Updated 16 March 2022

Top 7 Best Yoga mats of 2022

Yoga is a great form of exercise that suits the whole family, both young and old. A peaceful yoga session on a comfortable yoga mat is a great opportunity to top up your body and mind with fresh energy.

Top 7 Best Yoga mats of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

The test was carried out by someone who regularly does yoga and who tested a number of selected yoga mats over a period of three months. The tester tried out different types of yoga classes to thoroughly investigate how the mats react to sweat, wear and, above all, how comfortable it is to do yoga on. Each yoga mat has also been tested for other types of exercise, to determine if it is also suitable as a workout mat, or if it is best suited for yoga.

To determine which yoga mat is best in test, we assessed the following characteristics:

  • Price: How good is the yoga mat in relation to the price tag? Here we make an overall assessment of how the mat performs in the test in relation to what it costs.

  • Thickness: We assess how the thickness of the mat affects balance and comfort. A thicker and softer yoga mat is often nice to sit on but can also make your balance worse.

  • Grip: How does the yoga mat react to sweat? To be able to do yoga safely, the mat needs to give you a good grip. Many yoga mats have difficulty delivering a good grip during the sweatier sessions.

  • Material: Here we assess how hard-wearing the material is and, perhaps most important of all, how it affects people and the environment. Many cheaper yoga mats are made of PVC, which is a plastic material that releases many toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it’s one of the most dangerous substances for human health and the environment.

We have taken into account the overall assessment of these properties in relation to the price tag of the yoga mat. This test process has enabled us to give every mat a fair score.

1. Flowlife Flowmat – BEST CHOICE YOGA MAT

Down-to-earth yoga mat in natural material

Length: 183 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 4 mm Weight: 2.27 kg Material: Natural rubber and natural cork Accessories: Carrying strap Guarantee: 2 years

Flowlife Flowmat

The Flowlife Flowmat is a soft and warm yoga mat manufactured from only natural materials. It’s relatively heavy so it’s stable on the ground during all types of yoga and exercise sessions.

A climate-friendly yoga mat

Flowmat is a climate-smart choice of yoga mat, because it’s made from rubber and cork. And Flowlife plant one tree for every mat sold – that’s great! Many cheaper yoga mats contain different types of plastic material that are bad for both humans and the environment.

This mat is perfect for both sweaty yoga sessions and intense workouts. To begin with the grip for hands and feet may not feel very solid, but as your body begins to sweat your grip gets significantly better. The upper layer of natural cork gives a feeling of warmth and the mat is particularly comfortable during the relaxation exercises at the end of the yoga session.

Comfortable without being too soft

Flowmat have succeeded with the tricky balancing act of making the mat very comfortable without it becoming too soft. Several of the softer models are too spongy and this makes it more difficult to maintain your balance during some yoga exercises. You can also easily carry the mat with you thanks to the practical carrying strap that’s included. But remember that this is a relatively heavy mat that can be difficult to carry over longer distances.

The Flowlife Flowmat is recommended for anyone who wants a warm and comfortable yoga mat for home use. We really like the fact that it’s made from only natural materials and that Flowlife plant a tree for every yoga mat sold! This is an excellent mat for a reasonable price.

Environmentally friendlycomfortablestable

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2. Casall Yoga mat Grip&Cushion III 5mm - BEST PREMIUM CHOICE

A soft yoga mat that even works for sweaty yoga sessions

Length: 183 cm Width: 68 cm Thickness: 5 mm Weight: 3.1 kg Material: Natural rubber and PU (polyurethane)

Casall Grip & Cushion III Yoga Mat 5mm

The Grip&Cushion III from Casall is a stylish, slightly larger, very high quality yoga mat. It provides extremely good grip in both dry and damp conditions, making it excellent even for the most sweaty yoga sessions.

With a thickness of 5 mm, it is slightly thicker than the standard dimension of 4 mm. A thick and soft mat is usually nice to lie on, but can also be a factor that makes it more difficult for the user to maintain balance. We feel that, despite its thickness, it delivers a high degree of stability even in more challenging positions, which is a big plus.

Heavy but stable

The Grip&Cushion has high density, making it the heaviest yoga mat in the test by some way. If you’re looking for a mat you can easily carry with you, this isn’t the best choice It’s bulky to carry around and unfortunately no carrying harness or storage bag are included in the price tag. The weight helps it to be extremely stable when it’s lying on the floor.

