacuum cleaner bags, but can release a little dust when you empty the container into the bin.

The lid of the dust container is a bit stiff to open, but very easy to close. The container could have been a good bit bigger given that you move the vacuum cleaner around by rolling it, so weight isn’t as important as in an equivalent hand-held vacuum cleaner.

We’ve already mentioned how it stands out from the crowd in terms of appearance. Because the vacuum cleaner body is round. This means it doesn’t tip upside down when you pull it around but just rocks and then stands itself back up again. Initially, the vacuum feels odd because it swings back and forth over the slightest obstacle, but you soon get used to that and stop worrying about it.

The Big Ball comes with many accessories and nozzles. It also has a flexible telescopic tube and clearly colour-marked buttons for the click-in nozzles. So user-friendliness levels are very high. However, it does have a fairly short cord and therefore not a particularly good radius of action.

Not a powerhouse, but a good guarantee

Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner falls down when it comes to performance. On the one hand it doesn’t have much suction power on carpets, and simply fails to get them as clean as we’d expect from a vacuum cleaner in this price class. It also has a tendency to push the dirt around instead of hoovering it up. The solution to this is to lift the nozzle at the back, in dirtier areas, to make sure you get everything up. But we’d expect better performance from a traditional vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, the guarantee period of 5 years is really good. The vacuum cleaner is also filterless. Instead it uses cyclone technology – which means you don’t need to change any filters.

If you don’t have pets, and if you vacuum regularly so your home doesn’t get particularly dirty, then there are clear advantages in not using vacuum cleaner bags. You’ll also appreciate the bundle of accessories that comes with this model.

Easy to useclear designlots of functions baglesslong guarantee
Poor performancesmall dust container
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