Overview: Last order by date for your Christmas gifts 2021


Are you a bit late on buying your Christmas gifts? Don't worry - there's still time. We give you an overview of which is the last date to order your Christmas gifts and still be able to get them before Christmas.

Last day to order your Christmas gifts

Has time gone by too quickly this year as well?

It's all too easy to glance at the calendar and realize that Christmas is just around the corner, all while you haven't bought any gifts yet. Many of you aren't too eager to frequent the stores in town the last weeks before Christmas, but don't worry - there is still time to order your gifts online.

We have listed the last date that you can order from each store.

Final order date

Shops and delivery services are working hard on getting all Christmas gifts delivered. We will keep the list up to date but sudden changes may happen. We therefore always recommend checking the delivery dates on the shops website before ordering.


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10th of December

14th of December

15th of December

16th of December

17th of December

19th of December

20th of December

21st of December

22nd of December

22rd of December

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