This yoga mat is made of a mixture of natural rubber and polyurethane (PU). The latter has a particular property that allows the mat to absorb moisture and help you maintain a good grip even under the most sweaty of yoga sessions. The disadvantage of an open cell structure is that bacteria form more easily and the mat becomes more difficult to clean. PU is bad for both people and the environment. During manufacture, isocyanates are formed which are suspected of being carcinogenic, and the material cannot be recycled. From the outset, the mat had a rather strong rubbery smell but fortunately this disappeared after a few days of use.

A first class yoga mat

The mat is aesthetically pleasing and attractive in black. However, it’s relatively sensitive to marks from shoes and other things that can cause white marks. So we recommend you do yoga without shoes.

The Grip&Cushion III from Casall is an excellent mat for those with high demands. It was best in test for grip and also the most comfortable to lie on. If you’re looking for a premium yoga mat for home use, this is an excellent choice provided the price tag doesn’t scare you off.

Extremely good gripstable on the floormost comfortable mat in the test
Heavycarrying strap not includedstrong smell to begin withcan easily develop light patches

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3. Manduka PROLite yoga mat

Beautifully designed yoga mat for those who want the highest quality

Length: 180 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 4.7 mm Weight: 1.8 kg Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat 4.7mm

The PROlite yoga mat from Manduka is a premium mat of the highest quality. The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee and it has been praised by yogis all over the world. The design is stylish but discreet, which means it fits nicely into both the living room and the gym.

The yoga mat is 100% latex-free and made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is the most common plastic material for this type of product. PVC is essentially an environmentally hazardous material, but according to the manufacturer, production is carried out in such a way that no toxic chemicals are released to affect either people or the environment. The carpet has what are known as closed cells that prevent the toxins from seeping out and affecting the user. The closed cells also facilitate cleaning of the carpet, as sweat and bacteria lie on the surface so it’s easy to wipe with a damp cloth.

The grip increases after a few weeks of use

The PROlite yoga mat is a bit hard to lie on and if you are looking for a soft workout mat there are better alternatives. For yoga training, however, comfort levels are excellent and are maintained even during longer yoga sessions. In positions that demand balance, it delivers world-class stability. It is just the right thickness to provide the support you need as the difficulty levels increase.

At the outset we felt the grip wasn’t great, especially during sweatier yoga sessions. This was particularly evident in certain positions. After a week of frequent use, it started to improve and within a month the grip was really good. We recommend an extra portion of patience if you feel that your grip is initially disappointing.

The PROlite yoga mat from Manduka is the yoga mat for anyone prioritising highest quality and who isn’t put off by the price tag. You get a very good mat with excellent stability that you’ll enjoy using for many years.

Lifetime warrantyeasy to cleanstableattractive design
Poor grip to begin withhigh pricehard for lying on

4. Casall Lightweight Travel mat 4mm

Extremely light yoga mat for travel

Length: 183 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 4 mm Weight: 0.53 kg Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Casall Lightweight Travel Mat 4mm

Lightweight Travel mat 4 mm from Casall is an ultra-light yoga mat that is perfect for travelling. Despite its light weight, it has surprisingly good shock absorption and a non-slip surface. The discreet colour makes it suitable for most environments.

Durable and recyclable

This is a really light and comfortable yoga mat made from TPE material. Many cheaper yoga mats are made from this material, which is a mixture of plastic and rubber. The advantage of the material is that it is durable and fully recyclable. It is also a good idea to be aware that the mat should not be stored folded but rolled up, otherwise the folds may be difficult to remove.

Travel mat that is easy to take with you on trips or to the gym. However, since the main intention of the mat is the fact that it should be easy to travel with, we don't understand why it does not have any type of carrying strap or bag. The latter can be purchased on Casall’s website.

Non-slip with good shock absorption

This lightweight yoga mat from Casall is perfect for yoga and exercise. It is easy to grip even during tough workouts when you sweat and make the mat damp. It has a relatively comfortable absorption, but if you want to lie softer, one tip is to bring the mat to the gym and place it on top of the gym’s yoga/training mat.

Ideal for travel or the gym

Lightweight Travel mat 4 mm is ideal for those who travel a lot and at the same time want to practice yoga/exercise with their own mat. This yoga mat is also handy to bring along as an extra mat to the gym, or even to work.

Low weightgood griprecyclable material
No carrying strap or bagcreases can be difficult to remove

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5. Gymstick Pro Yoga Mat

Hygienic yoga mat with good balance and excellent cushioning

Length: 180 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 6 mm Weight: 2.4 kg Material: PVC (latex-free)

Gymstick Pro Yoga Mat 6mm

Gymstick Pro Yoga Mat is a stable yoga mat for both yoga and sweaty workouts. The cushioning is comfortable without being too soft, and the sealed surface makes it easy to wipe clean of sweat and other dirt.

Latex-free PVC mat

Pro Yoga Mat is made of latex-free PVC, which is the most common material for yoga mats. PVC is a kind of plastic and the manufacturing process is unfortunately not very good for the environment. Many cheaper models may also contain phthalates, which can be bad for your health as they act as hormone disruptors. However, according to the manufacturer, this mat is completely non-toxic and consists of a more environmentally friendly PVC, which we have not done any research into.

Good balance despite its thickness

We tested the Pro Yoga Mat during both quieter yoga sessions and tougher and more intense sessions with lots of sweat. It is relatively thick and this can sometimes lead to a yoga mat being perceived as mushy, which results in poor balance. Gymstick has succeeded well in balancing this out and, despite its thickness, Pro Yoga Mat gives a stable feel. The mat also has a sealed surface that makes it harder for sweat to penetrate, which also prevents the mat from feeling mushy.

Despite its thickness, it is also relatively compact with high density, which makes the mat heavier than many other models in the test. If you plan to carry your mat around frequently, there are other models that are more suitable for this. No carrying strap or bag is included.

Stable mat for home workouts

Pro Yoga Mat from Gymstick is suitable for those who want a stable and balanced mat for both yoga and exercises in their home environment. It is perfect for those of you who also do of sweatier workouts, as the sealed surface is easy to wipe clean.

Easy to wipe cleangood cushioning
Heavymanufacturing burdens the environment

6. Casall exercise mat bamboo 4mm

Lightweight yoga mat for those who want to be environmentally friendly

Length: 185 cm Width: 63 cm Thickness: 4 mm Weight: 0.54 kg Material: 75% TPE (thermoplastic rubber) – 25% bamboo fibres and rice husk

Casall Exercise Mat Bamboo 4mm 185x63cm

Casall’s bamboo exercise mat is an extremely light and trendy yoga mat. This is undoubtedly the best choice for the environment in our test, as 25% of the material is made of bamboo and rice shell, which is a completely organic material. During manufacture of this more environmentally friendly yoga mat, the energy comes from 50% recyclable energy sources, which gives some hope for the future and feels good when you bow your head and say namaste.

This yoga mat not only works for yoga but also works well as a general exercise mat. It provides good shock absorption and the density makes it nice to lie on. The grip is OK for more relaxed sessions where you don’t get sweaty, but when your body gets damp, the mat becomes a bit slippery.

Easy-to-clean mat that hardly weighs anything

After your workout is complete, it’s easy to clean with cold water and a cloth. Be careful not to let it dry or use it in the sun, as it can’t withstand high temperatures or direct sunlight.

If you like doing yoga on the move, this is a great option as the mat only weighs 540 grams. It’s very easy to roll up, but unfortunately it doesn’t include a carrying strap or yoga bag. But you can easily buy the right carrying equipment for your taste online.

Casall’s bamboo exercise mat is a good choice for those who care about the environment and want to have a mat that’s easy to carry with them. If you do other forms of exercise than yoga it also works very well as a training mat, provided you don't get too sweaty.

Environmentally friendlylightweightsoft
Slightly slipperytemperature sensitive

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7. Abilica YogaMat

Simple and stable exercise mat for yoga and pilates

Length: 173 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 3.5 mm Weight: 0.91 kg Material: PVC

Abilica Yoga / Pilates Mat 173x61cm

The Abilica YogaMat is an uncomplicated mat that works very well for yoga and pilates. It’s thin and it doesn’t slide around on the floor, which helps you achieve good balance.


This model is made of PVC which is one of the most common plastics in the world and very inexpensive to manufacture. PVC isn’t a particularly environmentally friendly material compared to natural cork or bamboo from which many other mats are made. The material may also contain phthalates, which make the product soft but which may also be harmful to the health. However, PVC is recyclable! Abilica also offer a range of environmentally friendly yoga mats that we recommend you take a look at.

Light but slippery mat

The YogaMat is great for both yoga and pilates where balance is a key element. It's comfortable to lie on, although it can feel a bit too thin in exercises where a larger part of the body is pressed against the floor. We also experienced some problems with grip during tougher workouts as the mat quickly becomes quite slippery.

The mat is lightweight and easy to carry, but we'd have liked some form of strap to have been included in the price. You can buy a practical yoga mat bag on Abilica's website, but this costs as much as the mat itself.

Great first-time purchase

The Abilica YogaMat is a good choice if you want a basic yoga mat with the focus on balance over cardio or sweat. It's not expensive and makes a good first buy if you want to try out yoga or pilates.

Good for balancecheap
Hard/thinslipperyno carrying strap

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